The circle of soul consciousness which moves in us all, sharing a body of matter, if it be skin or fur, coating a herds winter survival, that God made me to withstand, collaborating an animal of perfection, with king Lions prowling Curiosity, dusty dry African lands.
Beautiful Bengal tigers sensitive, showing the Mother beast in a exotic feminine form, an elephant leading his family, protecting the young as she plays over excited! In the local community water hole.
Like the dolphins that swims in the oceans, these mammal souls working in packs, signalling leadership with wise language ways, spiritual guardians of the sea, these healers roaming free.
Giant humpback whales trailing, like an island floating in the breeze, singing the songs of the deep, in a underwater world, where the world donít sleep.
As a Great white shark on the horizon, looking for its next vulnerable pray, this king of the ocean represents fear, top of the food chain, †no other fish need get in his instinct killer way!
As time emerged on, humans egos mirrored the instinct power claim of the land, as the natives who were born before them, felt there pain as slowly they became the 2st slaves, to the manís evil unmanageable demands.
The Great white human, brother colour sharks beyond the spheres holy land, over excited in his sport, cruelty upon innocent unique animals, in my eyes I see profit, and a rich manís stomach restaurant thought.
That thought then became deeper, when targeting the closest species to our kind, a peaceful gorilla sitting in her jungle, cleaning her babies, as they ate bamboo coated with termites.
The 1st feeling wife gorilla thoughtĒ fur naked he looks like me,, holding a sharp bark of tree, why his eyes stare death, I feared for my babies, while my husband fought his best.
We then became a trophy, poaching theme riddled through our kind, it spread across the world, our Animal kingdom undermined.
Brutality upon imagination, parent bears dancing in a cage, to make an egos wage, Iím ripped of my freedom, from a forest to a torture stage, while you watch in human rage.
Makeup bunnies, to bread rodents at large, screaming no to the testsĒ, little monkey pleading, mummy please donít be next! They trapped me in machines, and prodded me till I bled, sprayed chemicals in my eyes, so humans donít sue my lab nest,
My number 1 consumer safety, is better than a product liability? To set free stupid little animals, is crazy me!
My fellow mans close friend, a loyal dog to our kind, now top of the delicacy menu, in a east Asia district unkind, in a slaughter untrue way! Cats 2nd cramped in a cage, how a human can sink this low, also raping the oceans below, clubbing a seal to its death or a whale for its blubber and meat, now how about that wise old dolphin, an extra special Japanese Cove treat.
From that tasty, Kroc burger Golden Meal kid, to a cow, to a steak, to a pig flying out on franchise dinner plate, or a birds common fill, that chicken tasty pie, lamb chops grazing in the fields, please donít try and deny, they were murdered for self gratification, for humans to feel belly satisfy? Itís an everyday reality, Animals a number one circus slave, just look at the orphan elephant, doing her dance spotlight tent parade, or how about the Lion jumping through a fiery ring, as the tamer beat him afterwards, Donít hesitate next time ďking flinch wimp!
Beauty Zoo tigers cramped, with only 30 yards to roam, taken from my lush birthplace, 5 star habitat I miss my home, or maybe to the black market, where we will sell your fur coat with shiny ivory bone, & seize you to Extinction, †itís an never ending list of holocaust tones.
Written by 7hEAVEN
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