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A Twist Of A Vampire’s Fate

Reincarnation of the Past
Sighisoara, Romania

Naynina heard vehicles in the near distance. She bolted to a sitting position. She tuned her ears to listen to the clear voices.
“Boss, said we grab this dame, and then kill Mordecai.”
“I suppose, once we drive a stake through Dracon’s Maker’s heart, and once we have the Fairy in our possession, maybe I can sample some of this Fairy’s blood; it’s known to have miraculous healing powers, and none of us are getting any younger.”
“Word on the street is, particular a Fairy.”
“How many Fairies do you know.”
“Man, fuck you; as I was saying, she is known to channel the weather, cast spells to make anyone sick, not to talk, see, or hear. I see why the Boss wants her in his bed.
Naynina extended her hands out after listening to the hidden powers that runs within her veins. She looked around Dracon’s bedroom. She remembered, he was going into, “Battle, shit.”
Naynina swung her legs sideways, her feet hit the carpet, she rose from the bed. She lifted Dracon’s robe from off the settee. She slipped into it, tied the belt, and then ran across the room. She opened the door and stepped out into the dimly lit corridor.
The cool draft swirled around her feet.
Mordecai heard Naynina’s voice from the kitchen. He placed the sterling silverware on a white linen towel. He flashed his presence up the double grand stairwell.
Mordecai bowed his head at Naynina.
“Is there anything you need Miss. Polanski.”
“Mordecai, we must leave the premises at once.”
“I’m sorry, I do not follow you, Miss. Polanski.”
“There are three men coming to abduct me from this castle and drive a stake through your heart.”
Mordecai’s quickened movement took him inside Dracon’s bedroom. He divided the velvet curtains and listened. Everything was quiet. He saw a vehicle pulling up in front of Dracon’s residence
“Miss. Polanski, I need you to dress properly, we are going on a little trip.”
Naynina ran back inside Dracon’s bedroom. She hurried over to the window.
“Dress now!”
“I just cannot leave Dracon behind, I know I can help him.”
Mordecai looked over at Naynina.
“Master, does have himself, now you and I, must leave here at once.”
Mordecai’s fangs descended. He grabbed Naynina around her waist and threw her across the bedroom.
Naynina’s back hit the wall before her body met the carpet.
“Aww.” She looked up.
Three men surrounded Mordecai’s presence.
“Get him!”
One of the men inched his presence up to Mordecai’s turned back.
Mordecai arrowed his fist inside one of the man’s chest. He pulled out his heart, stuffed it inside his mouth, and ate it.
The other two men looked over at their friend, as his body slumped to the floor; the man’s body turned to black ashes before they dissipated into thin air.
One of the men lifted a silver stake from out a back scabbard strapped to his back.
“Get him, take his fucking ass down! And then we take the Fairy.”
Each man caved in on Mordecai’s presence.
One of the men bite Mordecai in the neck; the man sank his fangs deeper into Mordecai’s neck
Mordecai’s mind was getting disorganized, his strength was slowly draining
Naynina looked around for something to use to defend herself.
You are a Fairy, use your powers, believe in yourself, a voice crowded her ears.
Naynina slowly rose; she tied the robe belt tighter. She closed her eyes and thought. She turned into a small fairy. She flew toward the man as he brought the stake down, preparing to strike. Naynina sank her talons into the man’s shoulder blade. She leaned in, latched her teeth onto his neck, and bit him, suckling his blood.
The stake dropped from the man’s hand.
“Get this bitch from off me!”
The man tried to lift Naynina from off his neck. He blindly ran into a wall.
Naynina sank her teeth deeper into the man’s neck, drinking his blood.
The man slowly sank to his knees.
Naynina released her teeth, before the man’s chest met the carpet.
Mordecai and the other man tussled to get the stake from off the carpet.
Both fell into the carpet, rolling around.
The cross took possession of both hands back and forth.
“Naynina, get out of here, now!”
“No, we will get out of here, together.”
Naynina circled the other man’s head. She dug her talons in his eyes.
“You…fucking bitch!”
The man rolled onto his back. He palmed the sides of Naynina’s miniature body and lifted her from off his face. He threw Naynina’s body across the bedroom. He blindly reached over, lifted the stake from off the carpet, and then stabbed Mordecai in the side of his neck. He pushed the stake deeper inside.
Willow Creek
Sighisoara, Romania

Dracon palmed his neck. A sharp shooting pain gripped from within.
“Mordecai. Fuck, Naynina.” Dracon lifted his pair of binoculars to his eyes. He saw Vacome on the battlefield, and Valan sitting at the front line on a horse.
“That punk ass fuck could not take his ass whipping like a real vampire.” Dracon rested his binoculars back on his chest and then looked behind himself. His assembled clan were ready on his commend. “Men we charge forward.”
Dracon and his men charged down the hilly terrain.
Vacome and his clan met Dracon's clan in the center of the battlefield.
Several men jumped off their horses and began the bloody battle of superior clan rights.
Dracon removed several of Vacome’s men hearts, with a solid pierce to the heart. He saw Vasile going for one of his men. Dracon, flashed over in their direction, descended his fangs, and then sank them in the back of Vasile’s neck.
Vasile gripped the back of Dracon’s head and tried to twist around to confront his attacker.
Dracon sank his fangs inside Vasile’s neck even deeper; he cupped the sides of his neck and twisted his head off.
Vasile’s body slumped to the earth and then fell forward.
Dracon threw Vasile’s head in the distance wind, and then kneeled. He punctured his fist into Vasile’s back and ripped his heart out; he ate it.
Vasile’s body slowly faded away.
Dracon stood, turned around, and rushed over to assist two of his men. After seeing two additional men of the Tremere Clan go down in battle. He glimpsed the entire battlefield, looking for Vacome’s presence. He saw him battling one of his best men. Dracon pivoted his head in both directions, looking for Valan. He spotted him ripping the head off one of his men.
“Fucking bastard!” Dracon charged over to Valan.
His presence was bowled over by Vacome.
Both men rolled on the ground. Both men quickly stood to their feet.
“You fuck, you took one of my brothers, now, I take your woman.”
Vacome lifted two swords from out a back scabbard. He threw one of the swords at Dracon’s feet.
Dracon slowly lifted his two Excalibur swords out his back scabbard. He kicked Vacome’s sword back over to him.
“We meet again, same battlefield. Are you ready to face your death like a vampire?”
 “I always thought, you never deserved the comforts of a beautiful woman, even if she is a Fairy.”
“Yes, that same Fairy, my Naynina will warm my bed from century to century.”
“Over my dead body.”
“Then prepare to meet your Maker.”
Dracon lifted both of his swords.
Vacome lifted his sword
Both men ran up to each other.
Dracon counter-moved with a joust of Vacome’s blade.
Both men blades entwined.
“Too bad, a dead vampire can’t talk or fuck,” Dracon spit out.
Both men pushed back off the other.
Dracon lifted his swords, his foot movement and the swift calculations of his swords forced Vacome backwards.
Vacome blocked Dracon’s blades from a point of entry.
Dracon kicked Vacome in his groin. He inched back and jabbed the tip of his swords forward, puncturing Vacome’s chest
Vacome looked down. He arched his eyebrows at the blood saturating his breastplate. He looked back up at Dracon. His grip loosened on the hilt of his sword.
Dracon lifted his swords, caged Vacome’s neck, and swiftly scissored into Vacome’s neck. He turned his head at the ghastly site. His head rolled a great distance.
Vacome’s headless body slumped downward and then forward, meeting the bed of earth.
Dracon slipped his bloody swords back into the scabbard at his back. He grabbed his upper arm and pressed on the bleeding open gash to his upper arm. He looked down at Vacome.
The Tremere Clan discontinued fighting and looked down at their leader’s headless body.
A hush echoed throughout the battlefield.
Valan rushed over to Vacome’s headless body. He looked down and then looked up at Dracon.
“You bastard, you will pay for this!”
Valan lifted Vacome’s resting sword and charged Dracon.
Both clans circled the men and looked on.
Dracon kicked Valan in his armored breastplate.
Valan’s body went airborne across the battlefield. Valan landed on his feet. He lifted his sword, turned around and ran; he lifted his body into the air.
Dracon lifted one of his swords from out the scabbard and charged Valan. Dracon’s body soared into the air. He sliced Valan’s head off and then landed on his feet.  He looked backwards.
Valan’s body and his head tumbled back down to earth.
Dracon turned and hurried over to where Valan’s body rested.
Each man from the Tremere Clan removed their face mask, or their shield.
A sobering whisper reverberated.
Dracon extended his sword to the remaining Tremere Clan.
“Leave this battlefield, or the rest of your clan will be finished.”
Dracon mashed his feet down on Valan’s chest, and then stomped his heart out. He looked up at the lingering Tremere Clan.
“Retreat dammit! Or surrender to death!” Dracon yelled.
Each man from the Tremere Clan slowly backed up under the watchful eyes of the Ventrue Clan.
“Shit, Naynina, Mordecai.”
Dracon returned his sword to the scabbard at his back, and then ran over to his horse; he mounted it, and flailed the horse's sides. He galloped off.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
This is a chapter from one of my many published novels.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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