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The Price of Bliss

- The Price of Bliss -
A Divine Revelation I was given in a dream on Saturday, March 27th of 2021.

  It seemed as if I stood within a beautiful green field, filled with flowers... blue, yellow, white, all bright colored petals, but with a certain pastel quality to them. Scattered about the field were lovely blossom trees with pale white and pink blossoms upon them. It was like a kind of eternal springtime. I spotted small animals scurrying among the trees, and a couple of blue birds flying in the skies above. Three white doves came out of the sky and flitted about around me before flying away. I had seen the symbolism of three doves once before. On my birthday, back in 2012, three doves did the same thing... only on that occasion it was not during a dream but when I was outside in the yard. Everyone always said it was a sign from God that I was blessed. If so, then this is a sign of a double blessing! I started to walk through this perfect, springtime field in what I took at first to be a dream (but which I now realize was a blessed vision)... and as I did, I saw children dressed in white gowns tied with gold sashes about their waists. They seemed happy and carefree, and they danced and played, putting flowers in their hair and laughing in this silly, but also contented way that made me smile. A man appeared standing next to me, and he was very tall! Well beyond six feet I should say. He too wore a white gown, but with a sash of silver rather than of gold. His hair was as white as snow, and it was about shoulder-length. His face was lean but not gaunt, and he had peculiarly sharp features and sky-blue eyes. He spoke to me in this calm, soft and soothing voice, saying:  “Do you know why it is that you are here? You are here, because you need to see, you need to understand, you need to know... so that you can teach others.” and I asked him: “Where am I, and what exactly do I need to learn in this place?” The man smiled, and then with his right hand he gestured towards the children. “They represent what mankind should be.” he stated. “The best of all that humanity can become without losing one's innocence. They represent the truest and best state of divinity, for they do not crave divinity nor covet anything but happiness itself. To that end, if one could live in a perfect world... no two could possibly agree on what such a world should look like. But this is one vision, one glimpse of a representation of such a world! Your soul contains within it a blessed child, for you never lost your innocence. Never completely, unlike so many... and so, this is a vision meant to be of personal significance to you. But the message it conveys, is for everybody!” and I felt at peace in that place, like a child again myself, and I ran and danced and played along with those children in that field. I was given a white gown of my own to wear, with a  red sash... and for a time I felt as if I needed nothing and had everything. Then, a woman came among the children and she was, like the man I beheld previously, taller than is common. “Welcome, my child!” she said delightedly.
    She was fair to look upon, with curly hair the color of gold, sky-blue eyes much like those of the man who had spoken to me earlier, and a pleasant, welcoming manner about her. Her face was round, her lips full and ruby red in color, and she was full-figured. She wore very unique attire... loose, baggy pants gathered at the waist by a sash and at the ankles by ribbons. The sash was gold and red, and the ribbons were pink. The color of the pants were a sort of shimmering pinkish white. Paired with that, she wore a shimmering white blouse with long, billowing sleeves, over which she wore a soft-looking red vest. Upon her feet were red sandals, and she had upon her left wrist a bracelet of pink pearls, with a necklace of white pearls around her neck. In her hair, she wore a circlet of daisies. I felt that I had in fact known this woman all my life, and beyond. She seemed like... as if she had been my first mother, like way back at the dawn of time when my soul first came to be. That is the only way to describe what it felt like to be in her presence. “Welcome!” she said again, quite cheerfully. Her voice was soothing, much as the man's voice had been. Not high or lilting, unlike what most might consider the feminine ideal, but simply pleasant and wonderful to hear. “I see you've come a long way to get here... you keep trying to find this place, but it is always with you. No need for long journeys!” she said, laughing in a way similar to the children, as if happiness and joy were the natural state of things in this place.
    And she took me by the hand, placing both of my hands into her own, and we spun around like two children, laughing and looking up at the azure skies with delicate clouds above us. Then, we walked along with my right hand holding her left hand... and I saw snippets of visions, like flashes of various memories, of this woman in countless other forms, in countless other places. I saw her up on a stage somewhere, surrounded by lights every color of the rainbow, while a crowd was cheering. She strode across the stage, waving to the people, proclaiming: “Yes, my children! I love you all! Your mother is here!” and I remembered being one of those children once, who longed for such a mother. One who is filled with love, who wants what is best for her children, but who is not controlling, nor wrathful when one has misbehaved. She was, in many ways, the very embodiment of compassion itself. She spun me about again, giggling mischievously, and all of a sudden I could see in the distance a tiny valley that was surrounded on all sides by tall, jagged cliffs. In the middle of the valley was a lake of pale blue water, and rising up from that lake was a metallic tower that rose up into the clouds high above. The tower was silver in color, with gold trim here and there. The windows were of stained glass, and had abstract, geometrical... almost fractal-like designs upon them. One could approach the tower by way of an old wooden bridge, and the double doors of the tower were also of a very simple wooden design.
    I set out towards the tower alone, the woman had vanished as if into thin air... and, immediately I could feel an immense sense of loneliness and loss due to her absence. I crossed the bridge, knocked upon the doors of the structure, and they opened of their own accord. Inside, there was only a spiral staircase leading upwards, and so I climbed the stairs... for there was no other path left for me to take. Though the tower was unimaginably tall, it seemed I did not ascend for very long before I came to the upper floors. I saw various alcoves set into the walls, in which were skeletons chained up among piles of human bones. Each of those grim alcoves sported broken bars, as if some great power had smashed every barrier that held the people whose skeletons those had been, in bondage. The voice of the tall, white-haired man echoed through the tower just then, saying unto me: “People all around the world are in bondage right now, in every country, in every heart and soul... there lie the chains that bind them. Only love, only compassion, only freedom and understanding, can set them free! Words hold power... and when you awaken from this vision, you must remember all that you have been shown. Share what you have witnessed and experienced in all these spaces to which you have been brought... share what we have sought to share with you. And know, that when you do so... your words will be like unto a key that shall break many bars and shatter countless chains over time.” and then, a pale blue shaft of light shot up through the center of the tower (I had noticed that the spiral stairs circled around a bottomless shaft that was itself enclosed by transparent glass so that as one ascended the stairs they would not fall into the shaft. The stairs were set into the walls of the tower, and into the glass that separated one from the tower's central shaft.) and as the light rose upward it exploded into a great brilliance high above, at some unfathomable height. I kept on climbing, reaching at last, a large circular chamber at the very top.
    In the center of the chamber, the shaft was an open pit set into the floor. The glass covered it like a lens, with cables leading away from it and up the walls of the chamber. There were eight cables in all, each made of a transparent material. Across from me, from where I had emerged from the stairs, I saw that some steps were set into the wall, and at the very top of the steps was a platform on which was set a large throne that appeared to be made from some sort of white crystal. A series of dim yellow lights lined the edges of the steps, and they seemed to pulse like the beating of a heart. There were alcoves set into the walls of the entire room, and in each alcove was a shimmering blue portal of light that rippled like the waters of a pond that a stone had been cast into. From out of those portals emerged all of those children whom I had encountered in the beautiful field that first greeted me when this otherworldly experience had begun. They began to sing, and their voices were harmonious as did so... bringing forth a beautiful hymn in a language that was alien-sounding yet at the same time intimately familiar to me. The voice of the white-haired man spoke, again, and he told me about the history of this strange place.
    This was what he related to me: “Long ago, there lived upon this world a great king. He reigned in a time before the present cycle of time as your world knows it had first begun... or perhaps, simply in an age before people had bothered to count time at all. His queen, was that same beautiful woman whom you had beheld earlier... and, she and the king had two children. One was a boy, and the other was a girl. Both possessed the beauty of their parents, and it was a beauty that was irrespective of gender or race. It simply was. It was the king, who built this tower, and it took a great deal of time to construct it. The means by which it was done, no longer exists... for the way to such understanding is lost unto time. When the tower was raised, when the central shaft was bored deep into the soil, and when the Divine Force of all that is was tapped into and poured forth from the shaft visibly, for all to see... it was seen to be good. And it was good! Intricate machines were created from materials long lost, to carry forth the energy of the Divine Force, the very Source of all life and all existence, and that energy powered a great ancient civilization that came to be in those years. People were immortal back then, and reached heights that humanity on your world today might perhaps never reach! And the king was good to his people. He passed his knowledge unto them. And the queen passed her wisdom unto them. And the twins... the boy and his sister... they made merry, and all of the children of this world during that age followed in their merriment. It was a golden era the likes of which has never been equaled. But the adults of that time... in this world... had lost their innocence by embracing the sort of false pride whereby one loses all their compassion, all their understanding of their fellows. For their love of themselves was greater than their love for others. With such pride came needless jealousy! It was needless, for all were equal in wealth, equal in power, equal in divine favor, and equal in every way that matters. But some looked upon their brethren, and said: “Lo! Might he, or she, be more beloved of our king and queen than I am? Might they possess more of the divine spark within them that emanates forth from the tower wherein the Source of all is made manifest for all to behold! How might I become more in esteem than they, in such a society where all are equal in standing? We must devise a way to eliminate the present equality and elevate ourselves beyond the limits of it! Then, we shall know true happiness, for then shall we surpass all.” And in that thinking, those same who thought in that way committed a terrible sin. For they had, all of them, already surpassed every limitation and they were already like unto gods, and wanted for nothing. Yet still, those wicked ones wanted more... even though there was nothing more to want. But still, did the children make merry... for they alone were content, following in the example of the king and the queen who had raised them. The children of that generation alone were blessed, as were the king and queen. But the adults of that time... as a whole... became corrupted so utterly that the whole of society had shifted from a classless utopia to a place where people began to compete both with one another and with society as a whole in order to gain in esteem and favor, so that each man or woman would say: “Behold! I am more beautiful. I am more wealthy. I am more successful in all my endeavors than my fellows are. Thus, am I more divine than my fellows are! The Source must surely favor me above all.” And they devised their own monetary systems, and those systems competed against one another until the value of one group's money could be said to be greater than that held by another group. And they made it seem desirable to possess the money itself, so that people fought over it and committed crimes to obtain it. The goods that once brought happiness to peoples' lives, the things created with love by artists and artisans and creators of every sort... once made freely available to all, now were assigned costs and prices and values of a monetary sort. So that their true worth was lost! People fought and committed crimes to possess the very things that once they could have held freely, without cost. For not everyone was able to gain the coveted money required to purchase what once was without a price. And people became slaves to greed... which poisoned society utterly and led in turn to the sort of chaos whereby war becomes imminent. Even food and drink were assigned prices! Eventually, even water was bottled and sold. And people killed for what once they had been given freely. And society sinned. When war came, it brought with it untold destruction. Eventually, the ultimate blasphemy transpired!
    The people rose up against the king and queen, and they planned to seize this very tower in order to possess the Divine Force itself. The very Source of all! The enslaved the children, took from them their reasons to sing and to be happy. No merriment was possible in those years, for the weeping made by the children was terrible to hear! The royal twins escaped captivity and came to the tower to take refuge with their parents. And even as the discontented and wicked masses encircled the valley wherein the tower was raised... the Source spoke through the queen and said unto the king in her voice: “Behold! The people were given too much knowledge and not enough wisdom, and so destruction is upon this land, even upon this entire world, because of the sin of false pride. This is not your sin... but because those are your people, it is you who must make things right where they have gone wrong!” And the king said unto the queen: “How might I make things right? Great is our peril, and soon the tower shall fall and all shall be lost!” but the Source explained: “You must sacrifice one single thing that you love above all else in this world, casting that thing into the shaft at the tower's center. For you must know the extent of the grief suffered by all the children, who have lost their innocence because of the evil actions of your people! You have never wept before in your entire life, never tasted true grief, never known the bitterness of loss. Now, for the sake of all... you must.” And the king said unto his two children: “Pray, when you were among the people, was there even one who was without wickedness? Even just a single person, who was without sin... and still in possession of their former innocence!” And the boy and the girl said that, indeed, there was none. Innocence was gone, wickedness was rampant, and sin came to every corner of the world as they knew it. And for the first time, the king knew true grief. He wept for the soul of the world and for the souls of his people that had become lost. And for his children, whose own innocence had likewise been lost. He realized in that instant, that he had loved them above all that existed... those two children. And in realizing that, he realized they were lost to him forever! The queen sensed this, and the Source sensed this through her. The king seemed to go mad just then! He opened the lens that covered the shaft, seized the two children, and dragged them towards the pit. They begged him to stop. The queen begged him to stop. The Source, through her, begged him to stop. But he did not stop, and he cast the children into the shaft, to their deaths. The Source spoke through her, angry: “I commanded you to cast one THING that you loved above all else into the shaft. Not a PERSON! One single thing. A possession. An object. But, instead... you took two lives and snuffed them out in a vain attempt to stave off your own doom. Your selfishness has sealed your fate, and that of this world, for ages to come!” and the king was mad with grief at that point, doubly do since this was solely his own doing. The Source spoke unto him, explaining: “You clearly know nothing of me, if you believe that I am the sort of god or goddess... that can be propitiated with blood. Have I ever asked blood from you before? That is never my way! And it should never have been yours. Where is your innocence, oh king? Where is your compassion! It has been eclipsed by your own pride. For lo! The people are a reflection of you... their sins are your own. Their wickedness is your own. You have doomed this world yourself, not they! I thought to test your heart and soul... and you have failed utterly. Now, you shall know the cost, the price of such evil as you have done on this day!” And the king was afraid in his heart. For he knew not just how great was the power of the Divine Force, and he feared it greatly. The queen's eyes began to glow with a blue light, and the king thought he had gone mad. Clawing at his face, weeping and shrieking, he cast himself into the shaft and fell unto his death in the darkness below. The Source left the body of the queen, and she bore witness to a terrible thing! Up from the darkness below, came a massive shaft of blue light that tore its' way upwards. Normally, the lens sealed that energy, which then would flow through the cables in order to provide power to machines throughout the land. But the lens was not in place on this occasion, the shaft was wide open, and the Source was emerging in great wrath. The queen shielded her eyes and looked away as the energy exploded into the chamber. In an instant, she became one with the Divine Force and knew everything. But rather than losing herself in it, she evolved and became a true goddess. On that day... the world on which this tower was raised, ended.”
    The man with the snow-white hair then said further: “You have beheld what this world is like today, generations upon generations... ages upon ages, upon countless ages after the collapse of that ancient and wicked civilization. Our children make merry, and we have regained our innocence. Our Queen... the Goddess of Wisdom... walks among us and through her the Source, what on your world you call God, reaches every heart and fills it with contentment. We have gained true bliss, at a terrible price!” and then he fell silent, and upon the throne I beheld the Queen in all her splendor. The same woman I had encountered in the field earlier, who had led me to this very place where I now stood. For I sensed that she had been with me the whole time, even when I did not see her at my side. “Welcome home, my son who is also my daughter! This... is where you both died, so long ago.” and she gestured with her left hand towards the lens which sealed that terrible shaft. “Though both of your souls are now mingled in a single body...” she told me, “Still do I sense within you their light, and it burns as never before! For when the old king cast you down into that dark pit, your souls and spirits were absorbed by the Divine Force and became one with it. Just as I became one with it. For before time began, we were a part of it! But the old king was not, and so was he rejected by it and lost for all of time ever after.” The children... my old friends and playmates from another age now long passed into distant memory... came forward, and wrapped about me a scarlet-colored robe trimmed with gold. They escorted me to the Queen, who took me into her arms and held me warmly. She had indeed been my mother once... and still was, in ways beyond what I could explain in understandable terms. She spoke, ever softly, to me, telling me more of that strange world in which I found myself... “Welcome home, to the Pleroma! That is what we call this planet, which exists eternally within a realm called by some the Universe of Light. Herein, lies the origination of all divinity, of all gods and all angels and of humanity too. For this is where the great Source of all is made manifest to behold! From here, it emanates forth... and the spirits of all that know life are divine sparks which themselves emanate from the Source. And they seek out physical forms to inhabit, and that is how physical life comes to be! You and I, my child... my children... are more in tune with the Source than many, for we remember this place which was and is our truest home. The planet you call Earth, in a universe parallel to the Universe of Light, is right now at a crucial turning point in its' history. For humanity has known a dark period there... for they have embraced greed, and war, and known the bitterness of envy and jealousy as all manner of wickedness and sin run rampant there. They suffer plagues and pestilences, famines and fears of every kind, for they have lost their innocence. Not everyone, of course, but I speak of those who have lost their way! They have become like the people of the Pleroma once were, before we embraced Wisdom and thus enlightenment and illumination of the sort that changes one forever. When you return there, bring my Wisdom with you and I will be at your side... teach it to people. Tell them what you beheld here, what you learned here, and make them see... that it is never too late to change for the better. All who live, need not lose their innocence... so long as in their hearts they maintain the bliss that keeps the soul pure and the spirit strong.” And she squeezed my right hand with her hands, kissing me upon my lips. It was not the kiss of a mother, but that of a lover. “You... are the King now. Just as I... am the Queen. For the old king is lost and no more.” she whispered after bestowing that kiss upon me. And we embraced as lovers might, passionately, holding nothing back. Ten white wings of light emerged from her back, and ten black wings of shadow emerged from mine. Yin and Yang. Two halves of a great cosmic whole. In that instant, a blue light enveloped us and we were one with everything, with everyone, with life itself in all its' countless, diverse forms. “Remember all that you experienced here, and teach others of it... that they may become free!” a voice that was both male and female rang out. It was hers... it was mine... there was no separation, no sense of where one began and the other ended. And I thought to myself: “So this... is God.” and I saw that it was good. I felt only bliss, and I knew that if others could only feel as I did in that instant then they would understand the Multiverse truly. They would regain all their innocence, their wonder, their happiness... they would be as children once again, and never again make war. This, is what mankind must embrace!
    And the blessed vision ended, and I awoke from it to this planet called Earth once again. I sensed its' darkness, I sensed its' sorrows, I sensed mankind's need. And I decided to write down all that had taken place during my journey to the Pleroma, which is what you are reading now. There are Christians who spend their whole lives seeking a vision or a sign from God... and there are holy monks and priests, and nuns, who long for a glimpse of Heaven's glory. And they never receive it. I was not seeking it, and yet it was granted unto me. Now what if I were to tell you, dear reader, that Heaven is real, and the ancient Gnostic Christians called it the Pleroma.... for that is the truth! It is not the Heaven of modern Christian thinking... for that would be too simple, to basic a concept compared to the truth of what it really is. It is not a spartan realm of clouds and skies, filled with purposeless delight that would be boring to any sane and reasonable person. It is a whole universe of endless possibilities... and at its' core lies a world that is beyond any paradise known to theological imagining. A world once torn apart... only to be put back together again and made perfect. A world without an end, for it exists beyond the bounds of space and time as our current science understands such concepts. Heaven... the Pleroma... is not perfect. It is not a state of endless perfection, but a state of endless bliss! Of joy without ceasing, of happiness with no end. It is an ideal, as well as a place... and every living soul should strive for that ideal. No one is unworthy of it... save those who lose their innocence forever... and if they were to regain it somehow, then they would be worthy once more. Children are born worthy of it! Whether they were baptized or not. By the grace of their spirits... for all spirits of all living things are divine sparks, which emerged from the Source of all long before they came to dwell in fleshly forms. The truth is, that the true God which is the Source of all loves all and refuses no one! For all are a part of it, and it is a part of us all. God is not an old man living in the clouds, aloof and judgmental, angry and vengeful. That is a false construction of a controlling patriarchy that seeks to dominate our lives and perpetuate the cycles of corruption that cause mankind to fall into wickedness. The truth of God is love! Not hate... and never exclusion. Know that any who claim to serve God and yet who preach hatred, prejudice, inequality and subservience are not true servants of God at all! God does not demand that we bow... for in the Source of all, we are all equal. Bowing signifies a class system in which there are those who are superior and those who are lesser. In the Pleroma, all are equal... and there are no cases of some who have and some who have not. No rich and poor. Everyone has a home, everyone knows love, everyone is worthy and no one is excluded from all the beautiful things that give life meaning, that give life joy, and that bring true happiness to every heart and meaning to every soul. In the Pleroma, there is no loneliness, for each person finds their true mate, their destined other half. I tell you, dear, dear reader... in this very instant... you are worthy of love! Never let anyone tell you that you are not so worthy. We are ALL worthy of love, no matter who or what we are. Love is a birthright of all who live... and passion is the drive by which we can come to understand love's fullness. Humanity denies itself love far too often, because the corruptions of modern society rob life of its' joys and seek to rob us of our passions. We are not meant to be cogs in a machine! We are not made to care solely about the next big upgrade or the next wave of new technology. What sense is there in improving machines, in developing sciences, if we allow the soul of mankind to stagnate, to lose its' light, and to perish by the wayside! We must first and foremost seek to improve mankind itself, to hone life to such a state that living is a joy... and then, and only then will we be able to know that we are worthy of inheriting a world in which tomorrow's technologies will enhance our lives rather than destroy us. Otherwise, our very creations could be our undoing! So long as even one person is without a home to live in, or food to eat, or a hand to hold and loved ones to care about... society shall remain imperfect. We must embrace compassion, we must elevate love, and we must understand the importance of passion... before we can create a true semblance of Paradise here upon the face of the earth! The Goddess of Wisdom shows us the way, but it is up to us to walk the path before us. The world is in a dark place right now... it has been for a  long time, even if we did not know it sooner. But it need not remain so! The Earth can be saved... our lives can be improved. It is the truth.
    But true bliss cannot come without a cost! We must give up all of the things that make us wicked... such as hatred, prejudice, anger, jealousy and greed. Cast those things away into darkness! And seek to bring forth the inner light of our divine sparks, of our spirits. That is how we may save our souls, and the soul of the world itself, before it is too late! We must look at the world around us, and see that it needs saving. We must care for the earth, heal the environment, end its' pollution and stop making war. The poisons mankind unleashes into the world, can only lead to death in the end! We must stop the mass destruction of trees, the crime of deforestation, and the crimes we commit against one another. If the Earth is sick, it must be healed. If mankind is sick, it must be healed. But healing begins with more than just the body... we must also heal our souls! In society today, as things stand right now, we all are raised to believe that there is nothing we cannot accomplish so long as we work hard. But what of those who cannot work? The disabled, the injured, the sickly or the weak. They deserve to be allowed every chance to realize their dreams as well! Which is why we need to stop looking at people as “workers” and start seeing them as living, human beings with needs, wants, dreams and desires that need to be fulfilled in order to make the most of one's life. We need to remake society anew, but with a far more compassionate set of values. Not everyone can be a “worker”... but everyone has a right to live, and to have a chance to lead a fulfilling life. We are not cogs in the machine that keeps money flowing into the pockets of the rich, as the poor suffer and the penniless perish! Everyone must be provided for, before we can create a lasting paradise that all can enjoy. The sheer arrogance of those ones who say they are “better” because they are wealthier than their fellows is a sin! It is false pride born of greed, which is wickedness. No one should be neglected, or cast out, or allowed to perish or stagnate merely because they do not meet society's vision of the “perfect” person. To me, to God and Goddess, to the Source of all... everyone is perfect from the moment they are born. No tyrannous system has the right to convince you that you are not! Society today, with its' emphasis on greed and its' worship of fame and power bought with money and sometimes purchased with blood... is evil. And it must change, in order for humanity to create a better tomorrow. Humanity must change! We must evolve past the old impulses that have led to war and destruction time and time again. We must regain our innocence and remember who we truly are inside... not who we are told to be... and re-learn what it means to follow our dreams without being told how to dream. Be whatever gender you want to be, whatever gender you feel you are inside! Follow your heart, and it will never lead you astray. Be whatever you aspire to be in life... own your potential, and do not let society's wickedness own your soul. Believe in whatever creed gives you peace, so long as you harm no one by such belief. Do whatever you long to do in life, and do not let anyone tell you what they feel you should do or must do. Believe in yourself, and you will never fail! Embrace love, know compassion, care for those whom you love and who love you... and cast from your life any who teach you hatred, prejudice or wickedness. Be they a parent, a teacher, a loved one or a friend... if they try to turn your soul dark, and so destroy your innocence, then they do not truly love you. For love cannot exist if one's heart contains hatred for even one other living thing! Let alone, for one other person. But know this! Whomever you may be that faces such a difficult trial... know that I love you. That God and Goddess love you. That the Divine Force and Source of all loves you. And let that love, become your strength, that it may help you find a way to be free! Freedom and liberty are the birthright of all. Not the false notions of liberty in which people are slaves to an uncaring system that merely enslaves us in a different way than the obvious... but true liberty, wherein one is truly happy. The world itself is facing such hard trials... for we are taught one thing, and yet shown another by a hypocritical governance that puts wealth above life and greed above compassion. Once our eyes open to this, as to all truths... we cannot close them again, and we must follow our heart to wherever it leads us. It is not my place to say what path one should follow in life... I merely seek to teach and to guide, and to help others to regain their innocence, to embrace their inner divinity, and to obtain the dignity that all who live deserve to possess. The first steps from here on out, are your own to take. Take them wisely!
Written by Kou_Indigo (Kara Lucielle Pythiana)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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