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erotic poetry

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Tale of the unexpected

All the preliminaries were done;
Showered and naked ready for fun,
On the bed ; began to explore
The secret parts that I adore.

Her vulva roused with my licking
In her mouth my penis docking,
Ready for deep penetration,
Then I start fast vibration

Soon her passage is much wetter;
The sensual feeling so much better.
Next we try a new position
To have a change from the mission.

Cries of passion as she comes:
Knock on the door sounds like drums,
A sob is heard who can it be?
Reluctantly we go to see.

Outside in tears was her flatmate
We thought she was on a date;
She had been dumped by her swain
Did not want to see her again.

We sat her down to comfort her;
Our night of sex we must defer.
She calmed down in a while
She even began to smile.

'It as wrong of me to intrude
You should continue, I'm not a prude '
We could not send her away
So on our bed we let her stay

Soon we were back in action
The audience was an attraction
Orgasms flowed in quick succession
Her presence was no digression.

Then she cuddled up very close
'Please a threesome I propose
We agreed with a  grin
As she stripped to her skin.

She relaxed, took in my size
Enjoyed the feel; what a prize.
My girl offered me her clit
So the I could suck at it.

I fucked them both to the early hours
Sapping most of my sexual powers.
Then three in a bed we went to sleep
No need to count any sheep.

Was last night just good fortune?
Or could the arrangement burgeon?
We agreed we were quite a trio;
Should we let the system grow.?

We decided that twice a week
Another threesome we should seek.
The first month was successful
None of us found it stressful .

Soon the girls both agreed
I should move in to quell their need.
Around the house we stayed nude
Sex whenever in the mood.

A routine emerged that was pleasing
Sexual desires we were appeasing,
We have lived this way for several years
To end it would result in tears
Written by gardenlover
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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fucking amazing

Twisted Dreamer
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Down the Rabbit Hole

It's time, it's time
You and me

Let's fall down
                                we go

Down the rabbit hole

Soft kisses and caresses
We become obsessive

Fast and slow
A rhythmic flow

My every want is your desire
Together we climb even higher

Your fingers rub me in between
Your tips I feel, makes me scream

With joy and elation
Into masturbation

I touch myself and you smile with glee
Watching me find my ecstasy

I rub and tug at my own taut
You say to me, "Baby, that's hot."

Now you move me closer
I feel your edge

Your hand moves down
To grab my wedge

Our kisses are strong and deep and long
"Come on baby, you turning me on."

You move your fingers across my clit
As I position myself to sit

Slowly and surely you raise my sensations
Bringing me into ecstatic elation

"Oh my God!" My body shivers
Your fingers make me cum to hither

I move my body back to rock
As you slide in your solid cock

"Oh my God! You feel so good!"
"Oh baby, you knew it would."

Back and forth we move together
Tight embrace filled with pleasure

I feel you inside me hard and forceful
"Oh come on baby, my sexy morsel."

Back and forth our hips together
Finding each other's sexual pleasure

Moaning and groaning and moving faster
It's that orgasm we are after

We turn over to place me on top
Up and down to make you pop

I place my titties in your face
You suck them hard while keeping pace

Your hardness and my wetness collide within
Together we sing the orgasmic hymn

"Oh! Oh!  It's almost there!"
Sexual intensity fills the air

Faster and harder and harder and faster
Until we get that orgasm we're after

Finally! We cum together and we fall to a rest
Telling each other that was the best

I lay next to you, peaceful and restful

You move your hand down
                                               the rabbit hole
Written by SexyInkMaster
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Fire of Insight
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The Mistress is Angry

a story, in verse

The Mistress is angry, 'cause I made a mess,
by crossing a line that no slave should transgress!
I was tricked by a girl who was up to no good,
I received all the blame, and then lost my manhood!

I was alone in the ballroom to polish the floor,
working while dreaming of Mistress once more.
I can’t keep the image of her from my mind,
I dream of caressing her lovely behind.

Needless to say I became quite aroused,
with my penis protruding from where it was housed.
From under the flap of my tunic, in front,
Just like an awning that's been opened-up!

By coincidence, Lilly the wash-girl, walked in!
She grinned as she noticed the state I was in!
She dropped all her laundry-work down on the floor,
and seductively sauntered to fasten the door.

Lilly came back and pressed up against me.
Slaves aren’t allowed! but no one could see.
The other slaves warned me of Lilly’s mean tricks,
but I gave in to lust when her hand seized my dick!

She slithered against me, as she disrobed,
while never releasing her grip on my pole.
I meekly requested her, “Please let me go.”
She savagely yanked it! Her answer was "NO!"

“If Mistress, not me, had entered this room,
and she saw you making your pecker protrude,
she might think you’re gonna’ jack-off on her floor,
and hide it by polishing over it more.”  
While speaking these words, she kept at her work,
nearly knocking me over with each savage jerk!
I have never experienced such painful bliss,
she was killing my cock, but I couldn't resist!
“I’ve done you a favor by thinking so quick,
I’m hiding your hard-on and saving your dick!
Consider it lucky that I got here sooner.
If Mistress had seen that, she might have you neutered!”

“It's mine now! I own it! You must buy it back!
My price is the heaviest load you can jack!
Don’t worry, I’ll help you to clean up the floor.
And then, later on, I might do something more…”

It was hard to follow the things that she said,
she squeezed it so tight that my glans burned bright red!
She was choking my chicken until it was dead!
Then she yanked off my tunic, up over my head!

Soon, she slowed down, and eased off quite a bit,
and, kneeling, she gave it a kiss near the tip!
She giggled, she knew I was going to explode.
She positioned the tunic, and caught my full load!

I watched her entrapping each wonderful squirt
not thinking that she was just filling my shirt!
Just as I finished, she smiled like a demon,
snapped open the tunic, and made it rain semen!

In horror I watched Lilly splatter the room!
My spunk was her weapon for sealing my doom!
It coated the walls! And It covered the floor!
It even took some of the paint off the door!

In laughter, she shouted, “You boys are so dumb!”
“Do you think that slave girls enjoy watching you cum?
Having sex with you slave boys is so overrated,
It’s more fun just to trick you, and see you castrated!”

She grabbed up her laundry and ran down the hall
while I desperately tried to wipe off a wall.
That made it worse! so I panicked, and ran!
    …It didn’t take long ‘till the shit hit the fan.

The Mistress called everyone to the ballroom!
My manhood was shriveled in fear of it’s doom.
She made all the male slaves line up in a row,
without even asking us what we might know!

You might not believe me, but right there and then
I got an erection for Mistress again!
Up popped my cock out from under my tunic,
displaying to all that I’m not yet a eunuch!

All the guilt and the shame and the humiliation!
My penis was bruised by her rough masturbation!
With my tunic still cum-soaked, my cock bruised and raw,
my guilt in the matter just stood out to all!

The female slaves laughed but my Mistress just glared.
I hoped against hope that my manhood be spared!
My Mistress said “This might be partly my fault.
I’ve waited too long, and it’s worse than I thought.”

“You slaves are too horny. You jack-off too much! 
I grow tired of your sucking and fucking and such!
You think you’re your own! I’ll remind you: YOU’RE MINE!”
I’ve had enough! I AM DRAWING THE LINE!”

“It NO LONGER matters which cock is at fault,
I won’t stand for slaves in my house jacking-off!
There is only one way to prevent masturbation,
ALL of you males will SUBMIT TO CASTRATION!”

Howls of laughter erupted from girls and free folk!
The other males hate me! I'm dead! That’s no joke!
A couple of males tried to dash off and run,
but Mistress prevailed, by the point of her gun!

With everyone watching, and no-one to help,
we each took our turn. Mistress cut us herself!
When she emptied my scrotum, she sliced off my dick!
She tossed it to Lilly! She was in on the trick!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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All I can say is dang man!

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Mmmm hell yes.

Fire of Insight
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Joined 13th May 2018
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First in Line

While the King prefers whores dressed as nuns,
The Queen dominatrix likes tongues!
So, her stable of cuck’s
Have been trained to give fucks
With their mouths, ‘cause she’s taken their plums!
Now, the lusty old Queen doesn’t mind
That her King likes to screw concubines
Eunuch cuckolds are quicker
And the best pussy-lickers
‘Cause their tongues can work hard, all the time!
Then the King, sloppy drunk on his wine
Thought the Queen started looking real fine
He tried jumping her bones
So she cut off his stones!
Now a cuckold, his tongue’s first in line!
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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we should def write together!! ur fucking amazing

Dangerous Mind
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Joined 25th June 2015
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Within The Lair Of A Succubus

It was while Duke was stuffing his
huge dick inside Kelly's wet piss
hole and sucking on the moist clit
of Gabriela. He looked up
and saw that her breasts grew a cup
size more and two horns had just spit
their way out of her head before
Gabby made Duke do the one chore
of shooting out the cum and sit.
Written by berea440oh
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poet Anonymous

Dangerous Mind
United States
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She praises him as so sweet sweet
He can surely be in word and intent
But that is only part of this active force...

Now down on your knees to adore
Your moistened lips and mouth
Worshiping the Lord's jewels
As the King strokes his royal scepter
Hand caressing your face as he pumps
You continue to milk the plums
Lovingly for the sacred juice
As course of his energy surges
You feel the throbbing of the Lord
Cumming into the world...

And now back onto your pedestal
For the God must now in turn adore
Lovingly receive from the Goddess spring...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Uncle Tex
Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 12th Sep 2017
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Feel Me

Your beauty so attracts
Your eyes draw me near
To feel your bodies curves
So close , so sincere
The scent of your skin
Touches my senses
My lips to place soft kisses
Taste of your skin so soft and sweet
Drives me crazy, as I hear you breathe
Slowly my hands slide around
Finding your breasts, with your nipples standing proud
Your shirt for I unbutton and remove
Next your lace bra
For it has to go too
Now your back to my chest
My lips on your neck
And my hands on your breasts
Softly kissing the sweet skin of your neck
My fingers gliding and massaging your breasts
Lower my hands gliding down
My fingers just inside your waist band
So they did glide
Undo your pants and open them up
My hand slides deeper over your panties
To your mound where the moisture I can touch
I feel your heat from with in
So off with your pants , down to the floor, down to bare skin
Hands gliding over your hips, around caressing your ass
My breath on your neck, my tongue tasting your sweet skin
Finger tips slid in side your panties, slowly sliding lower, pushing them off
Nude I must have you, nude you must stand
Your panties fall to the floor, releasing your naked beauty for me to feel
My hand slowly glides, across your belly, then slowly lower again
As I find your mound, its so wet and full
I slowly brush over it, then cup it in my hand
As I raise my hand, my finger parts your lips
Into your pussy, my finger tip dips
Your wetness I can feel, So hot for me
To your clit I did softly rub, listening to your soft moans, they sure will come
Then to your lips my finger slides, to let you taste what you have inside
As I turn you to me, your eyes telling me how bad they want me
Down on the bed for I do put you
Then drop my pants , to reveal my erection
I lean you back, and place kisses to your lips
Then down your chest, to your nipples I move next
Soft and slow my tongue takes them in
Tenderly my Cock rubs on your clit, Up and down and you moan you want it in
Slowly I slide down your body you see, kissing your belly all the way to your dripping sea
Your legs I spread and just above your mound, for there I kiss
Then to the right and then to left, hip to hip placing soft kiss
As I return to the middle, there my tongue will glide
Right down the center, Until your clit I do find
Slowly pressing and swirling around, flick up and then down tempting your clit all around
I hear your moans as your so please
My mouth sucks you in , for clit I do please
Your wetness on my chin, my lips I do taste
Your juices so sweet, for you I must take
My pace quickens on your pussy with ease
Your muscles tense as I please
Deep inside you my tongue does dip
Oh your taste and scent is so sweet, for I will not stop
Until you cum and I will take
As your body takes over and you feel that hot flush
Your orgasm and oh god what a rush
Your cum dripping from you as all of it I do take
My tongue ravishing you, for how sweet all of you do taste
As I finish with you, back up your body I do glide
To your lips I kiss you deep
My hands grab your knees and pull them up to me
With one slow thrust, my cock glides in you spreading you and going so deep
You feel my head so swollen and hard, pulsing and throbbing
Your body engulfs me and pulls me in, your heat surrounds me from your pussy within
Slowly pressing deeper and harder I grind, No thrusting or pounding yet as this moment is mine
Up and down and side to side, grinding deep in you and on your clit so fine
Then rise up and slide out so slow, so for you to feel every inch it goes
Back deep for I did thrust , you moan so loudly in total lust
As stroke and thrust deeper , pressing harder within each thrust I go
Your body is flush, as I upright more, your feet on my chest and knees spread more
Deeper and deeper you feel my cock go
Until once again your body, takes over control
Now harder and deeper with each thrust I take
As you begin to tremble, your body loses control
Beads of sweat rise from your sweet skin, as you give in to my total control
I feel your squeezing against my cock so hard, you now cumming is really near
Harder and faster for in you I do go, your legs shaking you now let go
Coating me with your juices, as you cum without control
My cock is throbbing and begins to release
Filling you deep, with my juices I do release
I press deeply with each pulse, your pussy milking my every last drop
As we cum together and then complete,
My body lays on top of you as we relax
My lips find yours and kisses you deep
As my hips still pivot and I am still in you so deep
I just take you in, your body so sweet
Together we lay, but we are not complete
For this was just the beginning, there is more and this you will see
Written by Hdrider (Uncle Tex)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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You know I’m an ass man and get obsessed when your booty is near me,
I clearly become possessed like a mad man about to pose that query,
I’ll be a wanting to touch and kiss and lick and do all kinds of dirty,
Because baby, I think your derričre is so very pretty.

I get so hungry that not only do I want to smack it
I get so turned on by you that I want to attack it
It’s the frequently asked question so I’m going to faq it
I know it’s banal requesting anal but I really wanna fuck it

I love your awesome–uncommon-bottom it makes me succumb,
The size and shape and feel of it makes me want to play like drums
I really like to tap that ass so pardon me please if I sound too corny
But you give it all up when the alcohol gets you so hot and horny

I love that bass in my face, in my face that it simple drives me crazy
I love to lick it all up from top to bottom because it’s all so tasty
But you quiver and moan, you shiver and groan when I eat it
You come so loud it makes me proud I literally want to Tweet it

And when we play the game you call my name it turns up the fire
That I stick my tongue further into you it makes you soar even higher
Call me daddy little bunny, my queen bee shares your skittles honey
My broke ass becomes rich with your love so here! Take all my money

It’s a matter of fact that many a times I’ve been a little dubious
But my infatuation with your posterior makes me an enthusiast
An undercover butt lover when you shake and erupt like Vesuvius
Please understand that this man totally appreciates your gluteus

I love to work out with you, watching all those things that you do,
Wearing those itty bitty shorts ready to get your sweat on - boo
I like those lunges and squat jumps that shape your delicious rump,
Huffing and puffing when you’re lifting and pumping makes me want to hump

It doesn’t matter if you wear a thong or granny panties under your jeans,
Because later on at night they come off when we’re bursting at the seams
You know I don’t beat around the bush I love your tush so I want to push it,
Because in our drunken funk we fuck like wild animals ‘til you tell me to shoot it

You’re my missus, my princess, the ideal woman a man can adore,
But you transform into nasty whore when we close the bedroom door
You’re a freak like me but a geek like me as you might have guessed
Wants perverted things with your booty because I’m really ass obsessed.

Dangerous Mind
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Into The Basement

Tony and Mark were going from house to house
to look for some odd jobs to do only to
have them hear a sound not coming from a mouse.

They were both able to place themselves into
a basement where this naked babe who has been
chained to a bed looked at those two buddies, too.

That was before one of that pair of young men
got naked and probed her pussy with his hard
dick before a pair of thugs had just barged in.

One of them sliced Tony's dick off with a shard
of glass while the other thug has fucked her hard.
Written by berea440oh
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Twisted Dreamer
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Wow, I'm humbled. Thank you all for the votes. I appreciate each and everyone one of you. <3

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