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Who are they?

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Tyrant of Words
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more than stories

I read books
to hear their stories
to get a picture
just a fraction of a glimmer
the flash of a strobe
no more than that
the barest of scratches
across their surface
and I cry
with knowledge of that minuscule bit
the hell they lived
on the roads they walked
the weight they carried
on body and in spirit
I read books
I can do no more
but by gods, I can do no less
to honor and show respect
for these women with a history  
I can never fully comprehend

Copyright © 2017 FromTheAsh. All Rights Reserved
Written by FromTheAsh
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Dangerous Mind
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My First Lover

My first lover
Influenced me
Like no other
She gave me confidence
She instilled maturity
She demanded respect
My first lover
Was a bit older
Than others
More than just a girlfriend
She was mentor who’d be
A template for all others  
An individual  
A libertine  
An intellect
By far her greatest influence
She instilled within me a dictum  
I’ve appreciated ever since
Respect any woman
Who’s willing to
Have sex with you

Ruminating, no one influenced me
More than that charitable saint
Who relieved me of my virginity
Written by snugglebuck
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Lost Thinker
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Lights & Curtains

In the coming year I felt,
I felt the ocean tides glowing dark
And the storms taunting me from the horizon
Warning me of the future bloodshed, fear, and blackness

"Are you new here?"

Yet the person who taught me to take risks,
To not take myself and life too seriously,
Offered me a lighthouse on shore
A place where I'd belong, a future
Where I knew I'd be content
How hellos turned to two hour talks after school
How nods were turned to hugs
How "hon" turned to "I love you"
And it felt like, for once
I had a genuine father

"I love you, hon. Be safe."

He taught me theatre, acting, directing,
A profession I've intended to pursue
Since 7th grade, the first year I met him,
He gave me a path lit by lanterns
To guide me
He introduced confidence, happiness, the joys
Of friends and a community
He gave me the feeling
Of being normal, a normal teenager
But special

"If you say no in the middle of a scene, that leaves nowhere for the actors to go."

His disappearance brings tears to my eyes
But his words
Will always be inked on my heart,
And his influence
Will continue to be spread from my own lips

"Take the risk."
Written by Foxface
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Dangerous Mind
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Ethics and Principles

It was the summer of 89 I remember,
When I first walked into that room,
Admiring the trophies on the wall,
Looking at pictures of past members.
There was an air of mystery and majesty,
Legendary pomp and circumstance of the past,
I was fifteen, young and impressionable,
It was the place where I’d enhance my craft.
There was pressure from the juniors and seniors,
Pushing of us rookies to try our best,
Soon we’d improve our skills,
But chasing the dream was the true test.
And yet Mrs. D had seen something else in me,
Even if my drumming wasn’t up to par,
From early on she asked me to lead the line,
I didn’t realize it would get us very far.
So I practiced like there was no tomorrow,
Through blisters and calloused hands,
That at the recognition of all the others,
I began to see and understand.
She was more than a teacher, a mentor,
Teaching life lessons from an early age,
If I wanted to be the best I had to grow,
Leading others, on and offstage.

When I left that school there were more trophies,
More pictures, more banners hanging on the wall,
Everything we achieved as a team, what a dream,
I took every lesson to heart no matter how small.
I would often go back and visit,
And see Mrs. D tell the new kids those stories,
I was now amidst old myths and legends,
Symbols she used like allegories.
She was doing it again, developing leaders,
Letting them see the dreams achieved in the past,
Encouraging them, showing them what’s attainable,
Opening their eyes while honing their craft.
After twenty eight years of teaching at the school,
Mrs. D moved on to a new chapter in her career,
Still teaching the same ethics and principles,
That hard work will pay off year after year.
Sometimes when I see my mentor at a competition,
She still has that same smile intense and yet calm,
I feel like a kid again, reliving old memories,
To all of us she became our band mom.

poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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To hear your voice and feel your words when
I was feeling down. Sometimes your existence
Brought me a sense of peace and love. Your
Actions soaring high. You know I have been
On roads far wide, and up, but the distance
Pulled us together along the way. The door
Was wide open and you pushed me to walk
Through it. You are my angel and guiding
Light, always leading me to the right path.
I am in grace, knowing you will not block
My blessings and I am coming out of hiding.
I know I have escaped this world’s wrath
And hells with you right there to pull me out.
It was before you when I did not believe in
Angels or good things, but I stopped investing
My faith into the devil. You threw away doubt
And my self-destruction. You forgive every sin
While keeping the world from continuously testing
My patience and every one of my beliefs. You make
The sun weep and the moon laugh. You twist, turn,
And shape the darkness to make it fit into the light.
You patch the tears, pieces, scrapes and every break.
Like Usher said in his song, you “gotta let it burn.”
We cannot let it ride us into the darkest part of the night.
Written by eswaller
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poet Anonymous

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Lost Thinker
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Thank you for the competition! Congratulations eswaller for first place :)

Dangerous Mind
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I appreciate being a part of this competition. Congratulations to Foxface. And thanks Tigresse for hosting.

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