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Evolutionís Sacred Reservoir

Archangel Uriel have you spoken to Archangel Michael, we are being called home
The last time that happened the Creator flooded Earth from the habitants of the Nephilimís casing hell on Earth on to once again attempting to claim the Heavenly throne
This time around, the seven seals has not been broken, yet
Revelations tribulations from the Second Coming of The Most High will be felt
Something about the rapture and souls on earth needing to atone
Now that the portals are closed for any rebellion against Luciferís Demons professing in Yahwehís name
For civilization it's a shame
For the righteous' souls who are prayed up
Minus that communion and benediction in His name from the Holy Grail Cup
Hindered eyes, lost knowledge, and denouncement of faith
The wages of sin is death
No universal rewards shall be given our wisdom to your third eye placed
As a divine Archangel, I covet humanity even if you do not believe
Your spiritual being encased upon your ascension

I am the whisperer behind chaos, propelling for to have unseen faith as the parable of the mustard seed
Archangel Raphael, we have been patrolling realms since the beginning of time, helping in the assist of the need
There is no other Garden of Eden, where you can get a Crown of Glory
Ancient wings and the salvation to help someone through their purgatory
Yes, our sacred scrolls are the oath of our spiritual stories

Following that light on earth it has the rewards for an infinite home
Yeah, professing in lust, a deadly sin to Heaven and denouncing the Creatorís convent to atone
Man, I was doing fine keeping the portals open bringing the floods and the rain
A time to cleanse the earth from manís systemic murder and pain
Now this
Archangel Gabriele, has advised all Heavenly Angels to keep an eye out for his Earth Angel daughter
Her only mission when we declare war is for her to bless over the troubled waters

Archangel Michael shadows her, that is his fate
You ever seen those two on opposite ends of the globe trying to balance their enlightenment of equate
Each Archangel wanted that assignment
Her Mother, who is the Supreme Angel, ordained and appointed Michael
And from centuries that is how that went

There is a King of Kingís feast
Before the trumpets roars where the demons and fallen ones We shall meet
That last battle between Archangel Michael and that abhorrent Beast
Caused the tribulation of Fallen Angels sent that Dragon straight to hell
From my observation, this 3-D realm is a dimension of the misfits some even have hidden tails
This domain keeps dying without causes then wonder why they are denied the afterlife as a gift
We see what you see not, when a wicked the soulís path always leading them back to the darken abyss
The meaning of life, mortals have not gotten the concept of the Golden Rule
It is to live for others, it is sanctioned by the divine laws to be kind, not cruel

The feeling one has after doing something great
That renewed feeling for Karma to bless you in the storms of your own determined fate
There really are some great souls marooned on earth as one may know
In the absence of malice thy will to bathe their temple in that everlasting glow
Resurrection of a cosmic rebirth
The Spirit separates from Soul come first

We cradle your soul as soon as the last exhale has been breathed
Judgment Day, where a life speaks of its downtrodden existence or given the wings of Heavenly reprieve
When is that second rapture due to take place
Once all the Heavenly Angeles are assembled at the sound of Archangel Gabrieleís horn heard among every race
We declare war under the Thone of Grace
Under Archangel Michael, his army once again
 From Heaven to the depth of the sea, we battle against mankind, his machines, and for the righteous one who are feather tied and swimming in cesspool of manmade sins

May The Heavens Have Mercy
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
The name ďUrielĒ is derived from the Hebrew אוּרִיאֵל, which means ďGod is my light.Ē
In biblical literature, Uriel is considered the angel of wisdom. He illuminates the path for those seeking knowledge, solutions, or guidance.
Uriel is often depicted carrying a book or scroll, symbolizing wisdom and divine truth.

Uriel is recognized as:
A seraph or cherub.
The regent of the sun and the flame of God.
The angel of the divine presence.
The presider over Tartarus (hell).
An archangel of salvation.
(cited 02-19-24)

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