Omnipotent Journey

Is it age that has me turn aside,  
to think twice because the  
turmoil in my life is nothing new.  

This time around itís  
different news or seems to be,  
though bitter onslaughtí chill  
and words are all the same.  

Before Iím overwhelmed  
this time, I know what I must do,  
and I wonít be alone.  

From those who try to hold me back  
with lists they need for me to fill.  

From shouts that try to blame their  
wants and woes so hard it seems  
the earth will free-fall from its spin  
ó I soon walk out the door.  

Thereís nothing to prepare my rout.  
Iíve all I need for this.  
With coat and gloves and shoes  
and hat, Iím down the stairs.  

Already Iíve a smile that isnít seen  
but felt within my lightened heart  
as deeper in the woods I go,  

where neither voicesí drone  
nor storm can reach.  
Itís all I want to know.  

Each rapid step I take for minutes  
passing till Iíve lost the count,  
and now donít even bother.  

It must be like the crane that  
takes to wing and lets its instinct  
be compass and navigator,  

leaving me as only motion.  
What is my instinct?  

I stop to look up through the trees  
With tiny rippling stars in sight.  
The worldís at rest.  

The cold and crisp of winterís air  
surrounds me and the sentinels.  

Iíve long forgotten where I laid  
the broadsword I never used.  

I didnít need it then  
nor do I need it now.  

Though deep in darkest night,  
the words that I am hearing  
come to me more clearly  
are of myself.  

I feel Iím reacquainting  
with a friend.  

Iíll stay here for a while to think,  
while curious brave the cold,  
peering from foliage and drifts.  

I hardly know how  
or why Iíll be all right.  

As winter makes amends,  
I promise Him Iím doing this  
for only me, I wonít forget again.  
Author's Note
Inspired by "Journey"
by Mary Oliver
Entered in the competition ďBoneĒ (in tribute of nature poet Mary Oliver), with Ahavati.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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