When Time was 1st born, humans looked up to what was the heavens, as the sprinkle of stars burned off their mystical rock untraceable date? Look I see shapes in space, to symbolise the galactic star sign 13 zodiac place, Astrology creates the Teachers to connect to our inner creation base.
Time measures accuracy, as when light becomes dark, and dark becomes light, inhabiting each humans mathematical 1st birth, as everyday Iím dying, so Time follow on to old death, illusion misunderstanding repeated curse,
My Reincarnation freedom of choice, to complete my human ascended two ways reality depth, I chose to be an example, for the next to experience learning the New Generation flesh.
Time evolved in time, like Iím a Pisces our characteristics sensitive, initiative, star gazer in a dream like opening door, as the cycle of the sun, eclipse moon, building Amenti pyramids or stone circles, like an exact pinpoint natures call, as itís not just luck being so obvious in accuracy , in this Gigantic green bushy acre floor.
The west earth Mayan civilization, is a unique collaboration, of wise elders sharing wisdom, with spiritual intuition, building a calendar creating a proposition, of what time is about within your human emotions, plus 5,126 years of 5 separate sequences of vision, as this now equals a 25,630 year old mission! Yes enlightenment can be the Beginning at the end of our 5th cycle submission.
Procession of equinox as every planet in line, conjunction completion exploding an energy, which will shift each sphere to a new dimension in tune with natureís time, as the time of knowledge is what keeps the awakened, to survive from the poor people who choose to be blind?
21st of winter 12 can be a positive cosmic intelligence evolved, as we all can choose the outcome, if forever peace our own countries unfold.
Inventing instruments from Anti-kythera mechanism technology, as Egyptians evolved pharaohs constructed the Water clock to measure a astronomical observation accordingly, exploration of mindset as a simple stick evolves in to a sundial genius franchise, then a hour glass to a pendulum, as time flies on, my mind change roots to The Gregorian calendar, as it leads and links my everyday life, but more out of tune with the original Anno Domini calendar, that constructed natures frequency with a feeling not known to define, without 365 ways to distract the human from freedom reach need to be, Iím sure I can look pass, what I determine the time to be feeling need to be free.
Time moves on to electrical Quartz crystals, as the clock creates an Atlantis hidden memory flare, Atomic clock trails in to action, as the big daddy of precision measurement, evolving Analog in another time to where?
That where is the current time in action, as our daily lifeís be ruled by the Digital clock, with seconds, minutes, hours, 4 weeks 12 months, how many years Time spare?
Because all this is only real, trained belief hits youíre working 9 Ante Meriden, till 5 Post Meridian Times Square.
Why does time always seem to go so quick, because Iím having so much fun and lifeís not being a bitch, yet when Monday morning comes and work drags another day, time slows right down, †Iím so bored, watching the hands go round and round today.
Time can go even slower, when an innocent gender is trapped within a cage brutality wall, with too much time to think, or like saying I not have enough time to blink, as the rushed day ahead, to pay my debts in time, my reward free time to rest.
Time to change the clocks to go back and forth, so how is this time even real, if you can change it so obviously with only humanís not in tune with mother earths force? To why time feel like itís suddenly going faster, as we reach the birth of this New Non Material, Energy timeless Source.
Written by 7hEAVEN
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