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Flight Eternal (Halloween Syck House Series)

          “A woman was screaming a motherfucka on the plane is not real
Looking at her funny I wondered what the fuck is her deal,
            “While being escorted off the plane she was still screaming in dread
But out the corner of my eye I can swear she lost her head,
            “With it secretly placed under the airplane’s kitchen sink
A stewardess quickly closed the curtain and asked me to take a seat,
            “Asking weird questions while helping me put my bag away
I ignored her freaky looking pancake-ass, because I had a long day,
            “An hour after the plane was airborne, we ran into a lightning storm
But my destination was the bathroom-time to get my stank-stank on,
            “While giving birth to this turd I screamed what the fuck
Something slimy ripped skin from my hanging nuts,
            “Instantly I shitted knocking it off with my stankin load
And flushed whatever it was down the commode,
            “Jumping up I kicked open the door
With my soiled draws at my ankles, I fell to the floor,
            “The stewardess came-I told her something tried to grab my shit
She guided me to the back so that I could calm down and sit,
            “To my skinless testicles she added peroxide
Causing me to spray her with piss from her head to her thighs,
            “Standing up she was mad and truly pissed off
Calling me all kinds of motherfuckas I knew her religion was lost,
            “She said ‘he’s first’ as the pilot unlocked a latch
I was roughly thrown down a dimly illuminated hatch,
            “Landing hard on my back something crunched under me
Focusing my vision, broken bones could be seen as far as I could see,
            “Again, lightning flashed as multiple eyes glowed in the dark
Terror paralyzed my flesh while fear pumped through my heart,
            “Spiked tentacles entered my body through my penis and asshole
As a incorporeal one wrapped around my mind eternally freezing my soul,
            “But before this abomination started ripping my guts out
It seemed to gurgle a laugh as it forced my turd into my mouth”.
Written by CasketSharpe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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