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Image for the poem My Thong Culprit Has Been Sought and Caught

My Thong Culprit Has Been Sought and Caught

My thong thief has been sought and caught    
Umm, no average Joe here  
This handsome one had me screaming, moaning, begging, and submitting, as he rode my body into high gear    
After making love to my thong thief until he lost all sense of reality, grunts echoing of his sound    
Thought it would be easy, being in control is always my common ground    
Think again    
This handsome one invented the carnal rule of sexual sins    
He justified all of them in one night    
Had me on my knees confessing unto his fucking justice, until dawn’s early light    
Golden showers as he marked his territory    
To retrieve my thong, I submitted to the eleventh sin of his purgatory    
Surrendered in guilt after I let him snake his family jewels deep in my ass    
Stirring nine inches of hard glory as he hungrily basked    
Could not stand the erotic torture of my mouth    
Withdrew his dick, lifted my legs in the air and invading my wet south    
Had me cumming and cumming a tidal wave in submission    
Doggy style, 69 his favorite thrill, plummeting my pussy over and over again in the military position    
This eager student overindulging the teacher    
Taking the will of my body pass the stars, and then suspending my climax at his leisure    
Begging him to release my pinnacle of ecstasy without a breather    

Persistently fucking me on the floor, in the pool, in the den, on the pool table, and then in the shower    
God help me, I must admit, I became addicted to his dick thrusting tower of power    
Interrogating him had my body in disarray    
Scratches, love bites to his chest as his dick drilled inside my wet pussy as he parlayed    
His mouth coveting my pussy hole, his tongue of pleasure tantalizing as it patrolled    

Arching my back for such a sweet cajole    
Then he climbed over me, ramming his dick inside my mouth, my tongue tasting the essence of my soul    
Releasing his pearly seeds inside    
Demanding I swallow his release down my throat to hide    
A thong raider smooth talking Casanova be that it may    
Fifty Shades of Grey, yet, done in his wicked and dominating way    
Bound wrists, blindfolded, a willing actress in his reality play    
Two bodies feenin without morals for the pleasure of its good    
I relinquished my ice cream, cake, and he ate me like I was food    
Lust filled desires throughout the night, my pussy walls enhacing his mood    
Return my thong now, please    
Then pull it slowly up my legs and pass my knees    

Gliding your tongue slowly up my thighs my thong following pursuit    
Mm, I see you looking and thinking about my exotic juicy fruit    
For the pleasure of getting my thong back you came to please    
Enticing my body, giving into you willing, as you teased    
Your wicked tongue and hard dick as an arsenal as they invaded to appease    

Once inside of me…an action that needs to be certified as you made me cum    
Wait…wait you pulling my thong back down again, throwing me on the bed dipping inside my silken butter rum    
Oh God this feels so good for me to even attempt to run    
Pleasuring me, pleasing me, getting me addicted, straight fucking me until the rise of the sun    
Slipping, dipping, and ramming your dick inside me once again while on my back    
You have me sore in places, for me to even speak or react    
A thong thief to please, a gifted knack, fed me pleasure my body will know when it lacks    
My thong is safety back in my drawer, a sweet undercover testimony from Sweet Kitty Cat    
I knew it was you, the one whose passion stirs my illicit moods    
Providing the feast for my mind’s mental food    
Ladies if this handsome one happens to invade your panty drawer, the blessing cums when you are trying to get them back… très bon    
Author's Note
A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets.

Gloria Stuart
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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