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Image for the poem Softly Appeasing Him Behind The Curtains of His Soul

Softly Appeasing Him Behind The Curtains of His Soul

Shedding the meaning of clothes, lust consuming our naked desires    
Carnal lust, passion fueling the flames hotter than fire          
The moon is full at the stroke of midnight            
Soft lush of silken bodies mating in flight            
Tasting his hunger of wet desires for me from off his lips            
Mm… licking his dewy fingers, as he slips them in and out my soaking abyss            
Sniffing my insatiable appetite found between my golden brown thighs            
My body I give unto you, a sacrifice under the nightly majestic blue skies            
Come unto me and feast off my cravings to please            
Dropping the bulk of his stature to his knees            
Oh God yes, parting my salvation to appease            
His tongue slithering inside the wetness of me      
Mmm... bringing waves of slithers as it clit pleases            
Fingering me, then tasting my creamy pleasure            
Dipping his oral fixation deeper into my drippings of my poetic treasure            
Oh yes…yes            
Linking my legs around his neck            
Kisses adoring the pinkish opening of my slit, my inner thighs, my sacred mound            
Back arched, his head pushed back down            
Palming the glory of his crown            
Granting unto the calling as his tongue twirls inside my pussy like a merry-go-round            
Oh…yes… yes... stay… right there            
The tip of my tongue swiping over my nipple, clenching the short strands of his hair            
Daring him not to move as I heave my pussy hole in the air            
Oh…sweet mercy…Oh God… please don’t stop            
Pussy pulsating, his tongue got this trickling dam on lock baby come on and make this cherry pop            
Pelvic gyrating            
A river of drools pouring, his mouth salivating            
Closing my eyes his tongue deeper and deeper patrolling, the tip marinating              
Breasts sandwiched, spine curved  to the cove of ecstasy peaks            
Up and down, his face meets          
Silken enclosure as his tongue plunders upon the greet            
The soft gourmet taste of me, your tongue craving of its palate’s feast            
Moans to the skies, his head ringing side to side            
Palming my hips, his face and my yoni collide            
Uplifting, hungered grip in each tipping dip            
Up on his feet, sweeten pussy juices smelling of me            
Kissing my lips, transferring the honey taste to my tongue with ease            
Shooting inside his hard and throbbing elongation            
Groaning from the wet and tight hesitation  
Width invasion, loving his thrusting rejuvenation          
His head thrown back, legs twined, my soft body, cushioning for the hard pushing            
My nails raking across his back, natures entangled, milking his pearly row          
Mm… and there his eruption blows            
The juices of my creamy essence oiling            
His manhood throbbing, pulsating and roaring            
My walls, clenching, bursting, and then pouring            
His girth deeply thrusting inside my wet Kryptonite            
Palming his gluteus, draining his weakness with all my might            
Mm… letting the crest go            
His Kingdom cum floating into my butter rum coating flow      
Submissive moans, yielding grunts            
Still humping, sliding deeper into my wet cunt            
Back to back… loving recourse            
Souls engaging, unified echoes screaming, needing more            
Whew... drained, satisfied            
My pussy hairs glistening,  locked in his arms, whispered assurances before the silent goodbyes            
Departing before the morning dew christening of the sunrise            
Sedated bodies coming back down            
Quietly as we came, resonances reminisce of our whispered sounds
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Mm… the letters ‘S/T' stands for the sweetest temptation, and that he is... sweet mercy what a handsome teaser

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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