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Waking up out of the drunken state of last night
With a massive hangover and a foggy recollection
Of what took place
Only feeling the satisfaction of the wetness that was stained dried to my legs and sheets
Replaying bits and pieces of the sexual tryst in my pounding head
Trying to make sense of what had transpired
Knowing that this was out of character even for me to have sex with a stranger and to address him only by
Peeping Tom.
Even though this out of the blue, exciting liaison was bringing my somewhat boring life into the existence that it needed,
I couldn’t let this continue, or could I?
As I was gathering my thoughts and preparing myself for the day ahead,
I knew that I had to march next door hell bent on standing my ground
To put Mr. Peeping Tom in his place and let him know that everything
About yesterday wasn’t me
I had to get in front of this
Hell, I don’t even know what this is
But I knew that this couldn’t happen again
Making sure not to go near the window or to open my blinds,
I took extra care to getting dress to make sure that my looked
Was professional with a hint of mystery
Only to remind myself the mystery was gone after yesterday’s rendezvous
As I gathered my thoughts and rehearsed what I was going to say,
I was jolted out of this fog that has clouded my head, as I knocked on his door
He opened the door with nothing on by a hardon and a smile
With no shamed just the proudness of his manhood that was greeting me
I tried to remain in control of the situation, but my nipples sprung like it was spring
And they were flowers that were blooming in Spring
My pussy was starting a forest fire as the sap from my pussy was seeping through this tiny laced G-string which was its covering
Still trying to stay composed, I reach out my hand to introduce myself
Him with his manly voice says, “I think it’s a little too late for introductions
Besides,  I am loving this mysterious communication that our bodies are having with each other without us even saying a word"
With that, he guides me to my knees and guides his manhood towards my lips
As my mind is telling me no, my mouth has parted and in goes his cock
Tantalizing my taste buds  as if chocolate and cream is all that it craves
His hands guiding my head as he slowly pumped, his chocolate manhood in my mouth
At one pointed getting his humongous dick and his balls in my mouth at one time
Only  for me to gag from his dominance,
He then eased it to where his pleasure matched the pleasure in which he wanted my mouth to receive
Removing his cock from my mouth, I spit the wetness from my mouth onto the head of his dick
As I massage it in my hands, I trailed my tongue down to his balls  
Where I slowly sucked his balls into my mouth one at a time and then inhaling them both
Letting them roll around on my tongue only to remove them with the wetness of my saliva dripping onto the floor
From the sounds coming from his mouth, I could tell he was enjoying every minute of it
Working my mouth and hands back up to the head, I begin sucking it until
He blows his wad over my face as I try to lick his delicious cream from my lips
Stabling himself and pulling me up from my knees he tenderly kisses me
As he wipes his cum from my face
And straightens my clothes and guides me into the kitchen
Where he sits me down at the table
He said now that you have had your coffee and cream
I will make you breakfast
After we ate breakfast, he walks me to the door
He passionately kisses me and said that the front door
Will be open and dinner will be waiting once you get off work
With a note that read: It’s my pleasure to meet you TOM.
Written by micki49 (Alicia Young)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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