Analyzing Life (With Deep Problems)

And I feel kind of Home sick
Light a cig and try to forget why I live
Hard to be positive when Im oh so negative
I hate this shit, bundle of depression
My pen ink is the only rebuttal of reflection
Look deeper inside the mirror past the piercing glass
Stuck inside the eerie past, Will I last? Or will I just laugh (It Off)
Everyday just seems im going to lose it all
Win, Loss or draw it will slip out of my hands when I fall
Broken Shattered dreams or perhaps it seems
To be a metaphor for Freddy and other evil things
To be surrounding me, im profoundly lounging free
Not letting another human being disrupt me
And to the chick names Jessie I feel this ugly
But then I turn right around and see the people that love me
Then I wake up its just another dream
Trying to fight free
I might be a little gone in my head
I guess its the consequence for letting myself live dead
I haven't done shit to lead a better life
I sat up every other night, listen to beats to see if I can still write
'Cause if I don't I wont feel right
And my brain might explode like a sensitive pressured mine
Enter the inventive measured mind
Now watch the imagination grow, Fathoming an asylum
Escapee with savage patient flows
Just wanting to watch this earth turn in slow-mo
Will I ever Grow up? Or is it the people around me that dont know enough


Another day feeling the sun rays as I still am thinking in insane ways
Like building a UFO and leaving this earth because it will never change
I guess I am different from the 'same', but if you ask me I like thoughts that are not SANE
Comprehension levels above intelligent dwellers
But some see me as low life scum
Heavily dumb, it gets me for a second but then I over come
Like you are no different from me, Failed ignorancy
Stop talking shit for comic relief
By saying i a human oddity when probably
You need some help with your views on psychology
But you dont even bother me, I am on a different train express
Letting my brain process life's nonsense
Im not depressed no more that's past tense
The way my emotions work you can't judge them they're to complex
As I dial in, im trying to figure out whose next on Gods list
Yeah I think about that oddness, As my head gets nauseous
Throwing up words of profanity
Destroying my believe and corrupting my reality
Then I close my eyes and visions words of mysticality
That in the end begin to baffle me

You can call me a low life fat kid
But being disrespectful whats that attracting?
And stop acting like you have a better life
Im just trying to live mine.. ALRIGHT!?
Get the fuck out of my sight, Im in a manhunt I need to stay alive in
Then too worry about a person who wants to start rioting
Like I don't have enough problems im trying to relieve
If its violence you want watch my devil grip on flesh never release
Now let my soul rot in peace........
Written by MagicianType0 (Enjoi)
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