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#NoPoo † for Gabriel † Book two †-Invictus-

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let me explain #NoPoo:  

there are no rules.

we invite members to post a string of poetries: 5, 10, 20, 50 and upwards. there are poets whoíve managed over 180 heading to a goal of 365.  much respect there, peoples

post as you please here. Book one attracted 41k views plus and itís upwards of 1400 posts.

anyhow, Iíd love to see a bit more of his guitar work if anyone has any

 thank you, you are all beautiful peoples

Guardian of Shadows
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Dreams And Fallen Leaves

I sauntered in the old place
Looking about for that familiar
Thrice I had screamed


wind whistled through the old windows
Dust despair
filling this old soul
Drops from the cherry tree
pound the roof
Echoes of Her
 living proof

"Whatchya doing buddy,write anything new?"
"Sure did Mum,something for You"

Silent those strings
no songs heard here
Just my shuffle and the flowing tear
the images
Remembering lineage
I am the ghost in the hall
Watching leaves
Their color
Her color
the hue
Spirit of love
the one giving me
Where was She
this house
these rooms
Cannot stay
Turning around to make escape
I stopped
knowing exactly what She'd say

"with you always,this you know"
"You are of my skin,carry my glow"
"Magic stays even with You"
"Footsteps,in snow"
"your colors within"
"Touches ,the visiting kin"
"The amble of your carry"
"To loves that are very"
"The way You go on"
"The perpetual Mothers son"

Knowing that and making my leave
I walk out the door spoke to trees
I am that
Waking, being
living and dream
Written by souladareatease
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Shadows of Rebirth

Vice like grip of shadowy vines
curl around my weeping soul
holding me back from rites
to soothe and console
this mourning spirit
for they spirited away, my beloved

On the banks of the eternal river
Clad in white, billowing in the wind
On the wrong side of forever
Eyes feasting on what might have been
and the fogs close and cover
The third eye now gone

I wait, my beloved
to live this life
through, and wait
for the breath
of you
to again grace
my embrace
Come, beloved stranger.

(an old write-rededication)

poet Anonymous

Grace said:Celebrating Soul.

Beautiful. I did find this photo in amongst my emails today. Been looking through it all laughing, smiling, crying. Iím sure he wouldnít mind if I shared it.

Gabe was just one of those people that could calm me down. And I donít know if people have noticed... but Iím kind of a freight train most of the time But he had a way about him where he could take me right down a few levels and talk about things methodically. And that was his superpower. And I miss that terribly.

And that was the entire basis of our friendship. This back and forth of good days and bad days between us. And just like Eamonn said, if I show half the strength he did when faced with that illness, then thatís all I could hope for.

I donít think Iíd of pulled myself through that period of recovery without him. And between 2 friends, I will always be thankful to him for that.

Iíll stop now. Just needed to vent that on the six month. ☀️

Tyrant of Words
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the unknowing of loneliness.

 † †
† †  
i am but a single rose † †
my thorns plague † †
up and down my spine † †  
constant scarring,† †
twist and curve †  
into a dangerous beauty † †
† †  
when closely a look, † †  
to laugh † †
of such †  
devious petals † †
that serve †  
as secret conceal † †
† †  
'Tis you †  
and me † †
 and oursó † †
Yes, † †  
ours † †  
† †  
is mutual sunshine † †
mixed of an earthly divine † †
sparking and igniting † †
a lonely vine † †
as together with you, † †  
now two † †
† †  
only. for. you. † †
† †  
i shall climb, † †  
with petals extended † †
my unfurled reaching out † †
to such heavens high † †
and softy, † †
† †  
so very softy † †
† †  
a very unlikely two, † †
unusual †  
and new to bloom † †
in wonderment- † †
O' how the wonderment † †
of all we knew to be true, † †
combine in new warmth † †
of perpetual sunshine † †
and now, † †
in all purpose apparent † †
we are but two roses
††    united and always. † †
† †  
† †  
† †  
† †  
† †  
† †  
Written by Bluevelvete
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I went back and reread the entire #Nopoo book one and relished in all the absolutely marvelous art, poetry and staggering emotional offerings. The talent within those pages slays me and it is my honour and privilege to be partaker in, in a wee small way. Eamonn wrote a post shortly after Soul's passing that asked of anyone reading to maybe celebrate life some, in general.... this poem is a rededication to that sentiment that I was inspired by then and again now.

{Dear Soul, thank you for helping me find (and continue to find) my poetic voice in such a moving and profound way.....<3 }

poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

Fire of Insight
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Come The Strawberry Harvest


It was right there on the tip of his tongue
kissing lemon with some little tart
a stone pathway, pushcart town
awaiting strawberry festival

juicy and succulent drips mix in pitcher
cool of ice lavished with suckle
so sweet She is dribbling my chin
this my friend, tis a wonderful lil town

local oxen trot with goods
waves from wares drawing interest
sky blue crockery, clay-fired cups
sown sights, given sounds from local artists

evening combs and lanterns glow
smiles produce glint with laughter
soft is this way for country-fried towns
where hands once again touch, respect, love

Written by souladareatease
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what i loved most about soul was he didn't care about who you were or what background you came fromóif you had something to say he heard you, he often checked in on me through PM's saying "hey young punk you're being awfully quiet over there, not causing trouble are you?" in all honesty it made me chuckle, he was the bigger punk and i was the young punk, he cared a lot for DU members and always made time for people, he's an incredible writer he once shared a contribution after a six word story comp i did  saying " That's My contribution above six word BB .. that came right after writing the two for your comp  .... I waffled... I wasn't but figured ... fuck it, send it to Ya anyways " he always knew how to make people chuckle and put a smile on your face he even spoke about spring coming, how flowers would be sprouting and his writes would become a little lighter and a little more "pansy" as he would say, so i want to share the short poem contribution and one of my favourite writes by soul in remembrance of that and hopefully he won't mind me sharing a bit of pansy on his thread

here's to you bigger punk
from a younger punk
you are truly missed

poet Anonymous


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Are You there

was it in a time when I lived
there perhaps in a cycle of life
in another place another time
through gauzy walls hands reaching in
I want to be where we are
or were, a time parallel

poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

Tyrant of Words
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it's about the aftermath

Twisted, is this web
where fear becomes of comfort
and faith masquerades in solid

Unnoticed with eyes sewn shut
as avoidance hugs it's arms
enshrouding my shriveled husk
with embarrassing procrastination

A better person
hears "for shame" ringing
while naked and unafraid
Where 'shut in by force'
morphs into a very willing imprisonment

Yet I just oblivious bask
in the complacency
of my delusional own doing
I pile on top of metaphorical pile
the security of aloneness, routine
birthing an emotional hoarder,
where locked in safety
becomes silent acceptance

while I...

quietly slip through the cracks

#Nopoo (for yesterday)  #188

Tyrant of Words
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Straight Talk Live (Food For Thought-Mental Clothing You)

I closed my eyes and rested my mind on top of the moon
As I looked up into the darkness of the skies
A place where you are one within the universe devoid of mental gloom
I realized I was not alone
Traces of my past and my present footsteps embedded
Oh God, I continue to pray for an answer, where are we headed

I ask the Lord how strife continues to exist when we are here to spiritual atone
How could this uncertainty of life perplex us to ask where we truly belong
A figment of the imagination, yet to our eyes, the birds sing its morning songs
When my soul waits patiently upon earth for the keys to eternity
A place where man rules like a beast with his heart
Shredding life forces day by day unto death of his vessel departs

The doctrine of an ugly creed only brings heartache, and festers old wounds to bleed
Is this by Heaven designs
An image made of spiritual enlighten, given to women by the enclosure of his side
A Creator who allows gently hands to rock the cradle
Behind school desks, authoritarians labeling our kids, disavowing of their mindís free will
Open your mouth you little disruptive bastard here is your magic pill
Homes without food for our generational babies to eat
I hear the anger calling from out the slums, the ghettoes as it rings out to the mean streets

Thank goodness, help is on the way
Wait a minuteÖ. hold upÖ I tell you Iím the victim
Detained, now checking the pedigree behind my slave name
Oh, this feel like way back when, deprived civil rights happening all over again
Will the color of my skin ever win
Zombified existence prowling off man made drugs
More respect given to the lairs, killers, and the thugs

I inhaled the vast planets unseen
A beautiful paradise fit for Kings and Queens
An earth ordained for living by time to occupy, North, South, East, West
American Dreams we adopt to the confinements of our space
Documented by the constitution not for every race, until amended
Are you still offended
Politics to fit anyoneís mental drift
Once you sift through, hoping your presence will be counted for
Be advised itís just propaganda bullshit

Electoral votes
Hoping it will not be in vain from you waiting out in Autumnís cold
Secret societies
Bill Gates and his depopulation
Vaccinations predisposed notions, soon to be a ID2020 revelation
Moorish man asked to be the sacrificial lamb
Yes, ask the Tuskegee men and how their Syphilis felt
Denied treatment, died and the gravesite is what their contribution was dealt

BLM marches still asking why
Hooded agendas
Needed the rage fueled for how times once was
Once I open my mind, heart, the window to my Chakras allows me to finally exhale
Dealing with the worldís offerings is like taking a slice of hell
I rather go hungry
Yet, one must always thirst for knowledge, wisdom, maintain serenity
To survive lifeís indemnities

Does it really matter how our anointing comes
Rare intellects will always find comfort as they think as one
I slowly descend off the mountain of the most high
The moon I bow unto as my soul gradually unwinds
My mind much clearer as seeing for the first time
Mental Clothing You

And Thatís Straight Talk Live For You
May Your Find Comfort In Yourself To Always Believe In The Progression Of Your Steps

Until The Core Of Our Souls Blend as One, Take Care Of Yourself And Be Respectful Of Others
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.

William Blake

NoPoo #144 (05-19-21)

Tyrant of Words
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(NoPoo 189) My Declaration Of Love

The longing
To reveal this secret
Has been building

Your eyes sparkle
Like Christmas lights

Want to wrap you
In tinsel
Under mistletoe

Declare my unworthy love
In desperate hope
For a sweet kiss

No fancy present
Nor flowers
Just my tattered heart

Guardian of Shadows
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I wanted to look at the night
I wanted to take my first and only flight
I thought of the nothingness I'd  leave
I thought of having nothing to bring
zero to naught
and you were elsewhere
...but I heard my name
called by another voice
for you ...
I seek heaven

Tyrant of Words
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Blushing Basics 101

my chest tightly aches
arms and legs weaken
mind blanks,
numbed into a stupor
mouth goes impossibly dry
as my tongue
is surely covered
in every single grain of sand
skin burns to temperatures uncharted
and moistens in brutal flop sweat
from head to toe
lungs refuse to obey
their function of automatic
eyesight flashes a warning
a prompt to try and recover
to garner control
forcing a betraying body
back to a human color

in hopes no one caught it

#Nopoo    (#189)

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