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Sexy Poems Only (EROTICA)

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Fire of Insight
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Thought Provoker
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Little Red Riding Whore

Little Red Riding Whore

Found her walking in the woods alone with a basket of toys
Her tiny little red dress barely covering her breast and ass
The black little fish nets make the fur on the back of my neck stand up
So I grabbed her and brought her to my cave  chained to table

"Please no mr.wolf." She whined like a little girl
I take a wooden paddle in my paw and rub her ass cheek
"Crack! Slap! Crack!"
I hit her hard with a smile on my face and a pride in my eye

Another couple more cracks of my paddle and I'm ready
Little Red Riding Whore doesn't know what's coming
They don't call me the Big Bad Wolf for nothing
I rip her stocking and spread her ass cheeks with a snarl

I shove anal beads in deep and whimper with laughter
"Owwie Mr. Wolf your hurting me!" She screeches
I take my furry cock and shove it in her pussy deep
I press as hard as I can on the beads and listen to her squeal

Wonder what Granny would think of her Little Red Riding Whore
I pound deeper and harder until she is begging me to stop
"Stop Mr. Wolf. Your too big, too bad, and it hurts to much!"
"That why they call me The Big Bad Wolf." I bark.

I lick her back and force the beads back and forth again.
She blabbers like a baby and try to push forward
Though her restraints keep her right where I need her
I bite her neck and draw a little blood to leave my mark

She screams for hell but no one is around to her her wails
With one more huge slam I release my load in so deep
I keep going waiting for her release grab a vibrator and play with her clit
While I pound..Pound...POUND!

That's when she jolts forward and tries to kick away
" I'm Cummin  I'm  Cummin." She squeals
I chuckle and think that's right my little Red Riding Whore.
Written by Countrygirl96
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Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
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Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
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Risking all
even the very breath of life
he silently creeps
with feline stealth
into her sacrosanct bed chamber
Foolish acolyte
by his Goddess enchanted
impelled by Eros  
pertinacious in his desire
to lay body and soul
on her naked altar
The heady, earthy odor
of patchouli scented incense
excites his need
to dig deep
into her humid soil
tending to  
her sublime, blush
orchid blossom
Startled by his sudden presence
she is at once perturbed and aroused
by his audacious entrance
his libidinous smile grows
as he sashays to her side
her once indignant expression
softens to reciprocal desire
Running long, painted fingernails
across his bare, sculpted chest
“who summoned you?” she asks
he leans forward and whispers
“Mistress it was your essence
that bid me come
and attend to your needs”
navigating South
resting her hand on the tented fabric
of his loin cloth
she whisper
“ you will do”
She reaches and pulls him to her
kissing him with such force
as to take his breath away
“fill me now” she commands
astonished with her strength
backing away
“wait awhile mistress”
he whispers
sensing that her hunger
would not be satiated
by mere coitus
enthralled by her nakedness
taking time he admires
her voluptuous form
grasping a vial of oil
from atop her bed table
anointing her breasts
with the rose scented unction
gently, with strong hands, kneading
the ripe globes
suckling their erect ruby nipples
His oil saturated hands
paint her torso
continuing on their sensuous
tactile journey
massaging as they go  
tracing the moonlit curves of her hips  
made more brilliant by candlelight
bidding her turn over
he rest his head on her buttocks
so enamored he is by its beauty
Again on her back
he kneels between her thighs
seeing her lush florid portal
by her nectar shimmering
he draws a long stuttered breath
so overcome by the marvelous sight
and made dizzy by her inebriating scent
she giggles as he runs his tongue
across the full length of her folds
a surge of electricity
pulses through her body
as he massages and sucks on her pearl
her screams of ecstasy  
shock the night air
wholly focused  
on giving her profound pleasure
with one hand pressing on her pelvis
he plunges two fingers deep
into her wet pink paradise
her thighs encircle and hold him
with a vise-like grip
as with every thrust
he guides her ever closer
to orgasmic Nirvana
by her fever pitched moans
he knows she is close
under his hand her pelvis  
suddenly shudders
He rushes to kiss her smiling lips
blanketing her body with his
gazing into her still ecstatic eyes
he whispers
“Mistress I must leave you now
soon to come again
when if my Goddess still desires
I will enter in”

Written by Gahddess_Worship (Osomajestuoso)
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Tyrant of Words
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Slightly shuddering
as the first cold burst
collides with her skin
consequent goose bumps
soon disappear
washed away
by the now warm water
Enlivened she is
by the soothing stream
she sweetly hums
a Puccini aria
as the crystal drops
cascade as if racing
to lovingly saturate
her every curve
A botanical scent
permeates the steamy air
as she lathers
her lustrous hair
appearing as golden straw
in the midst
of billowing white clouds
suds fall onto white shoulders
only to plummet off
the slopes of glistening breasts
She hides her sapphire hued eyes
vigorously scrubbing her face
removing all traces
of yesterday’s makeup
with the soap coated cloth she lingers  
massaging her voluptuous globes
pondering last night’s pleasure
she playfully pinches each nipple
Tenderly she rubs
between her thighs
washing away all vestiges
of her lover’s passion
she bends to scrub her legs
water rolls down her back
flowing into the slightly
parted crevice of her buttocks
pooling in her pucker
before diving to the shower floor
in a splash
Written by Gahddess_Worship (Osomajestuoso)
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Tyrant of Words
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New Ground

It was soft
like the underbelly of
a Beautiful Slug
His fingertips
slide over her
epidermal luster white
blazing a trail
only taking his time
to do it
She writhed and moaned
as another trail
felt from toes to the nape
of her neck
She knew NO more
for he still had to
roll her over
and begin
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Tyrant of Words
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The Weaker Sex?

Anticipation dripped out of His lower extremity
just center of her left and of her right.
Kneeling, she had been poised to field every drop.
She did not cede permission and refused to
remove the tightened tether from His pipe.

Used to her cruelty, He would not make a sound
or even tap out using the safe word agreed upon.
No, this submissive would endure and rebound;
He would take His soul to a place and fall on
the zen meditation He prepared His mind for
prior to her sadistic dominating arrival.

As she prepares to groove His back
with the stainless steel claw He knows;
His thoughts slowly seep through cracks
of His reasons why He loves Her so…..

Unconditionally and in complete submission,
He bends and bows to her every command.
There is no description or omission to the
depth of her fierce love and commitment
and He knows this and Trusts her with His life.
He is owned by her and there is no Heaven
anywhere on earth or space
where He’d rather be!

After she is sated with her lust of
her force and punishing blows
there will come a time of intimate love
and praises for Him for staying strong
and obedient. He knows
and this is the passion they both chose
for one another in their D/s affair.
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Dangerous Mind
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This Is My Problem

These thugs
came in

beaten this
blonde silly

ripped her
clothes off

and drilled
her pussy!

She cried
for help

but they
ignored her!
Written by berea440oh
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Dangerous Mind
Joined 25th June 2015
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My One Obsession

I do believe that my one obsession has
to be to allow myself to get naked
and let the babe in the bath rub my cock brass.

Then, I would let her sit down right on the head
of my dick and ride it while I cup her tits
and blow my breath on her neck without much dread.

And after that, I would let myself to sit
on the rim of the tub and have her suck on
my rod until the cum shoots right out of it.

And let me tell you that I get a hard-on
when I think of it and that's truly no con.
Written by berea440oh
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Tyrant of Words
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My Thong Culprit Has Been Sought and Caught

My thong thief has been sought and caught    
Umm, no average Joe here  
This handsome one had me screaming, moaning, begging, and submitting, as he rode my body into high gear    
After making love to my thong thief until he lost all sense of reality, grunts echoing of his sound    
Thought it would be easy, being in control is always my common ground    
Think again    
This handsome one invented the carnal rule of sexual sins    
He justified all of them in one night    
Had me on my knees confessing unto his fucking justice, until dawn’s early light    
Golden showers as he marked his territory    
To retrieve my thong, I submitted to the eleventh sin of his purgatory    
Surrendered in guilt after I let him snake his family jewels deep in my ass    
Stirring nine inches of hard glory as he hungrily basked    
Could not stand the erotic torture of my mouth    
Withdrew his dick, lifted my legs in the air and invading my wet south    
Had me cumming and cumming a tidal wave in submission    
Doggy style, 69 his favorite thrill, plummeting my pussy over and over again in the military position    
This eager student overindulging the teacher    
Taking the will of my body pass the stars, and then suspending my climax at his leisure    
Begging him to release my pinnacle of ecstasy without a breather    

Persistently fucking me on the floor, in the pool, in the den, on the pool table, and then in the shower    
God help me, I must admit, I became addicted to his dick thrusting tower of power    
Interrogating him had my body in disarray    
Scratches, love bites to his chest as his dick drilled inside my wet pussy as he parlayed    
His mouth coveting my pussy hole, his tongue of pleasure tantalizing as it patrolled    

Arching my back for such a sweet cajole    
Then he climbed over me, ramming his dick inside my mouth, my tongue tasting the essence of my soul    
Releasing his pearly seeds inside    
Demanding I swallow his release down my throat to hide    
A thong raider smooth talking Casanova be that it may    
Fifty Shades of Grey, yet, done in his wicked and dominating way    
Bound wrists, blindfolded, a willing actress in his reality play    
Two bodies feenin without morals for the pleasure of its good    
I relinquished my ice cream, cake, and he ate me like I was food    
Lust filled desires throughout the night, my pussy walls enhacing his mood    
Return my thong now, please    
Then pull it slowly up my legs and pass my knees    

Gliding your tongue slowly up my thighs my thong following pursuit    
Mm, I see you looking and thinking about my exotic juicy fruit    
For the pleasure of getting my thong back you came to please    
Enticing my body, giving into you willing, as you teased    
Your wicked tongue and hard dick as an arsenal as they invaded to appease    

Once inside of me…an action that needs to be certified as you made me cum    
Wait…wait you pulling my thong back down again, throwing me on the bed dipping inside my silken butter rum    
Oh God this feels so good for me to even attempt to run    
Pleasuring me, pleasing me, getting me addicted, straight fucking me until the rise of the sun    
Slipping, dipping, and ramming your dick inside me once again while on my back    
You have me sore in places, for me to even speak or react    
A thong thief to please, a gifted knack, fed me pleasure my body will know when it lacks    
My thong is safety back in my drawer, a sweet undercover testimony from Sweet Kitty Cat    
I knew it was you, the one whose passion stirs my illicit moods    
Providing the feast for my mind’s mental food    
Ladies if this handsome one happens to invade your panty drawer, the blessing cums when you are trying to get them back… très bon    
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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The Stud, The Whore, And Me

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai    
Dubai - United Arab Emirates      
Presidential Suite
Hushed words carried away on gentle winds        
Reminiscences fades over time as a new hard dick slides in        
Hot oil, whip cream, a leather sex swing, blindfolded as our naughty games begins        
Shh, don’t tell, the seduction of my hips while I’m riding on your dick        
Bribing your silence with a tongue to tongue kiss        
That threesome for your birthday I glimpsed from off your wish list        
It’s yours throughout the night by two horny wet clits        
Your hungry mouth sapping the creamy essence of my slit        
She’s between your legs, licking over your balls, and up and down your hard dick        
Extending your palms upward, squeezing my perky tits        
She softy bit my ass        
Her finger traveling inside my tight ass as it thrashed        
Her nostrils, sniffing the crevice between your thighs, your grunts heard throughout as sensations will last        
Your wet tongue climbing inside me deeper        
Her finger wiggling inside my enclosure, pushing it even steeper        
This whore is a fetish keeper        
Wet pussy riding my lover’s flickering tongue        
Galloping with desire, head thrown back pussy juices on the run        
Her lips meeting mine…umm two strikes against one          
Your mouth siphoning as you’re swallowing my butter rum        
Her mouth coercing your pearly release, your eyes closed, I can assume the feeling is better than none        
Jealous my pussy didn’t feel your monstrous cum        
A soft wet tongue roving over my back        
Palming my breasts, kissing my neck like my skin was her duty to attack        
Strapping her dick on, divided my ass, her relentless passion refuse to lack        
Inserted her plastic toy inside me like I was her main whore laying on my back        
Slipping your dick inside        
Dual pleasure from the hungry ride        
You bound my wrists behind my back as you thrust up inside me        
Both genders using my body for the sake of pleasure and victory        
Plastic toy dick in, his hard dick out        
Aiming for my Holy Grail, drippings from my pussy flowing as from a  water spout        
My lover gyrating my hips side to side        
Moans of delight heard throughout our hotel suite, where lust filled bind the ties        
Someone banging on the wall, wishing to join in for the wet slip and slide        
Sex filled the air of the room        
My pussy was the pursuit, for this sexual bride and untamed sexually dominating groom        
This slut rode my ass        
Plastic pleasure inside me as my lover’s dick marinated my pussy to outlast        
Her insertion and his dick sliding inside with a hard thrash        
My juices swooshing with a raging splash        
Holding my hips in place        
Desires of penetration invading the duel space        
I came with an earthmoving shudder        
Her tongue kissed over my back, his dick slicing into my pussy, now soft butter        
Dicks out my canals of grace, satisfied, too wet to rehash        
I flipped her over parted her wet pussy, she did not have to ask      
My tongue was on a selfish mission to eat this sexy bitch’s cunt my tongue licks not to be deterred        
Placed her legs over my shoulders as I lapped at her tasty slit, my contentment to lick her pussy as I purred        
My tongue danced through her fine downy hairs
Hands cupped her buttocks, pulling the scent of her into my mouth, without any cares        
Her soft cries filled my ears screaming at me for her release        
My tongue was her spoon, and her pussy provided the lubrication grease        
She arched her back, her climax was near        
My tongue snaked farther, moans of her surrender greeted my ears        
The taste of her drooled down my chin        
The best night ever as we fed off our wicked passion of sin        
Wait until my birthday stud, a foursome will be its next lust of kin
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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