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Image for the poem The Playboy Centerfold

The Playboy Centerfold

I walked past the newspaper stand today  
In my awaiting, looking at all the magazines and to my dismay  
I saw a sexy diva looking back at me  
Mm... I wonder does she know how many times  
Men’s palm will pull and tug to her face until they deplete  
Ahh... she’s not all that  
All you need for adventures... hum… that sounds to me like a kitty cat  

Out of boredom and curiosity I bought the magazine and opened it  
I removed the clear plastic covering thinking I would wrap it later and give it to my lover as a gift  
After I see if the pictures would make my man hard enough to get me some dick  
Wow... a layout of nothing by Creole things gap open on an array of silken sheets  
Surrounded by toys of pure pleasure to heighten the sexual craving after the initial greet  
I began to read this centerfold’s story  
All the moan and groans from the narrative in the name of ecstasy’s glory  
I think I will read in silence to see what she has and if I have it to  
Oh my… what words of carnal depravity when giving a handsome man his nightly due…  
Since I was in line, I quickly thumbed through to get to the juicy part  
To see why some men hid this passion of reading this magazine in the dark  
“Seductively his passion stains reside”  
Mm... I like this already purchase it still I could not decide  
Savoring my taste, my craving, my yearns, I’m addicted to his thrusting in and out glide  
It feels so good when his hands roam over my supple skin  
Once naked in the sight of his hard stance he’s my weakest sin  
My thighs parting, my palm overlaying his.. I needed the calling of this bliss  
Easing his girth past my soft folds, my creamy secretions welcoming him inside  
Legs enclosed his back, my pussy walls gloving his size from the tightness  
Mm... I love the anticipation in the domination of his sinking glide  
Oh baby…parting my pussy over and over real wide  
Palming my perky breasts, with a quick kiss to the tip  
Then outlining the contour of my curvaceous hips  
His two fingers, sliding down, meandering farther down into my awaiting paradise, compressing the lips of my clit  
Sandwiching the width on his dick then joining his digits inside my slit  
Reality kissing the desires for what it may seem  
He’s the captain rocking my ocean, slithering his finger deeper inside my wet cream  
Feening for his touch as I taste the lust seeping inside me from the core of his soul  
My mind, my body he has, his digit and arousal ramming, jamming, my pussy gyrating with a hunger, moving out of control  
His naked desires unraveling me, rapture echoing my delighted screams  
To my lips he tastes of my smear, stopping my quivering spills in mid-stream  
He suddenly withdraws... flipping me over, pushes me forward bending me to my knees  
Spreading my buttocks for his ultimate, sending my mind to the moon lick and to my clit a tease  
For his tongue lashes, playing the cadence melody of my body as he wickedly please  
Loving the twisting of his tongue when it’s tugging in and out deep in my ass  
Then lifting me up, my feet circling his neck, planted kisses to the wet opening of my love nest, then the tongue tip thrash  
Oh, sweet mercy what an addictive feeing he has awoken  
Mm... is all the words spoken  
My body widened, wet, and opened  
Slapping my butt cheeks  
Reversing backward when his tongue is in heat... oh God... my hands from the rapture scrunching those sheets  
Turning me over  
His erection for my slicken opening the helmet tip fishing  
Nipping at his chest, cat scratches, loving the slipping, humping, the deep in and out dipping    
His harden girth sinking my womanhood, suctioning his juices, mmm my womanhood drinking while his dick is slipping    
Flipping me over, his throne I sit upon, saturated in his crime    
His tongue striking the opening of my pussy, my trickles pouring onto his lips like sweet wine  
A surge of passion he’s bringing, satisfying me, panting, breathless to speech    
Pulling my face downward sealing my lips after begging for the release of his raging needs  
Scooting backwards, inching up, easing my cunt down the hardness of his promise to get mine from the appease    
Hips gripped, hammering his pulsating girth inside my sugar walls tight fit  
Finding my lips, wetting everything in its wake, loving the plummeting elongation of his manly drift    
Pulling my body down to his    
His manly legs wrapping around    
Buttocks palmed, cheeks smashed to his groin, gyrating all up in my butter rum crown  
Sliding deeper into the wetness of my abyss, in and out, holding it, then pounding his hard and long sticks  
Draining, pussy raining stealing all my pussy cream  
His dick parting me ever wider, our mingling juices fusing, oh sweet mercy, is this his or my wet dream  
Turning the page.. oh a night like this any woman would have it made  
My nipples at this moment needed a hot mouth  
Kissing under my chin, to the soft side of my neck.. whispered words in my ear making me even wetter no doubt  
Then dragging his finger down to tease the lust in me from reading to savor the flavor of my wet South  
Too bad I could not finger myself in public  
The man behind me who smells so nice, I would love to be his intimate uplift, giving him an eyeful then the feel of my slit  
“Ma’am are you going to purchase that magazine since you opened it before buying.”  
To say no, I will only be lying  
I walked away, moistened below  
Excuse me.. miss…    
I turned around  
It was the handsome man behind me, mm… well what do you know  
Yes… I noticed you were reading  
My fingers crossed, an expensive hotel down the street…hopefully, its where this conversation was leading  
Oh yes, I bought this edition for… a friend who needed cheering up during such peril times  
I’m here in New York on business would you like to join me in my hotel suite down the street, for a glass of wine  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 31st Aug 2022
Author's Note
The poetry and transgression that was so much of surrealism's anarchic force has been recruited into mainstream culture. It has been made commonplace by television and magazine merchandising, by computer games and Internet visuals, by film and MTV, by the fashion shoot.

Graham Joyce
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