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write a poem using the following words ~

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

thought it was pretty obvious given the title
this is pretty much a free for all.
write a poem, any length, any subject {erotica is okay as long as it's not overly graphic} which includes five of the following words ~

* psychosis
* tea
* androgynous
* lemongrass
* chemical
* baptism
* clockwise
* libertine
* gravity

guidelines ~

* new poems only {obvi}
* two entries max p/p
* no collaborative efforts
* please title your entry
* use italics or bold type to highlight the words you're using
* when i say any length..  not a dissertation {i have no attention span}

really look forward to reading the entries
~ k

Tyrant of Words
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they said androgynous  were the angels

before you could point me
my psychosis
and its gravity
lemme go
and grab my tea
lemongrass tinged
yet chemical free

my baptism
only highlighted
my libertine existence

they said androgynous
were the angels
and i were not one

you say my psychosis
is self inflicted
and the world
is doing its best
to reach out
to me
i say yes
do feel the same
the world is out there
all the time
like i'm the hour hand
and it-the minutes
chasing me clockwise

trying its best
to get me

to get to me

poet Anonymous

My Chemical Death

In an active state of psychosis
I sipped ginger and lemongrass tea
The room span clockwise and I cried
as my body was grounded by gravity

My chemical baptism was a treat
bathing in my heroines slaughter
Did he die or was it me that perished?
Please burn me with your holy water

I need to make a confession
whilst I’m living like a libertine
I forced the church to their knees by being
an androgynous sin not made to be seen

He didn’t die for our sins but I did
Only lies are pedalled on earth
I will forever thank your imaginary God
that I died peacefully at birth.

Tyrant of Words
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cold one
thank you both for kicking this off with amazing entries ^.^

Guardian of Shadows
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Thoughts drift
to tea and scents of lemongrass,
strange distractors of
mind and soul—
to shut out images of
androgynous corpses
destined for lye and
other chemicals, aftermaths
of the psychosis of a Fuhrer
and his libertine followers.

I would very much like tea,
presently, but
I bank my plane toward the horizon,
propellers spinning, wildly, clockwise, like
the fans that cooled the dance hall—
that place, a million lifetimes away, where
I promised Edith, I’d marry her,

I slice silently through the night,
bombs spilling and tumbling
from my plane’s gaping belly,
making Dresden a baptism of fire.

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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more entries!
thank you, ml & cloven :)

poet Anonymous

The Second Embrace:

time       ...time’s nothing but a
warped state of an
sociopathological psychosis,
turning  heaven into a
chemical projection of  things
lost in fire

the youthful ages of my
tenderness  was molested by
gravity ^ rust,
iron and salt lingered in
the air ..
mindlessly smeared against
chambray sheets ..til sunken
into trembling rot

now that that hardly matters
androgynous - lemongrass
chants are pressed to my pain,

i thought …
we were mending our journey
.. before chunks of his mind
became an eternal baptism,
..i slipped into the darkest hues of

finding love, captured ^ bound
to my libertine soul..
counterclockwise around my

Life is a tea brewed in bloody
extraction that’s created
between intimate years,
months, days, hours
right down to dreadful awakening  

*sorry so long, i climb out of myself sometimes*

Fire of Insight
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In Between

Stood there
between the relative and the absolute
feeling time was running out
yet knowing
time never ends
just runs clockwise in circles.

The waiter arrived
unfolding a table and a chair
"Your table, sir!
Are you here for the baptism or the funeral?"

"What's today's special?"

"Tea, sir!
What is your pleasure?" said the waiter
and his breath caused an atmospheric chemical reaction
effecting the fall of the season's first snow flakes
"Terribly sorry, sir, I didn't mean to..."

"Nonsense!", he cut him off
"Time and gravity come together...
Is it a girl's baptism?"

"Yes, it is, sir! And so is the funeral!"

"Could you please bring me the tea
and let both know I was never here?..."

Dangerous Mind
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On My Feet

Gravity is trying to knock me off course, but
Maybe it is trying to steer me in a clockwise
Direction. The darkness is having me in a rut,
But it will lead me to my baptism with my eyes
Wide open. Every toxin and chemical is slowly
Draining from my system. Something that used
To be so deadly can now be something so holy
And saves me. I do not need another diagnosis
To tell me what is wrong with my psychosis.
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
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sunset, takis, eswaller...
... thank you so much for stunning entries

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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Bars, Watchers, and Panther Moon

The watchers wait in glades – inferno black –
As clockwise clouds seek blind the panther moon.
Knights libertine, as leather binds their backs,
Slack gravity destroys in sterling spoons.
In scents of tea and lemongrass suspend,
The Fate androgynous that steals my blood,
And seeks, in manly chemical resend,
Baptism in my cock before Its flood.
The howls once torn from tattered hearts escape,
The dreams of madmen’s neon painted lines,
The rot of lovers’ rusted chains agape,
In pools, that window’s angled bars define.
From their assigned psychosis, inks are bled.
From poet’s sealed tomb, come ruin, spread.
(Ok, ok, ok - I know you said 5 - so I used 5... and then 4 more - wondering if I could fit all of them in a sonnet... Thanks for the challenge -)

Dangerous Mind
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