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I'm Mike and I love to write poetry, but my goal is to write an entire book. I have always been into things that are other worldly, if that makes sense. I'm sure it does to most of you. My writing is either dark or philosophical or both

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About Myself
I am not a stereotypical anything. not a stereotypical man, not a stereotypical engineer not a stereotypical biker not a stereotypical christian I choose to remain different from other people. I see a society going in the completely wrong direction and I do not want to be a part of that herd.
I am not a religious man. I believe religion has been one of the biggest sources of confusion, hatred. war and bigotry ever imposed on this planet. i believe that there is an all powerful being who created everything and at one point reached out to us in the form of a Man. I do not believe there is a single church on this planet that emulates that Man. So my religion basically boils down to love and kindness. I do not have a favorite race. I will treat a black man the same as I will treat a white man. Racism is hatred. What I am prejudice against is this, any man or woman that that would hurt an innocent person.
My politic is simply freedom. There is a huge number of humans on this planet that simply just want to be enslaved and wish that on everyone else. i will fight to the death against anyone or thing who tries to steal my freedom from me.
My favorite subject to read is philosophy and history. i have a deep longing to understand my own being and purpose here. To understand the mind and spirit of man and God. I have also spent countless hours studying the bible, psychology, physics metaphysics and various other things. I believe people need to read more and watch less. My goal is to at last write a book. My first book will be on deception. In the mean time I enjoy writing poetry and songs.
My favorite music is heavy Metal although I have been known to listen to anything from classical to outlaw country. I try not to do mindless things like watching a lot of TV. Facebook is also a snare and I have spent too much time there.
my favorite pastime is lifting weights, riding my Harley and I love being in the woods and alone in nature. I love my little dog.
My deepest desire is having a friend or friends that understand me and resonate with my soul. Just a few words about me.

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The Hunt by GypsySoul86
Claim Your Prize by GypsySoul86
A Darkling Prince is Born by GypsySoul86
Finrod Felagund by AaronBraveHeart (Boyana Popova)
Deadline by WeesusMadimas (Weesus Madimas)

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