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Still shivering from the afterglow of what just transpired
I jumped back into the shower to get started on my day
While at work, my daydreaming of my neighbor “Mr. Peeping Tom”,
Has me twirling my pen and fidgeting around in my chair
Making it impossible to concentrate on the task at hand
Which are the reports that are due at the end of day
I get a knock on my office door
“Come in”, I call out
Your 10 o’clock is here
Not looking up from my work or can I say not wanting to come out of this wonderful daydream
Here he walks into my office, Mr. Peeping Tom, the subject of my wanting desire
As I try to compose myself,
He settles into the chair
As I look out at him, our eyes lock and a devilish grin is plastered on his
Handsome face
My inner self is commanding me to take charge of the situation and not to let
Mr. Peeping Tom see me sweat
I mean at least not at work
My mouth is dry, and I can’t find my words
I can’t find my voice
Only the wetness that’s forming in between my thighs
I can’t excuse myself because I am so weak at the knees
What an awkward situation to find myself in
I slowly take in a deep breath and exhale
I do these two more times
I have finally gained my composure
Looking over the documents that required my signature
He never said a word
Just a chuckle as he showed his pearly whites, licked his lips as to mimic the movements from this morning’s tryst
Never to divulge his name
As he stood and received the signed documents
From my trembling hands
Damn am I being punked?
How could this be, for my Peeping Tom neighbor, to enter my office
For he has already invaded my mind and
My body
Now he is invading my place of work
How am I going to erase this tall dark handsome drink of CROWN ROYAL from my mind, my lips, my tits, and my growing wetter and wetter cunt
As I fight against this ever-growing battle that is in my head?
Forgetting all sense of time, my telephone rings
They’re waiting for you in Conference Room 10
Shaking myself back to the here and present
I gather my reports and proceed to the conference room
I begin my presentation demanding all eyes to be on me
(Cursing my inner self for not showing this dominance when I needed her in my office when being ambushed by Mr. Peeping Tom)
Just like always the presentation was a success
Afterwards, I informed my employees that I would be taking the rest of
The day off
Because my mind and body were exhausted from today’s excitement
I go to my favorite eating spot
I order a bottle of Red Mascoto
Before my meal had come, I had drink three glasses without realizing
I devour my meal as I finished my bottle of wine
I call for my driver to pick me up
Knowing that this wine has gotten the best of me
The driver leads me from the car into the house
As he lays me into bed
Once he has seen to my safety
He proceeds to leave the house locking the door behind
The wine that I had drunk at the restaurant mixed with the thoughts of
This morning’s rendezvous’ in my head has stirred the excitement of my sweat nectar
Building up inside I begin to pull out my g-vibe to release this pressure
Not realizing that my driver had let Mr. Peeping Tom inside as he was leaving out
He grabs hold of my hands and bound me to my bed
He slowly inserts his tongue in my mouth
Tongue fucking it as if it was the nectar of my sweat essence
His hands palming my titties
As he rubs my nipples against the palms of his hand
Making them stand to his will and commands
Only to pinch my nipples until I squealed to his delight
Who knew that such pain would cause me so much pleasure?
As he kisses his way down to my thighs,
He turns the vibrator on full speed as he touches my clitoris
With the vibration of the toy as he continues trailing his tongue
Up and down my thighs
Only to bury the tip of his nose on my very sensitive clit
As he inserts his finger into my river which is ever flowing
Being so delicate as he finds the treasure that he was searching for
My delicate pearl
Taking great care to apply just enough pressure to start a tsunami
That made his fingers sink deeper into my wanting black hole
He then removed his fingers and sucked my nectar from his fingers
Only to remove them as he grabs his massive cock
Pulling and tugging as to reward it for not submitting to its own will
He slaps my aching pussy with his gorgeous dick
Teasing my juicy opening with only the head
In and out
Out and in
Slapping my pussy as to punish it for being naughty
Using my pussy muscles, I try to suck his cock head forcefully
Inside of me
Only for him to remove it but not before he inserted himself balls deep inside of my wanting peach
To hear me yell in sheer pleasure
Then to remove his pleasure tool from the wetness of my hungry
To slide his sticky covered dick up my stomach to rest in between my enormous breast
Taking my breast and forming a hole where he fucked my titties with
Intense passion
Until he was at the brink of orgasm
Tugging on his balls as he slides his cum soaked dick
Into my open mouth
To choke my cries of ecstasy
As he fucks my juices as they mix with his juices down
My throat
As he yells out in his own ecstasy
Until he has emptied out his tasty load
Removing his dick from my mouth
He reaches down and kisses my cummed filled mouth
Tasting our essence as he unties my hands
While disappearing into the night only to leave me
Fast asleep
With a note reading : That you should end your night the way your morning began
Signed Your Peeping Tom.
Written by micki49 (Alicia Young)
Author's Note
I have gotten so caught up in this fantasy that I dont want it to end........ The more I write about my Peeping Tom the more the intensity is building inside of my erotic mind. Should I continue with...
I have gotten so caught up in this fantasy that I dont want it to end........ The more I write about my Peeping Tom the more the intensity is building inside of my erotic mind. Should I continue with this and see where it ends?
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