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What good does it do to post it if you're going to turn the comments off? Are you afraid of the answers?

This feels hostile and accusatory.

I left the comments off, so any discussion would be done here. That is why I put the link here. As I said in the last post, I used my poem space so that I could use the editing features, which donít work here. I will do the same with this post as well.
Another solution would be one of the public forums, I can use the editing features there. Sorry I didnít make my instructions clearer. Iím glad you were able to figure it out..

Two clarifications: firstly, I was not being sarcastic nor condescending; I was being genuine. But, at least I know what filter you're responding through.

Your post did not come through to me as genuine. Apparently I misinterpreted. We all have our filters.

Secondly, Missy is not my friend; that is widely known.

I did not know that you and Missy are not friends and did not assume you were. Iím not sure why that comment is relevant.

I simply don't believe in bullying via verbal attacks and accusations without proof on ANYONE. We should ALL be against bullying and blatant verbal attacks.

I have not said that I support bullying or Ďblatant verbal attacksí. I have said that I canít see the original posts, only the aftermath, and my responses have been from that perspective. without being able to see the original conversations, and not being able to communicate with Sky, my perspective is unlikely to change. I prefer to err on the side of freedom of expression and giving my friend the benefit of doubt rather than the other way around.

Listen, if you honestly feel that Sky's post was not a blatant verbal attack against another member of this site, what DO you consider a verbal attack?
Again, I have not seen the posts that constitute a personal attack, so I wonít comment on that. Are those posts available somewhere on the site?

Do you think we should be able to call anyone anything we like without consequence?

Yes, that is freedom of expression. Speaking freely whether what you say is popular or not.

Do you think we should be able to publicly accuse anyone of anything we 'think' without proof just because we 'think' it?!

If it is expressed as an opinion or done as a form of artistic expression, yes. If it opens a door to meaningful dialogue, yes. If it is an emotional outburst during a heated debate, yes, although an apology would be in order if the accusation is shown to be false.
If it is targeted at one individual repeatedly over time with malicious intent, no.

I don't care why Sky thought I was paying moderators off; or that I have favor with them: it's flat out not true.

I donít know why she thought that either. Iím glad to hear it is not true. Perhaps when her ban is over we can find out. I still wonder why Sky was under that impression.

Maybe she is the one who needs to discuss things with others, or at least have proof before posting baseless accusations.

You may be correct, but since she has been banned, I cannot contact her and I doubt that you can either, even via private messaging, so thereís no way to have that discussion.

So you support, egg-on, and cheerlead from the sidelines all you want. I'll stand up to it.

I am responding to your comments, not egging-on, or cheerleading.
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