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Poet Introduction

I stumble upon phrases, seeking their rhyme, Assembling metaphors, one at a time. Each line a puzzle, a piece of the whole, Unsure if my efforts will touch a soul.

About Me

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Taking in the sights, sounds, and scene,
Adventurous spirit, alive and keen,
Laughing with friends and making memories,
Kicking up my heels, savouring life's simplicities.

Delving into history, exploring the past,
Entertained by stories, built to last,
Rhythmic pulse of history and pride,
Being swept up in tales of where ancestors reside
Yearning for more, as the fable unfolds

Treasuring odd moments, yet to happiness I cling.
Obviously being a horse I donít dance or sing

Mesmerising energy, it captures my heart,
Enthralling conversations, where memories start.

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