More royal experts? How about retraining them as HGV drivers? Delivery crisis solved!

By Stanley Collymore

Brexiteer scum and royalist
brownnosers in absolute  
meltdown! These toxic
lowlifes temporarily  
aside let's never forget that this is
the same Windsor family and its  
demented sycophants that quite  
visibly, openly protect Andrew  
and undeniably modllycoddle  
Charles over his significantly  
distinctly dodgy plus clearly  
longstanding, and corrupt,
criminally operating bogus  
charities instead of forcing  
a clearly morally deficient  
Charles Windsor, together  
with an aptly likeminded  
sibling Andy, to basically  
and rather conscionably  
do the honourable thing.  

But crucially significantly, if
there's precisely one thing
that the Windsor family ,
coupled with their very devoted,
royalist; social-climbing; inured
class-fixated sycophants,  and
the thoroughly delusional so-  
called royal experts, diffused  
among them rather literally  
can't stand is anything that  
absolutely draws pertinent
attention, to the then very  
deliberately induced, and  
similarly too, egregiously  
inflicted on, her the very  
hateful misery endured  
by a notably young and  
clearly innocent, Diana.  

Intentionally so at the hands
of her manifestly humanly
pathetic, callous; serially  
adulterous, and clearly  
for certainty a most pathological  
liar for a husband Charles, who  
disgustingly married her, even  
though he was fundamentally  
well aware that he wasn't the  
very least bit emotionally, or
romantically, in love; with a  
young knowingly innocent  
and trusting Diana that he
similarly knew, he'd never  
ever have, such romantic  
feelings for but wanted a
proven virgin, to provide  
his egotistical legitimate  
royal heirs and children  
that he actually couldn't  
trust the slapper that he  
Charles, was addictively  
shagging with to rather  
realistically,  or morally  
truly furnish him with!

Leaving this very young lady,  
Diana Spencer at the hands  
of the disreputable family  
that she rather naively and clearly  
so unfortunately for her married  
into. A horrendously evil, rather  
characteristically, distinctively  
self-serving, and publicly also  
a most vilely, disingenuously  
criminally disposed notably  
mafia styled Klan that very
literally and rather nastily  
callously, and maliciously  
stripped the undeniably  
in her wariness Princess  
Diana, of every element  
of genuine respect and  
dignity, which she had!

Then collaboratively as now  
being essentially distinctly  
surplus to requisite royal  
requirements, naturally murdered
Diana! And rather safely so! Since  
in brownnosing Britain, from the  
top of this perceptibly, insidious  
shit house that's very laughably  
still called the United Kingdom  
to the distinctively, verminous  
toxic sewer - which it putridly  
straddles over; an hereditary  
entity, such as the Windsors  
knew, and singularly still do,
which in crucially ingrained  
also decidedly class ridden,
gullibly brainwashed,  and  
instinctively, sycophantic,
Britain; they will  forever,
absolutely get away with  
whatever they are quite  
criminally and similarly,
immorally really doing.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
8 October 2021.

Author's Remarks:
Clearly delusional Britons don't want to see and hear the truth. Well the truth hurts sometimes, and that's a fact!

The British monarchy, its extended dysfunctional and criminally disposed family is not perfect, nor ever was, as all you class obsessed and subservient, brownnosing sycophants of all classes throughout the entirety of the UK like to rather asininely portray them as.

In fact, they're essentially fake to the core of their similarly human existence! More privileged, as they always were, although not on account of any noticeable intellectual acumen, outstanding ability, demonstrative skills or meritorious morality - in fact none of these commendable qualities, and what they've graspingly purloined, callously and maliciously power hungrily acquired or have been routinely, ongoingly and idiotically given, in terms of the taxpayers millions for example, is all as a consequence of the risible concept instigated and reinforced, even in this the 21st Century, through their sheer accident of birth.  

And frankly, they are as relevant in a modern, meritocratic, supposedly equal or a genuine democratic society and country as having strippers and pole dancers at the religious inauguration of a new Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury.

That said, with all the rampant cases of paedophilia and sexual abuse rather painstakingly documented throughout both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, coupled with the plethora of others assiduously and dishonestly covered up by these ludicrously purported representatives of God, the presence of strippers and pole dancers at either or both of the aforementioned inaugurations mentioned won't be wholly out of order I would imagine.

And shows how much these religious institutions actually have in common with your precious British hereditary monarchical family. Clearly bearing in mind that because it's not at all dis-established from the self-evidently English secular state, whoever does happen to be the monarch of England automatically becomes as well the Head of the Church of England. Food for thought as to why Andrew, the Queen's second and favourite son, is being treated so leniently and even uncaringly of his odious conduct by all the requisite British authorities  - secular as well religious - and likewise including the surfeit of royalist sycophants: media, press and public alike, relative to crucially and distinctly serious USA sex abuse allegations levelled against him and which he and the aforesaid supporters have either very actively or passively encouraged Andrew in his distinctly, noticeably and dismissively arrogant condescensention of these so distinctively and quite markedly contrasted with Andy's well known and documented close association with the entrenched and serial paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his likeminded enthusiastic, sex trafficker enabler Ghislaine Maxwell!

When his mother dies, assuming he outlives her and there's no guarantee of that happening, Charles Windsor won't just be the monarch of the UK, if this clearly outdated relic of an institution really persists, he will also be Head of the Church of England. As a distinctively life long and devout member of the the Anglican Church: High Church C of E to those of you who haven't a clue as to what I'm talking about, and who has played every part in the church that I cared to; here's a few of them: altar boy, server, Communicant, Sunday School teacher, chorister, lay reader and a God Parent  multiple times, I couldn't resist shaking my head in mirth and utter disbelief at the very notion of Charles or his older son William becoming Head of the Church of England.

Rampant and quite serial adultery is a very toxic and entrenched disease throughout the entirety of the the British monarchical family. And either these people, in tandem with all those that run secular Britain which laughably calls itself a Christian country, either don't know of or else demonstrably and patronizingly couldn't care a fig about the Seventh Commandment.

Thou shalt not commit adultery. And to have serial adulterer Charles and his similarly bed hopping older son William as prospective Heads of the Church of England, while also taking Charles' close 30 year friendship with Jimmy Savile and equally his rather similarly longstanding relationship with Bishop Peter Ball who Charles tried his best not to have convicted, and both of these men: Jimmy Savile and Peter Ball,  unquestionably paedophiles, speaks volumes of Charles Windsor's own moral turpitude!

And when one factors into the equation that British PMs like Boris Kemal/Johnson whose own lack of moral rectitude makes the activities of sewer rats look especially endearing, have the legal authority to appoint bishops, other senior members of the Church of England clergy and even the Archbishop of Canterbury to their respective posts, even God Almighty must be falling about Himself with laughter as I do!

Finally,  when I was in junior school in Barbados, the Barbados Government and Parliament with the overwhelming popular support and approval of  the Barbadian public and voters dis-established the Anglican Church there, the most dominant Christian church in a predominantly Christian country, and which was similarly interlinked with the state of Barbados as the Church of England is with the political and morarichal institutions in Britain.  As such the Anglican Church in Barbados became fully independent and likewise too its complement Anglican churches throughout CARICOM. And church attendance already high has, as a result, significantly increased, as religious beliefs they logically and intelligently argue, is all about faith in God and not mammon!

What churchgoers in Britain, a fast diminishing lot, do about the Church of England is a matter for them as I ceased worshipping in all British churches, even when I'm lengthily in the UK, back in the 1980s when I  moved to Germany. But Britain should take an example out the Barbados' book - a country that England has had a 396 years standing continuous relationship with since 1625 but which, on Barbados' part, is about to be permanently severed on the 30 November 2021 when we ditch the British monarchy and become the Republic of Barbados - as that might be very advisable.

For if the very likelihood of Britain actually having Charles or William as monarch of the UK wasn't rather awful enough in itself, having either of them as Head of the Church of England would in my frank and very unapologetically, objective assessment be the actual equivalent of appointing a Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein, Peter Ball or a Ghislaine Maxwell type to a body or organisation purportedly committed to the welfare of abused children or the enforced, sexually trafficked.

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