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Poet Introduction

Write at night, you begin a fight, that sees all kinds of inner light. Stories told, they then unfold, to reach inside and bring out Hyde.

Favorite Poets/Writers

Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Edgar allen Poe

About Me

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It is said that the best comedians are borne from tragedy, either at home or growing up in an outside world fraught with challenges and various personal demons. The same holds true for the literary realm.

Ryan M. Becker combines his acerbic wit and Sahara-dry sense of humor to tell poetic stories that ring true based on events that molded his life. What we as the readers fully sense throughout his seminal effort, Euphoric Wonderland, is that his well-placed sarcasm is truly the product of his life lived to date.

In a perfect blend of the harder times, particularly the doctor-induced chemical cocktails, one experiencing such issues knows that he is reaching out to them; throwing a lifeline which will hopefully serve to put a smile on a stranger’s face just long enough to take a break from their rigorous and all too often painfully–affected daily lives.

With pathos, simpatico, powerful innuendo and an unabashed straight forward style, Ryan hits a home run with the bases loaded.