Irrefutably your crucial inheritance? Dream on!

By Stanley Collymore

Absolutely incredible but equally
worrying, how obviously many
biologically related relatives
whose only tenuous relationship with
the person they've clearly, arrogantly
targeted as quite crucially, evidently
their evidently literally financial bed
of roses is often simply undeniably
and very essentially that biological
one, whom they've unquestionably
basically had no really meaningful
relationship with; and distinctively
the person, they have significantly
simply assiduously plus generally
evidently purposefully ignored for
ages have obviously very seldom
if ever actually seen, on a regular
basis, and, undoubtedly, crucially
haven't any realistic, or obviously
key empathetic relationship with

Now suddenly and obsessively
quite conveniently becoming
interested in that previously
and very consistently ignored relative's
general welfare! Evidently more so, as
they progressively age or simply as a
widowed person, either basically get
physically or essentially emotionally
involved with someone distinctively
very invariably actually younger but
who rather undeniably and actually
literally obviously, they reciprocally
care for but who these so selfishly
self-entitled relatives instinctively
perceive to be crucially what they,
themselves, quite unquestionably
are: an indisputably, truly inimical
threat, to how they so specifically
regard this discernibly, irrefutably
and simply undoubtedly, tenuous
relative of theirs; essentially their
key inheritance bestower! Really!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
14 April 2024.

Author's Remarks:
Your inheritance? Dream on! As long as a parent, grandparent or any other quite close biological, relative is undoubtedly deemed to distinctively unquestionably have the legal capacity, to simply make decisions on or of their own, effectively and most crucially their financial affairs and how they personally manage them, or make decisions pertaining to them is strictly and legally their own affair!

After all, it's their money to undoubtedly and likewise unquestionably actually do with as they please. And that effectively includes the decision of simply whether or not to actually leave their money to a family member!

And besides, there's quite obviously no such legal thing as an Inheritance while the prospective/expected donor is, still obviously, alive! So hard cheese all you self-entitled spongers!

Discernibly, it would be so significantly constructive all round: for these clearly self-entitled morons, actually societally as well as generally for themselves and basically a step in the right direction for humanity overall, if such individuals did learn to evidently generally and sensibly utilize what skills or abilities which they personally have to the betterment really of themselves, rather than just basically sit around expectantly on their crucially, distinctly lazy asses naturally expecting people who they actually, clearly regard solely as their personal bank, to simply proverbially kick the bucket, and rather obviously leave all of their constructive life's endeavours to these undoubtedly arrogant loafers!
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Published | Edited 15th Apr 2024
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