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New Wings to Fly

- New Wings to Fly -

A Psalm about Understanding

“I was there to make you smile, my child, but you would rather just frown.
You would rather wear dark rags in the mists, than a beautiful white gown!
I was there to sing you inspirational songs, and we laughed oft in the dark…
You would rather sing to yourself, in some lonely wood or forgotten park!
Did my promise shine far too brightly, for your own eyes to look into mine?
Did I not say that I would give you the joy of a whole eternity of my time?
Now I wait in the shadows, my promise granted to others who do not deny,
And I find myself needing new wings of light to help my many children fly.”

“My heart always feels like breaking as the world's sins just keep going on.
It is like mankind cannot see that there is something in certain souls wrong.
It is not enough to make the nightmares end with the promise of new light,
It is not enough to dry the falling tears, that come to many each dark night!
What good are promises, if mankind just breaks faith with them yet again?
Why not just admit the truth, and see that countless souls seem born to sin!
Why not dance with me in the fire, so I may grant you nobler wings to fly?
Why not take my hand, and burn most brightly until it makes us both sigh!”

“Beloved one, we could kiss in the dark, until the sweat pours ever down…
Would you be my princess, blessed heart, and wear the gold bridal crown?
We could watch the sun set, until the night enfolds us and takes us whole,
Why not make of life something of a game, and play this brand new role!
Too seriously people take life, and then they lose all of their inner desires…
So why not take my hand, blessed heart, and we will dance in the red fire!
You are just waiting there in the shadows dear one; you are the same as I,
Soon you will find yourself needing new wings of light to help you to fly.”

“Your heart is always breaking, faithful child, in the light of the new sun…
It is like you cannot see, that your destined path has only just truly begun.
It is not enough to think that the nightmares of the past will stay far away,
It is not enough to just sit around, looking up at the skies to meekly pray!
What good are prayers, when the heart of man knows not if it is sincere?
Why not just admit that we all sometimes give in to the darkness of fear!
But dance with me in the fire, faithful child, and we shall touch the sky…
We can grant each other brand new wings of light, to help people to fly!”

“Greatest is the need, when darkest is come this most desperate of hours...
But knock upon the innermost door, and I shall grant you the true power.
It matters not that I walk about in this body formed from flesh and matter,
My spirit is not so confined, since I ascended the highest heavenly ladder.
I have room for countless children, and countless beloved hearts as well,
You have but to call unto me with your soul; it will ring forth like a bell!”
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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