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A dictator will "make war on the saints [the Christian nations],gain power over every nation," (Revelation 13.7).This conquest implies world war. Yes, NUCLEAR war would explain "sudden destruction" at Rapture(1 Thessalonians 4.16-5.3)

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I like Keats, Yeats, William Blake,Hebrew poetry (because it's nonryhming.It is symmetry-centric).

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I believe the Second Coming of Christ will "destroy the Wicked One"(2 Thessalonians 2.8). He is also the Antichrist, Gog,the King of the North,the Beast, the Man of Sin, the Destroyer.
      He takes over the world thru nuclear attack on USA. (Then Christ takes the world back from him.) We read that "the Beast" will "make war against the saints (Christian nations) and will overcome them"(Revelation 13.7). Then it says, "the Beast" will gain "power over every tribe, tongue and nation" - the whole world.

To sum it up, he will make war to conquer the world.So what kind of war would fit here? World war. But "world war" is synonymous with nuclear war! So the message is that nuclear war (Russian Attack) lies ahead! No wonder "the Wicked One" is called the Destroyer ("the Son of Destruction", 2 Thessalonians 2.3) !!

For there's nothing more destructive than all-out nuclear war. After Russia bombs the USA and overruns Western (and Eastern) Europe, then Russia and the Arabs (and Europe) invade little Israel. Then Christ Appears (as Light, Zechariah 14.7) over Jerusalem ("the Mt of Olives", Zechariah 14.1-4)in order to take the world back. How?

When Christ appears, there will be Russian troops invading Israel. So His Appearing naturally effects them.  They switch sides, going over to Christ's side, a la Saul(Acts 9.3).This switch is implied by the verses about them mutinying(Ezekiel 38.21; Zechariah 14.13). Then Christ sends them home "to the nations[they came from]" Russia, etc. To "proclaim God's glory"(Isaiah 66.19). Revolution follows, Gorbachev (now succeeded by Putin) the Antichrist is overthrown! (The surprising part about this is that mankind has a part to play in the salvation of mankind. Christ doesn't "hog" the glory. He shares it with humanity.)

NOW FOR THE RAPTURE. It occurs when "sudden destruction" (Russian Attack) takes place(1 Thessalonians 4.16-17; 5.3). For the Rapture in 4.17 and the "sudden destruction" in 5.3 are only 3 verses apart. The sudden destruction KILLS people. Souls always depart at death. So that is the context of the Rapture: MASS DEATH.  Plenty of unsaved souls will exit at the same time as the saved souls (Matthew 13.47-50).

But only Christians and Jews will be ushered into heaven.(And "honorary" Christians: people who don't consider themselves believers but God does, people who are self-sacrificial like Christ, out of a sense of "agape" love. "Greater love has no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends," (John 15.13).Those that have it, their place in heaven is secure.)

The Rapture will be limited to those who are in the areas where the "sudden destruction" takes place. So people in South America won't be going up. For they are not going to get bombed by Russia.Ditto for Africa.China and most of Russia will escape unbombed. So "saved souls" there won't be going up in the Rapture.
South Koreans WILL get raptured as N Korea bombs the south at the same time that Russia hits the USA. Hopefully,prayerfully, China won't bomb Taiwan.(China gets ready to go to war with Russia because China will hate it when Russia robs China of its 2 top trading partners, America and Europe !! But Christ's Appearing prevents that super war from occurring, "for the sake of the Church" (Matthew 24.22), ie the believers in China, Russia.

NOW FOR THE TRIBULATION. Russia will rule for only "5 months"(Rev 9.5,10), a very short time(Matthew 24.22). That's a big improvement. Daniel 7.25 says the Beast will reign for "3 1/2 years" but Christ said he would "shorten" the time(Mt 24.22). That's why I pick the "5 months"(Rev 9.5,10) as the real length of the Tribulation Period. Tanks are used by armies of occupation.That's what the Tribulation in Europe will be, a time of nations being occupied, rather than people getting killed. Verse 6 sounds like a time of occupation. For it says, "Men will seek death but will not find it."

The "locusts" whose sides "make the sound of war chariots running to battle"(Revelation 9.9) = Russian battle tanks,used for the occupation of Europe. For tanks are the modern day equivalent of war chariots of ancient times.

I had thought in terms of PENTECOST in late May 2018.
With the 5 months of Tribulation finishing up in October 2018 (Feast of Tabernacles).But when Pentecost passed, I thought in terms of June 26 2018 as the Time of the Rapture. And the start of the Tribulation. For June 26 is the anniversary of the Supreme Court legalizing GAY MARRIAGE !! If God wants to show His displeasure at that decision, with homosexuality in general, one way to do it would be to have something happen on that date!!! Nuclear War would be the worst thing imaginable.
But June 26 passed peacefully.

I have returned to the feast of PENTACOST. -- of 2023 !!
But what is so special about. PENTACOST?? Well there are 3 holy feast times each year in which all adult males were to assemble at the Temple.
They were (1)PASSOVER (2)PENTECOST (3) TABERNACLES (Deuteronomy 16.16).
Plus there were 3 rituals performed by the high priest on YOM KIPPUR.
It turns out that the SYMBOLISM of the first ritual was fulfilled on the first of the big 3 feast times, Passover !! On that basis we can assert that the 2nd ritual should be fulfilled when?? At the time of the 2nd of the big feast times: PENTECOST !! The symbolism of that 2nd ritual is suggestive of the RAPTURE.
On that basis, we have reason to hope that the Rapture will occur at PENTECOST of some year !! (And the 3rd ritual should be fulfilled at the 3rd feast time. Namely Tabernacles. It symbolizes the Second Coming defeating the Antichrist. What's nice is that Pentecost and Tabernacles are 5 months apart. And Revelation 9.5, 10 gives "5 months" as the length of the Tribulation !! So there is a complete agreement between the theory of the connection of the 3 feast times and the 3 rituals of Yom Kippur on the one hand, and the length of the Tribulation on the other hand !!

I had thought of TABERNACLES as the time of the RAPTURE (and RUSSIANATTACK). So Pentacost (30 AD) was the opening of Church Age and TABERNACLES will be the closing of Church Age (the close of the TRIB). This makes the CHURCH AGE a macro version of agricultural season which opens with Pent and closes with Tab !!. From PC to Tab = about 21 weeks !! Well doesn't that mimick the 21 centuries between first Christian PC and Tab coming in October of 2021 ??!! Or vice versa. Also, Tab= largest HOLOCAUST of 199 animals sacrificed( slaughtered!!) Numbers 29.12-38.
So Tabernacles (or Pentecost) seems a fitting time for the sacrifice of 199 million souls at the RAPTURE. (199 M is just a guess on my part. THIS is first time i have thought of 199 as possibly  applying to the millions killed at time of RAPTURE.This very hour is very first time !!)

Here is the sequence of events:
The RAPTURE occurs as Russia bombs the USA, takes Europe(Daniel 7.8) and then invades Israel.Then Christ will Appear over Jerusalem (Zechariah 14.1-4).Seeing the Living Light (verse 7), the Russian soldiers in Israel will react like Saul of Tarsus(Acts 9.3). They will switch sides, becoming Christ's own army !!! He sends them back home (Isaiah 66.19) to "proclaim God's glory" meaning the Light of Christ which they will have become eye witnesses of right before that.Traveling back to Russia and proclaiming the message may take a month.
Then Power builds til revolution against old man Putin occurs. He will have no one to obey his orders (Daniel 11.45).He'll have all the tanks, missiles, bombs, but nobody to operate that equipment !!! Think of the irony: one side has the weapons while the other side just supernatural light.Yet that side will win..."In that day the LORD will be King of (all)the Earth.There will be one Lord, His name shall be one"(Zech 14.9). Yes, the whole world will convert to Christianity due to that single day.So we can say that Christ Himself will fulfill the Great Commission !! Right now there are two billion Christians out of a global population of 7 billion.
But the other 5 billion will be converted at the same time. So don't belittle the Second Coming !! Without the Second Coming the Antichrist would succeed in destroying the Church(his goal). So all the work accomplished by the First Coming would be destroyed.So the Second Coming is just as important as the First, if not more so.

The Church Age (due to the fulfilling of the Great Commission) = macrocosmic version of the agricultural season -- a harvest season for souls.
From Pentecost to Tabernacles = around 21 weeks. That agricultural season is a microcosm of the Church Age.
For there are 21 centuries between AD 30 (Cross of Christ) and 2021 (Second Coming of Christ ??!!)  

Christ comes to "destroy those that destroy the Earth"(Revelation  11.18).    
Gorbachev's launching nuclear war on America,  and 3 nations of Western Europe(Daniel 7.8),  would certainly fulfill the part about "destroy (part of) the Earth".  
Again, Zechariah 14 is about the Second Coming. The global observing of the feast of Tabernacles, from then onward, (Zech. 14.16) may point to Tab as the time of the Second Coming.

WHY 2023 MAY BE THE YEAR: Christ spoke of ONE "generation" (Luke 21.32), but TWO generations are meant, DOUBLE the number that Christ spoke of. The first generation covered by "this generation" ran from 30 AD (date of the crucifixion) over to 70 AD (the date of the fulfilling of the judgment upon the Jews for their rejection of Christ, which rejection resulted in the crucifixion).

But a whole OTHER generation covers the period in which runs from (a) 1948, (the time in which the Jews get their land back (described as "the end of the times [of rule by] the Gentiles")(Luke 21.24) ) over to (b) the time in which "the [man-made] stars will fall"(Matthew 24.29), in terms of nuclear warheads falling, then exploding into fireballs.

This later "generation" should be 70 years long - because the 40 year generation (1948 to 1988) has come and gone. If we take 1948 and add 70 to it, we arrive at 2018. But we can use 1950 instead of 1948 !! Explanation follows: The "joining of the two sticks"(Ezekiel 37.16-22) was fulfilled in 1950 !! That's when the Jews (the Israeli gov't) accepted the SAMARITANS as Israelites, the remnant of the 10 Northern tribes.

Actually, Ezekiel 37.13-14's words about skeleton-thin Jews returning to Israel, "becoming [part of] a great army" were fulfilled in 1946-48 when Holocaust survivors began traveling to "Palestine," eventually becoming "20% of the Israeli army" of the 1948 war of independence.

That Ezekiel 37 is set in the 1940s, depicting the Holocaust's two groups of Jews,(1)the ones killed(the "dry bones" left over after incineration) and (2)the rail-thin survivors, is proven by the fulfilling of the "joining of the two sticks"(37.16-22). For the Samaritans (the 10 northern tribes) were accepted in 1949-1950.By Supreme Court and/or Knesset(parliament). So we can actually use 1950 as our starting point !! 1950 + 70 years brings us to 2020 !! But 2020 has passed But 2021, 2022 were  extensions of 2020, so I thought 2021 or2022 should be IT !! But I forgot to factor into the equation this requirement: the River EUPHRATES has to dry up !! Yes, we read that "1/3 of men will die" at a particular "hour and a day"(Revelation 9.14-15). Then we combine that with Rev.16.12 which says "the EUPHRATES will dry up." The conclusion to draw is this: the Rapture and Russian Attack will occur when that RIVER dries up. For the part about "a third of men dying" in the target country (the USA, of course) will be fulfilled in those terms: Russian attack. (Sorry about the bad news).

BUILD A STOCK PILE: if you live  in the US away from a big city (at least 25 miles away, and NOT downwind), you should survive. So stock up on water,batteries,canned food.The electric grid will be gone. So buy batteries for flashlights, etc. Your car won't run.(Unless you disconnect the battery. Some people are saying that will MAKE A DIFFERENCE !! YES!!)  Also, buy a bike ahead of time.Buy foreign currency. For US dollars will become worthless once the capital represented by our big cities is gone.
I suggest Australian dollars. You can always convert back to American dollars after the new valuation, probably 2 cents on the dollar.So it will take 50 post-war dollars to equal the value of today's dollar.You won't lose anything if you buy foreign currency now and then nothing happens (the Russian attack doesn't come). For you could always buy US dollars. But the war WILL COME eventually. So GO AHEAD AND BUY FOREIGN CURRENCY now, while you can!

I have finally put up my videos about the Russia/Rapture connection onto YouTube. So just look under joe

A "sign" was given in October, 2016. A sign as to when the worst day in human history will occur, the day of Russian Attack. For I read that "40 million Russians" evacuated all the major Russian cities between Oct 4 and Oct 7th, 2016 !!! That's huge !! It has never happened before. It was part of a Civil Defense exercise, practice for what to do in the event of nuclear war !!! It's a sign that Russian Attack is coming soon !!!
PUTIN will get overthrown, ironically, by the Russian troops that will invade Israel. When Christ Appears to them they go over to His side, as in Acts 9.3. Who knew that Christ's Appearing to Saul would serve as the template for the Second Coming ??

Nostradamus speaks of the third Antichrist having a war that lasts "27 years." Now if we think of his statement sort of like an anagram, this lets us modify it like this: instead of a war lasting 27 years, the message may be that 27 years pass, THEN the war comes.
The Cold War "ended" with, you could say, the resignation of Gorbachev at the end of December 1991. So Gorbachev's "war" of deception(his resignation =the deception) began with 1992 and 27 years brings us up to 2019. (So Nostradamus was off by just a couple of years). Apparently, Nostradamus  knew way back in the 1500s approximately when the Russian Attack would come - He points to 2019!! But it comes in 2023 instead. 2019 is still pretty impressive if you ask me.
Wow !!!
Since 2012, America has been ripe for plucking. I mean we disarmed to the level that the Kremlin was hoping for.Our nuclear arsenal is now so small that Russia can destroy ALL of it.

Evidence Pointing to 2012 or 2021 ( an anagram for 2012):
the 1290th year (Daniel 12.11-12) basically HAS TO = 1967. For that's when the liberation of the wailing wall occurred in the "Six Days War."
So the 1335 years (called "1335 days") would mean 1967 plus 45 years, bringing us to 2012.
But nothing happened. (1290 + 45 =1335).
So 2012 is not the year of the Russian Attack (and Rapture),rather it is the first year in  which that war is possible. I mean the condition was met for the first time..
2012 is the first year in which America has come down below the threshold of 1300 warheads. Carried on missiles carried by our 8 subs at sea.
Russia finally has us where they want us.

Russia can shoot down 1300 warheads and up until 2012 we had more than that number.
But now we are at 1,120 warheads on our 8 subs at sea.
Daniel the prophet couldn't give us the year of the attack, just the first year in which it can happen.
The big question is this: If Russia can now hit America without getting hit back, why haven't they done so ??!!
They can now do it with impunity !!!! What are they waiting for ??!!

Well 2012 turned out to be WRONG. But - BUT - 2021 = an anagram for 2012 !! So maybe we should take 2012 as an anagram for 2021 !! So 2021 =  the true message in Daniel 12 ??

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