Far Away

You offer me protection and you make it seem so easy.
All I have to do is let go, you'll take care of the rest.
Like I can take shelter in you,
Pull your skin over my shoulders to keep me warm,
Tuck my head under your skull to keep me safe
And let you circle my heart with your hands to keep me whole.

But I know how fast a cradle and turn into a vice,
And I know how fast a good man can turn into a bad man
Because bad men look like good men,
And my heart is no safer in your hands than it would be in your mouth.
In your mouth where you could take a bite and swallow me down,
And I already feel as though Iím fighting my way up out of your throat.

You tell me that I need you, convince me its true,
ďLook how much I've done for you,Ē you say. ďWhere would you be without me?Ē
Youíve dug into my life like it was your job
Tunnels running deep and crisscrossing under my skin,
No structural integrity, youíve got no integrity at all,
And now my body feels as though it could cave in at any second.

You ask me where I would be without you.
I tell you far away.
Far away from you and your shovels.
Far away where you hands canít reach me and the inside of your mouth is a distant memory.

I wonít let you take me from me.
I wonít let you be who I am becoming,
I am too much to be held in your hands.
You canít fit me into one bite,
And if you canít get me in one then you wonít get me at all.

Because, I refuse to shrink myself down to something you can fit in your pocket.
I am not a toy, Iím not your pet.
I donít need your hand in mine to cross a street, and Iíll cross state lines all on my own if it means leaving you behind.

Rip out your heart and offer it to me.
It wonít prove that you love me.
Just that you donít even blink when thereís blood on your hands.
You can drop to your knees, promise me forever and ever,
Swear that youíll put me first, keep me safe.
And I will walk away.
Because Iíve still got two legs underneath me
And nothing you say will keep them from running.
Written by FlowerChild (L i v)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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