God is the Creator But He DOESN'T Create Directly

God is the Creator but He uses MOTHERS (and fathers) to do the work of creating each generation.
He could create each individual Himself WITHOUT parents.
But that would be "labor intensive" for Him.
I mean it would be needless effort, even wasteful you could say.
Using parents to do the work definitely shows WISDOM on God's part.
This confirms the Bible which says "God created the world thru His wisdom"(Psalms 104.24; 136.5; Proverbs 3.19; Jeremiah 10.12; 51.15).
But this extends to God creating life. His methodology demonstrates wisdom.

But just how did God create all the species??!!
Thru the use of parents - something like parents.
I mean, He used the first species to be like a parent to the second species!!
 And the second lifeform served as parent to the third, and so on !!
 God is pretty smart, you have to admit !!
At the same time that males and females of any species are busy producing babies(copies of themselves),
they also have a second job on the side - they generate new species.
I'm talking about the big picture - over billions of years.
Genesis 1.20-21 confirms this WISDOM of God (the use of one species to create another).
For in verses 20-21 God commands Nature ("the waters") to "bring forth..the moving creature that has life..after their kind."
But at the same time the word  "abundantly" is used ( in the KJV) to convey that a great number,  a great variety, of species were created.
So there we have it.
Mere parenthood of one's own kind was used by God to do MORE than reproduce according to kind.
 For new species came forth "abundantly."

Verse 24 has a similar message: God commands the earth to "bring forth the living creature according to kind," namely "cattle."
 But in addition NEW species show up: "the creeping thing and the beast of the field."
 The implication is that the earliest creatures gave rise to later ones !!
Reproducing according to kind certainly is the norm but instead of being the case 100% of the time, its true only 99.999% of the time - something like that.
The other fraction of the time - that's where God arranges for mutations etc to take place.

Yes, if God uses evolution as His means for creating new species,
and we then fight evolution, aren't we unwittingly fighting God !!

Finally, in order for the "days" of "Creation Week" to accomodate evolution, they have to be interpreted as eons, rather than 24-hour days.
This is where Paul the apostle rides to the rescue.
He writes about the creation of the universe happening
 in the timespan of "aionos" (see Hebrews 11.3 in the Greek). Whereas the KJV reads, "By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God..,"
the new improved translation goes like this:
"By faith we understand that THE EONS were framed by the Word of God.." !!
That use of the Greek term "aionos" (from which the English word "eon" deprives)
is all we need to "put aside" the simplicity of six 24-hour days for Creation Week.
For Paul writes, "when I was a child, i thought as a child,
but when I became a man, I put away childish things"(1 Corinthians 13.11).

But its not enuff to expand the time frames of the "6 days" into billions of years.
We have to update the creation
 EVENTS in those days/eons !!
For vegetation in day 3 can't dwell in darkness of the night for eons of time.
 For the sun is not created til Day 4.
Yes, the main event in Day 3 has to be made compatible with the BBT, the Big Bang Theory.
For "General Revelation" is meant to help interpret "Special Revelation," ie, the Bible.
And General Revelation refers to the study of Nature, ie, SCIENCE(Romans 1.19-20).
For thats what science is, the study of Nature.
And science in the form of astronomy says that the Big Bang occurred at the beginning of time. Anyway, according to the BBT galaxy formation came right after the Big Bang (which was followed by Inflation).
Day 1= the Big Bang ("Let there be light!! And there was light !!" verse 3.)
Day 2 = Inflation, ie the super expansion of the baby universe.("God created an EXPANSE..")
So now comes the creating of galaxies in Day 3.
How can we find THAT in "the receding of the waters" and "the emerging of dry ground."
 Very easily !! For if the high points of the land emerge first, what does that convey?
The creating of islands !! And what are galaxies, if not "islands in the seas of space," (in the words of Herschel the 17th century astronomist) ? 
 What Biblical basis do we have for turning islands into galaxies ?
 Well, Ecclesiastes 12.5 refers to the blossoming of the almond tree.
But we are to see the tree top all in white and interpret it as the head of a person growing old.
For the theme of the passage is old age. It's written in code, so to speak.
There we have the basis for what I do with Day 3 in Genesis 1. Whoever thought Ecclesiastes could be helpful with Genesis 1 ??!!

PS: People complain that evolution supposedly happens "gradually in small changes" yet animals appear in the fossil record as fully formed bears or what have you.
 No halfway creatures.
Well, the answer is simple.
The small changes occur on the level of genes accumulating but NOT being "expressed."
 Once all the genes are present, only then does the switch get pulled - activating the creation of whatever new organ is ordained by God.
The accumulating of genes might take a thousand generations.
But it goes unnoticed, for it happens below the surface.
My point is that it IS gradual and in small steps.
Written by joegracegrace (Joe Grace)
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