Liberty, Equality and Fraternity in Britain? Not a snowflake in Hell's chance!

By Stanley Collymore  
The former French President  
Nicolas Sarkozy was aptly    
criminally investigated,  
charged; tried in court, properly    
convicted, and promptly jailed    
for his proven malfeasance in    
public office; in distinctively,  
simple terminology actually    
corruption. And it distinctly    
all occurred within France,  
a key EU member country.  
However, simply nothing    
of the kind - and actually    
I'm essentially referring    
to lawfully tackling, the  
so significantly corrupt    
politicians, their vilely    
unsurprisingly; rather    
likeminded, distinctly    
relentlessly, criminal    
and privileged elites.  
That contagiously infest the    
entire complement of the    
UK's  sick establishment,  
including its supposed    
forces laughably of law and order    
that entail the police; the Crown    
Prosecution Service, the circuit    
of unaccountable magistrates;  
and likewise too, the judiciary    
and similarly,  the hereditary    
fixated Middle Ages outlook  
plus outmoded counterpart    
equivalent, which the lot of    
them very sycophantically,    
vilely hobnob with or else  
either kow tow to; would    
even scarcely so happen  
In this United Kingdom  
or now in Brexit Britain.    
For with all of these largely    
white, wholly repugnant    
and stupidly ingrained    
charlatans it's straightforwardly  
for them all a basically routine    
matter of naturally scratching    
each other's backs, while also    
pre-emptively ensuring, that    
each accusation against any  
of them, will actually never,    
ever get off the ground far  
less so carry any influence    
whatsoever were there to  
be, in their collective and    
totally self-serving case a  
most unfortunate leak of  
any, harmful allegations.  
Yet these are crucially the    
same visibly privileged    
but distinctly corrupt    
morons keenly aided and abetted  
by Britain's serially brainwashed,  
discernibly lowlife,  distinctively    
manifestly and unquestionably    
intellectually challenged quite    
unaware of their endemically    
instilled stupidity, plebeians;  
who laughably claim the UK    
to be, a prominent country  
of impartial justice, shared  
equality and naturally law    
and order. Really? Exactly    
who're they trying to kid?  
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
5 October 2021.  
Author's Remarks:  
Every regulatory body in the UK is without exception comprised of quangos, or whatever else you might feel like calling them, whose members are not democratically elected or publicly accountable but are in essence consisting of members whose positions are wholly attributable to the worst aspects of cronyism, nepotism, the old boys and old girls public schools network, fixated social climbing addicts who'd literally do anything, even criminal, to attain their self-serving ambitions, notwithstanding their visible incompatibility with such appointments, and likewise most palpably their demonstrable lack of the requisite skills, competence, integrity and the required expertise and experience needed; or, for that matter, any knowledge regarding the positions they're after or actually hold, far less so the basic IQ to properly function in the roles they've been given.  
None of that matters though as the deeply ingrained and egregious inequalities of Britain's entrenched class system itself reinforced by the plethora of gullible, brainwashed, intellectually challenged and clearly braindead participants, wholly ensure that this pernicious class system atop of which luxuriously and arrogantly sits an outmoded, hubristically entitled, grotesquely privileged and hereditary Middle Ages mindset monarchy and its extended dysfunctional family members, is firmly kept in situ simply in order to retain, perpetuate and actively self acquire for these brownnosing acolytes to the British monarchical system the totally meaningless - other than to these kinds of pathetic Britons, their Useful Idiots, and specifically their expatriate kith and kin in places like genocidally and barbarically stolen attendant with the utterly sick, twisted and delusional notions of Terra nuliius countries like Australia; New Zealand, and with the  diminishing numbers of those who in their younger days were assiduously unceasing casting couch hopping, expatriate British sluts then, and still are, but old aged cows - and my apologies to that mammal - quite diminishingly so currently are, of the odious ilk of JOAN COLLINS, living in the USA; yet are still inured sycophants to the British monarchical mafia family and their asinine peddling in the 21st Century of meaningless to anyone with a functioning brain and knows how to properly use it gongs and titles, actually convinces these intellectually challenged prats that such ludicrous activities will be the most distinctive personal achievements or awareness in their discernibly meaningless lives.  
These British quangos were never intended to, or are they ever as presently constituted going to address the relevant issues like inequality, racism, xenophobia or widespread malfeasance in public office corruption throughout Britain, since such moral issues were never and still aren't their remit; and it's hard to believe they'd have the slightest indication how to positively go about rectifying such purposeful and inimical activities anyway!  
For instance, are we ever going to see the Charities Commission condescend to let alone properly, morally and objectively investigate the dodgy and criminally infected activities surrounding Charles Windsor's purported charities? Or more likely will it be a case of dishonestly, corruptly, disingenuously and lyingly firmly sweeping these under the carpet while mouthing scripted platitudes to the public, firmly in the belief that as time goes on and nothing is done either by them or the police, and a sycophantic UK press and media resolutely refuses to do what any impartial media should and press for an honest resolution to Charles Windsor's dodgy dealings, that you the dimwits, as they all perceive you rightly to be, will forget the whole thing and pretend none of it ever happened.  
Or for that matter the Press Council ever morally tackling the toxic and deliberate incitement by far right and Nazi press and the likemided electronic media in the UK to horrendous acts of racism, xenophobia and hate crimes? Or the Crown Prosecution Service, Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police even going through the motions much less so seriously investigate the rampant paedophilia which they know of within the UK but principally exists in the hierarchy of Britain's wealthy but so-called Christian churches and the country's monarchical family? Don't hold your breath on any of this as it'll never happen! After all these high officials, their spouses and even their constant lovers have readily and fervently bought into Britain's entrenched class system and certainly aren't willing to do anything remotely moral, constructively conscionable or even legal that will, as they self-servingly see it, jeopardize their hopeful prospects, if they keep mum, of getting their much cherished titles or gongs from these immoral and criminal, hereditary perpetrators!  
Which brings me to the point of this poem and its comments following Nicolas Sarkozy's conviction. We know that the current Tory regime aided and abetted by Keir Starmer's Labtories want to entice drivers from the EU they claim to despise to come to Britain and help out with the crisis that Brexit created and in many other spheres of interest is crucially exacerbating. No chance!  
But in the wake of Nicolas Sarkozy's trial and conviction, something that would never have happened if he was British and had done exactly the same things in the UK, as the overwhelming majority of snouts in the troughs British politicians, senior civil servants, and quango members do, why don't intelligent Britons, of whom there are still some even though their total is fast diminishing in numbers, campaign to have those same French judges seconded to Britain to sort out the absolute shower of ineffectual prats who call themselves judges and law and order officials in the UK?  
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