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A Darkling Prince is Born

Unsure pitter-patter of musings and ruminations bounce like impotent pebbles off of my stone resting chambers. I swat them away easily as a horse tail swishes flies. In the deep recesses of mother Earth, I lie still as the granite walls keeping watch over me, cold as the marble sarcophagus I slumber in.

Up from the depths of sorrow and despair, hunger rises like a leviathan, drawn up from the dark void by the strong rhythmic drumming of a lust-filled heart. Reaching through the veil, I spin a silent web of seduction, singing an open invitation into the night. Sudden awareness of my imminent rising, sends a shock wave of deep yearning vibrating through my prey's very core, quickening him.

My eyes flutter open in curious delight when my nostrils scent the smokey desire of a newly fallen dark Angel, irreverently approaching my domain. By the grace of my maker, the queen of air and darkness, I fully awaken. My mistress the moon, reveals with her glorious rising, a great wild stag, arrogant and proud, begging to be broken.

Plunging my fangs into taut sweat slicked flesh, I tap the sacred Fount. Pure primal pleasure! Coppery honey fillls my mouth, and I draw long and deep of the well, swallowing slowly to savor each salty drop of mortal elixir.

Flowing into me, this red river's current carries its sources thoughts, experiences and emotions. Seizing hold of his soul, I explore the labyrinth of a gloriously twisted mind that hovers in the anteroom between the realms of life and death.

Fascinating! What a delectable assortment of darkness and desire, generously seasoned with an unquenchable lust for destruction. I drink deeply from the pool of his madness. His darkness swirls through me like hell smoke. A tempest in me rises as I swallow his every deviant desire. Rich rage, decadent lust, succulent fear. Thoughts of violence and sex intermingled. Out of this wicked heart flows delicious depravities.
A powerful avalanche of yearning I have never before known steals over me, stilling my heart and sending convulsions deep into my belly, turning my loins into liquid fire. I break my self sworn vow, when I break the seal of my mouth before my victim's final heartbeat thuds in my ears. Sliding my tongue over what should have been his death wound, I seal the punctures with a swirl, and catch the last few precious drops of my undoing.

He stands transfixed, still as death, yet stirred to turgid Life by my immortal beauty. Behold lover, the glory of my might! Power everlasting, perfect starlit night.

I take him into my body, and I use a different set of fangs entirely, to suck from him his living Waters. He feeds at my bleeding breast, feasting greedily on the fruit of knowledge.

Blood and seed mingle. A darkling Prince is born this night.
Written by GypsySoul86
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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