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Late night lingerie teasing, Too tipsy to savor. Red room energy, sloppy foreplay memories. Evening behaviors. Hot jolly ranchers, we're sticky. Clingy as we snooze. Magnetic puzzle pieces, perfectly glued. Chilly exhales on my neck heightened by bed warmth. Your tingly whisky whiffs rolling off my goosebumps. Pore to pore friction, Flesh to flesh. You love it. Marinated cologne fragrances, make me want it. Silent satin casings managing my mental chatter. Bad influencing internal banter.
We lay we usually do. Baking, we roast. My skin’s hot for you. Flaming almost. Deeply craving, bound completely. Thinking how good you’d feel between me.  
Aweing, Needing. Gnawing, Pleading!
Gently brushing against your ripening temptation. Feeling my back dimples, releasing limitations. Sobered slit tickles caressing me low. “You’re so wet baby”, deeply whispered in my earlobes. Enticing vices like little red devils. Tell me you need me, like heroes need rebels. Too distracted to utter a word. You're pressed against me like the wall and creaking headboards. Stare into me as I lick your fingers. Kiss me. Taste me. Make me shiver. Quiver, know my flavor. A Firm grip around my throat, take me from behind. Saturated fucking, lay inside.  
Slip in baby. Drown in these waters. Our hips create ripples under these covers. Raised pressure and hard nipples. Frowned brow as you enter. Teeth clenching my lips. “Show me what you can handle”. Electricity to my toe tips. Sweet shoulder kisses.  My hand resting under your chin as you thrust passionately. Come closer, merge into me. Go steady. Feel me.
Top priority kisses, your lips leave me addicted. Delicate intimacy, forefront, lusting, barely remembered. Forced eye contact until my eyes roll back, eyes glowing, the view’s beaming hot. Over the shoulder embraces. “Oh Baby dont stop”. You peer deeply, mentally cumming. Sex faces on repeat, sweet like honey. Squeeze my chest, feel my heartbeat. Toes curling, pulse’s dancing.
Soft moans and grunting tones, notes like saxophones. A questioning “Hmmmm?”, to hear me crow. I stutter, stumble, breathing your name. Tiny chin hair tugs make you so hard to tame. Dry mouth gaping, I pant,  sizzling sheets leave us glossed. Forehead sweat glistens down my spine. Warm, cool like summer bottle frost. Slight pinching pricks, nails pierce your thigh. Clawing, gripping tight. Trying to contain your might.
I want your cum baby, I feel your grind. Let go in me. Fill me with your creamy pride. Never leave this home body. I’ll be your peace. Push back on you, climaxing  luxuries. Whimpering “I love yous” as you finish. Being held by you  
at sunrise, sealed with tender tongue kisses. Safely dozing between biceps, absorbing your love language. Soul tying riches free us from anguish.  
We lay we usually do. Baking, we’re toast. My body’s weak for you...
Birds mimic our melodies perched on ledged window posts. Ceiling fan breezes smell of us. Loving you feels selfish. Nuzzling into sleepy fantasies, soaked in a beautifully delusional fetish.
Written by Azabache_Cuervo
Published | Edited 12th Aug 2020
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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