Mother earth nature’s birth.
From 1st life where life existed, to create a gigantic wet landscape where oceans rule my sweeping shores turf, The underwater land around me bursts through the volcano’s, as a enormous explosion of lava, warms my hunger creation land thirst, Preparing myself to share the Pangaea Evolution, of what the father has in store for thy beautiful feminine Natures earth.
As Permian present 1st Life mass extinction event, for a new earth cycle to take lead, as mother breed evolutions Mesozoic mixed seeds.
The inner beating hot Gold star, that glares the womb of life inside me, as my hearts minerals mating with photosynthesis in wisdom miracles glare, these deep end tiny  microscopic organisms feed, preparing for a ice age, while preserving life to create history that will reach beyond magical means to despair,, so simple Ciano bacteria at lingo, in frozen ice as the build up to collagen elevates,  to rise to the next generation of plant microbes, producing vast amounts of oxygen, for the new born Triassic, & Jurassic Age to intake.
These plants become huge trees, and the sightseeing invertebrates rule the seas, to then be taken back, by a back bone name vertebrate pikia new gene.
Gene DNA creates moving legs that creeps upon the land, to start what would be Evolutions advanced amphibians, new species on demand, from mega dragon flies huge wings patrolling, along jungles ultimate green crest, while the reptile is more evolving, to the near best of the meat eaters, fearless Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Complex Ankylosaurus protects, with her armoured plating shell instinct intense for any battle next, while peaceful diplodocus herbivores feeds, as there tall necks overlooking the trees.
Cretaceous age continues brewing for the mysterious KT event, to then change a course in evolution, as birds and mammals rule the next generation smaller on soils defence, as sexual reproduction concludes to a new driven fact, that humans did not evolve from apes, as contradicts why apes still exist in their own intact.
As the intact within outer convex plate, as my frozen north and south poles to no man’s land, as humanities territory land and water around my exterior fate, concave in two entrances to hallow world, that subterranean realm within my interior form, as oxygen is more sweeter, creating different size creatures, with giants that rule within continent ball, no night only day heavenly drawn, our paradise inner Earth, Argartha kingdom welcomes those, seeking higher self-righteous worth.
Paradox mythology Generation, as mythical creatures escape brutality within known human separation, Against nature ignored along with the Creator, as free will conduct by Annunaki, trying to play gods against Gods nature, Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal fortress gave way, as The fallen watchers lust our beautiful daughters in abundance raped way, evolved off spring  to future day, now back in time the earth flooded a Mu gateway, for humans to then evolve, new story told, homo erectus ruling predator packs, cave man mentality feeding on living meat and fat, homo sapiens guided from within, yet week to nephilim, now teaching what metals can be made in to a weapon, instead of wood & flint, Tobo eruption decided who to best to win, or evolve for the new Naccals Atlantis, mating with a new slave sapiens beginning.
Starfire golden Adam Babylonia Age is born, to then fall to silver as medo-persia worship is withdrawn; Greece Bronze Age reminds of the passions in weapons humans like, now create wars fighting against what is the main purpose of life? As light heroic Demi gods fight back, as these heroes bring some order to that Age of call, the imperial Roma invent the tax man, to come knocking at your door.
Industrial hemp, & Cannibal tangled in Racist Age, as the silk roads link the European Technological Age, as our being crave for material perception, as our Evolution has evolved to a greedy, self centred fluctuated, Alcoholic, Food & Drug Addiction low vibration, that every human should be divided for themselves, in order to be successful in childhood trauma mind control, and massive future blind nation!
Science Implant R6 God, as humans mix this concept with religion in a manmade rule, so the National made up of all Acts can depict who is the greater opposition! As the financial Red shield born Bavaria illuminated ones, team with the crown and the city, dictating to how the world should always be fooled? Our common sense slowly ripped from us each day! Or even simply washing your skin, mixed with chemicals in a fluoride shower waterfall, with creeping Cancer on its way?
We got shampoos made from irritants, to corrosives and toxins that also balance your body wash in over 40 harmful ingredients, as even brushing your teeth, its IQ poison now obliterated ones trust in, WHO are not intelligence.
As the world warms up for a Peace Age, as Global Warming pollute the hoax, to again divide the truth from a recurring birth cycle taking place. Yes repeated throughout the Age of Rebirth, as Pisces draws to a close, so Aquarius can bring humanity to a new generation burst.
So, to be the example of Evolution is the greater lesson learnt,
The ones that live on, are the next generation of humans that seeker of knowledge yearning to learn
Written by 7hEAVEN
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