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Brians Story, A Stoner Girls Last Joint

Brian wasn't born Brian
he was born Cosmo Moon Cassidy
to a single mother, Lauren Cassidy
his father just some guy he never met
and never will

his mother loved him, well she tried to
he was always different
she breast fed him til he was 5years old
he basically forced her to
he wouldn't eat unless she breast fed him first

Lauren started leaving Cosmo at her mothers
to try and ween him off the boob
sometimes it would be days before she would be back
she needed the break Cosmo was a difficult child
when he was away at grandmas Lauren was free

she was a hippie she liked her beads
her music and good times
Lauren liked to get high
relaxing with a joint was something she loved doing
and hardly ever got the chance

breastfeeding for 5years really put a damper on her partying
now he had been ripped off the tit Lauren was looking for herself
and leaving the problem to grandma, maybe she could help him
maybe she cant, either way Cosmo was gone
at least for awhile anyways

it had been 3 months since Laurens last visit
her phone rang it was her mother
"Lauren come get this devil ain't nothing I can do for it"
tears welled up in Laurens eyes
"okay Ma I'll come get him in the morning" she hung up

she went to the front room and rolled a joint
her hands were shaky, she lit it up and cried
crying because she's remembering the last time Cosmo was home
the last time her boy, her baby assaulted her
five years old and he was a monster

she had told him no more mommy's milk
he didn't like that, so he hit her hard
then he pretended he was sorry and reached for a hug
when lauren reached to hug her boy he grabbed both of her breasts
and squeezed as hard as he could

she had hit him hard and kicked him to get him off of her
he just smiled and ran to his room
Lauren ended up falling asleep on the couch
only to wake up to Cosmo trying to feed off of her
biting her breasts, she punched him and screamed

Lauren smoked the joint slowly
enjoying the peace
Cosmo is coming home tomorrow, nothing will be peaceful
Lauren thought about all the weird things Cosmo did
how obsessed he seemed with her breasts

she slept well that night, she woke up early
sparked another joint and readied herself
she drove as slow as the law allowed
not rushing there at all
pulling into her mothers driveway she hesitated

her mother came out of the house
she could see Cosmo looking from an upstairs window
he was glaring at her
her mother said "we need to talk about this boy"
"there is something wrong with him, mentally"

Lauren nodded and said "I know Ma, I know"
her mother said "that boy tries touching me he watches me"
Lauren just looked at the ground
"Lauren girl he needs help and he needs it now"
her mother started telling her another story about Cosmo

she was calling him he wouldn't answer her so she went looking
calling his name the whole time she opened the broom closet
there he was, butt naked in the closet touching himself
he didn't stop either when she caught him
he looked her right in her eye, smiled and kept going

Lauren told her mother she is at her wits end
he is a sick twisted little monster but hes her boy
what the hell can she do
her mother says "love don't work on the devil honey,
you fight fire with fire"

"hes only 5 ma" Lauren wipes away her tears
her mother says " you have to do something he is a psychopath"
Lauren screamed his name "Cosmo honey come on, mamas here"
Cosmo came running, he jumped into his mothers arms
she shifted him to her hip, and he gently touched her left breast

his grandma smacked him hard upside the head
"you nasty creepy devil boy I'm glad to see you go"
Lauren pushed her mother away and put Cosmo in the car
she said she would call her soon hopped in the car and left
Cosmo never went to grandmas again, grandma wouldn't let him

by the time he was 13 his mother hated him and herself
he groped her every chance he got
she couldn't sleep without waking up with him next to her
touching her, rubbing up on her
she could feel him touch his self as he laid by her

she would find solace in a joint
she stopped hiding it from Cosmo, fuck him
she hated him, she would twist it up and smoke it
right in his face, he would protest and call her names
like whore and slut, Lauren learned to ignore him

then Cosmo turned 16 and for his 16th birthday
he confessed to his mother that he loved her
in a way a boy shouldn't, Lauren cried
he wiped her tears away and tried to kiss her
Lauren pushed him away, that infuriated Cosmo

Lauren walked away from him in tears
he disgusted her she couldn't look at him any longer
she went to her room and lit up a joint
Cosmo was watching her from under the door
"stupid whore, you love that joint more than me" he said

she ignored him, acting as if he wasn't watching
she just smoked and smoked as he watched and watched
she fell asleep and Cosmo opened her door
he stood over her watching her sleep
he started touching himself pulling and tugging

Lauren felt his presence and opened her eyes
she saw him masturbating, she cried out
he smiled and kept tugging at his penis
Lauren went to get up but Cosmo pushed her down
he was a strong psychopath, he got on top of her

he tried kissing his mother but she refused to open her lips
he was holding her arms tightly
she tried to move, that made him laugh "oh mommy"
Cosmo spit in her face and said " your my whore mommy, mine"
Lauren struggled as long as she could,

Cosmo was to strong, she cried and she pleaded
he didn't hear anything
he said "tell me you love me mommy"
Lauren kept quiet
"come on mommy you know you love me you know you want me"

Cosmo got off of her he stood up and took his pants off
Lauren tried to get up and run, Cosmo punched her
she fell back on the bed
Cosmo straddled her he ripped her shirt off
he stared at her breasts

he was stuck in a moment one he had waited a long time for
he reached down and groped his mother pulling and pinching
her everywhere, Lauren did nothing she laid there and sobbed
Cosmo took his time relishing every second
he kept kissing her and saying " I love you so much mommy"

she was sick to her stomach
she couldn't believe what her son, her baby was doing to her
Cosmo penetrated his mother, he raped her
this was no rape to him though
this was what he desired most his own mother

he finished inside his mother and laid atop of her
looking into her lost shocked eyes
he got up got dressed and walked out of her room
he went and made a sandwich
Lauren laid there realizing her son just raped her

she got up looked around grabbed her purse
found her car keys next to her bed
and she went out of the second story window
crying out when she hit the ground
Cosmo heard something and looked out the window

he saw his mother fumbling with keys
she hoped into her car and sped away
Cosmo stood there as the woman he loved with all his being left
he tried to stop her but she gone
it was to late

Cosmo turned 21 changed his name to Brian and works at local bar
he looks for his mother every chance he can
he looks for her everywhere
he keeps up the house waiting on here to arrive
Cosmo knows his mommy loves him and she will be back

while he waits, he practices what hes going to do to his mother
once she finally returns home
he gets any little bitch he can with one line
and one line alone
"wanna smoke a joint?"


Written by nikkimoe
Published | Edited 28th Nov 2012
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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