Janet Street-Porter - the delusional, self-entitled and hypocritical trollop, pitiably castigating Meghan!

By Stanley Collymore  
Bastardly conceived by her then  
actually obviously married but  
nevertheless this discernibly  
patently unfaithful wife, turned mother  
by her then actually ongoing lover, it's  
basically clearly self-evident that the  
quite classic statement of the apple  
not having really fallen, that very far  
from the tree is rather applicable in  
Janet's very own specific case that  
has evidently, been a menagerie of  
a quite illegal abortion in her teens  
followed by specifically, numerous  
ongoing affairs significantly rather  
prior to, during, and generally after  
her three basically unquestionably  
unsurprisingly, plus too effectively  
failed marriages, now obsessively  
in yet another relationship for this  
post menopausal slut, crucially to  
all discernibly decent elements of  
humanity very blessedly childless  
woman! Importantly did that said  
quite illegal abortion which Janet  
had, significantly turned out to be  
a blessing in disguise? As simply  
most gratefully it actually spared  
mankind the additional misery of  
having another clearly irrefutably  
quite unquestionably biologically  
distinctively, toxically-verminous;  
ludicrously evidently purportedly  
human being crucially emerging  
effectively, from Janet's vagina?  
If so one can quite categorically  
be obligated, for that end result!  
Quite invariably like those of her  
kind while apparently having  
no problem whatsoever in  
seeing the purportedly perceived more  
in the eyes of other persons, who they  
most unwarrantedly, from jealousy or  
even very evilly sick racial infirmities  
on their part gleefully, and distinctly  
pathetically avidly latch on to while  
essentially delusionally discernibly  
and aptly obsessively, overlooking  
the enormous beams in their own  
eyes; these invariably pathetically  
self-entitled, and specifically also  
unquestionably compulsively vile  
distinctly malevolently egregious  
morons; as the clear sociopaths,  
and even ingrained psychopaths  
that they simply, unquestionably  
are; are actually, too narcissistic  
and egotistical: a literal, virulent  
state-of-affairs, evilly combined  
with their distinctively fancifully  
superior and totally entrenched  
arrogance to actually take even  
the most minimal and naturally  
also realistic objective analysis  
of themselves. What a real pity.  
So is it just my quite perceptive  
observation or are there really  
others like me, who're rather  
obviously very bewildered by the Daily  
Mail, its distinctive minions basically  
like yourself Janet Street-Porter, the  
equally, rather delusional surfeit of  
intellectually challenged, and truly  
simply thoroughly, gullible lowlife  
Karens and generally likeminded  
Gammons: whom obviously, the  
Daily Mail quite simply fervently  
and likewise racially panders to  
who're actually, unquestionably  
obsessed with effectively each  
move: personally; publicly; and  
work-wise - which significantly  
clearly undoubtedly, Harry and  
and Meghan embark on! Quite  
crazy, and most fatuous really;  
as I crucially doubt very much,  
that even rather hardened and  
obsessive stalkers, spend this  
much stamina on their targets.
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
13 April 2024.  
Author's Remarks:  
Jumping on fatuous bandwagons is the only noticeable enterprise of discernibly intellectually challenged and essentially toxically verminous morons!  
Meghan Markle wasn't simply born in the USA, she grew up there and is a Bona fide citizen of a country which boasts of quite actively encouraging both its citizens and other residents to be quite creative, active and as well successful entrepreneurs. And a state of affairs lauded clearly by the likes of Janet Street-Porter, Maureen Callaghan, Amanda Platell, and other obviously white, racist Karen morons, with very little of any creative ability themselves but who all the same actually happily love jumping on any convenient bandwagon that will effectively distinctly and undeniably mask, these very personal, and to the astute eye discernibly evident inadequacies of theirs. Preferably, a race hating bandwagon that makes them money by grossly pandering to the actually undoubtedly likeminded toxic, and simply unquestionably verminous morons, clearly like themselves!  
However, though, whatever Meghan does, or evidently attempts to do: either charity, entrepreneurial or even basically, naturally personally wise with her husband Harry, in an instant these infernal trollops, and also Gammons, along with demented hordes of them with patently pathetic and effectively unfulfilling lives, without ever having really met, or even minutely so knowing Meghan, instantaneously start to literally vitriolically attack her. And actually incomprehensibly, to undoubtedly have distinctively, evidently crucially, noticeably irrefutably pathetically obese white women generally, but actually British and Aussie ones specifically openly but from behind the anonymity naturally of their computer screen or mobile phone, in paroxysms of rage attacking a distinctively attractive woman of colour, very obviously not only in relation to her stature, feet, hair the clothes she wears and her undeniably, distinctively quite tactile relationship with her husband Harry, something essentially missing in their own pathetic lives, where most of these trollops: clearly biologically bastards to begin with and who effectively haven't the foggiest idea who sired them if indeed, literally realistically, they obviously know who their biological mothers actually are - hence the need for programmes like: "Long Lost Families", then have their very own plethora of bastard kids or blessedly to the overall benefit of humanity none at all, is the height of irony!  
Yet we basically have in the case of Janet Street Porter with a plethora of discernibly failed relationships and a life that by really no stretch of the imagination one naturally could not remotely describe as exemplary, added to who really knows with her clearly querulous background and lifestyle how in actual effect she got the jobs she came by but one can very sensibly guess, obviously asininely criticising Meghan for essentially being happily married, and likewise as well for Meghan's own legitimate and distinctly praiseworthily endeavours. Quite clearly crazy!  
Yet, while Janet Street-Porter, and in all aspects her sick and vile ilk unrelenting in their endeavours literally relentlessly attack Meghan, even actually branding her a "grifter", these people who clearly perceptibly fail to honestly look at their own real failings, as well as themselves in the mirror of reality, are rather evidently the very Yids - you know the odious mercenary kind who obviously efficaciously and most effervescently milk Germany's post World War 2 very bounteous Weidergutmachung Compensation Scheme, paid exclusively to their sort but none of the other irrefutably actually discernibly greater in number allegedly six million Yid victims of Europe's vile holocaust. Billions of Deutschmarks continuously paid since 1945; and to people still receiving it that weren't in the least affected by the war because logically they weren't even born; but they nevertheless, rather evidently still make their normally successful and essentially, distinctly thoroughly, brazenly bogus claims! Now those activities, by any one's rational observation, of such noxious, quite evidently mercenary predators, are unquestionably the revolting actions of simply odiously, disgusting "GRIFTERS! So, truthfully now Ms Perfect are you effectively one of them Janet Street-Porter? As it wouldn't surprise me, to be both brutally frank and obviously honest, in the least!
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