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Risking all
even the very breath of life
he silently creeps
with feline stealth
into her sacrosanct bed chamber
Foolish acolyte
by his Goddess enchanted
impelled by Eros  
pertinacious in his desire
to lay body and soul
on her naked altar
The heady, earthy odor
of patchouli scented incense
excites his need
to dig deep
into her humid soil
tending to  
her sublime, blush
orchid blossom
Startled by his sudden presence
she is at once perturbed and aroused
by his audacious entrance
his libidinous smile grows
as he sashays to her side
her once indignant expression
softens to reciprocal desire
Running long, painted fingernails
across his bare, sculpted chest
“who summoned you?” she asks
he leans forward and whispers
“Mistress it was your essence
that bid me come
and attend to your needs”
navigating South
resting her hand on the tented fabric
of his loin cloth
she whisper
“ you will do”
She reaches and pulls him to her
kissing him with such force
as to take his breath away
“fill me now” she commands
astonished with her strength
backing away
“wait awhile mistress”
he whispers
sensing that her hunger
would not be satiated
by mere coitus
enthralled by her nakedness
taking time he admires
her voluptuous form
grasping a vial of oil
from atop her bed table
anointing her breasts
with the rose scented unction
gently, with strong hands, kneading
the ripe globes
suckling their erect ruby nipples
His oil saturated hands
paint her torso
continuing on their sensuous
tactile journey
massaging as they go  
tracing the moonlit curves of her hips  
made more brilliant by candlelight
bidding her turn over
he rest his head on her buttocks
so enamored he is by its beauty
Again on her back
he kneels between her thighs
seeing her lush florid portal
by her nectar shimmering
he draws a long stuttered breath
so overcome by the marvelous sight
and made dizzy by her inebriating scent
she giggles as he runs his tongue
across the full length of her folds
a surge of electricity
pulses through her body
as he massages and sucks on her pearl
her screams of ecstasy  
shock the night air
wholly focused  
on giving her profound pleasure
with one hand pressing on her pelvis
he plunges two fingers deep
into her wet pink paradise
her thighs encircle and hold him
with a vise-like grip
as with every thrust
he guides her ever closer
to orgasmic Nirvana
by her fever pitched moans
he knows she is close
under his hand her pelvis  
suddenly shudders
He rushes to kiss her smiling lips
blanketing her body with his
gazing into her still ecstatic eyes
he whispers
“Mistress I must leave you now
soon to come again
when if my Goddess still desires
I will enter in”

Written by Gahddess_Worship (Osomajestuoso)
Published | Edited 30th May 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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