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Poetry Contest

Write a poetry prompt in the form of poetry
Hey everyone,
I haven't been on this site in a while.. Actually I haven't been writing much at all lately, so I'm hoping this comp can inspire some future poems and help me with my writer's block.

I'm not sure if this makes sense, but I'd like you to try to write a poetry prompt in the form of a poem.. Almost as if a comp's rules were written (or hidden?) inside of a poem, so write comp instructions in the form of a poem basically.

If the rules to your prompt are implicit in the poem, that's fine. If you'd like you could add a sentence or two explaining what you were going for, but that's not necessary.

Like I said, I'm not sure if this makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions.

Here's an example I just came up with:

I want you in your rawness.
No makeup, no cologne.
No adjectives, no adverbs.
Show me your virtues through action.
No sweet-talk, no lies.
Don't sugarcoat anything,
Especially not yourself.
Give it to me how it is,
Or don't give me anything.

So this is a poem that can stand on its own, but can also be taken as instructions for writing a poem.. Hope this clarifies what I'm looking for..

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Before the new face of the night goddess turn, the worm, the flies and the vultures would rejoice...

As Autumn comes, spring is not far behind, following a cycle of change in karma...

Rusty useless scale would continuously weigh, by its legacy justice would be served...

One touch and forever is in sight
But no future would come, peace is not far behind...

You'd know him and your heart and soul would be chained to the one whose soul is grieving...

poet Anonymous


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title goes here

no grammar no lines  
no structure no rhymes
write all the nonsense
that fuck up your mind

no rules no guide
no topic to abide
release the madness
but write with the pride

no stops no limits
no one here prohibits
your weird creativity
or your dark spirit

no judgments no mocks
let it soar let it rock
you're on the safe grounds
so break that writer's block

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Write a very short verse
A limerick can be terse
Make it erotic
Something exotic
About a subject perverse.

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I was tied up when I heard the fire
I was tied up in your attire
I was tied up I am all you desire
I was tied up I was your live wire
I was tied up you made me moan like a choir
I was tied up when you started that bush fire

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Making love with poetry

Wear a poem before you come in contact
with the paper. This way, you avoid the occasion
of getting pregnant and the transmission
of wrongly transmitted meanings.

Make sure that the exclamations
are in the external part of the poem.
If they are in the internal, then the poem is inside out.
Squeeze the emotional ending of the poem
so that there will be trapped vocabulary in your thoughts.
As you keep on squeezing the closed side of the poem
use your stylus in order to unroll it softly
in full development until its base.

If the poem is getting relaxed
move it away from the inspiration
and wear a new poem before you continue writing.
Straight after the ending
read it carefully keeping the poem on its position
on the base of the inspiration.

Move the poem away, only when the inspiration
has been completely withdrawn.
Never throw used poems in your drawer.  

**Writer´s note: This is a creative writing based on the instructions of how to use a condom.

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sing me a song
not one of ever after
but simply of

what happens after
the nectar you crave
is no longer found in my lips

after the kids are long grown
and gone
And we no longer speak of tomorrows
nor snuggle into yesterdays

sing me a song
not one of ever after
but simply of

after I can no longer drink the sallow from your eyes
and you grow tired of my silent lies

after your hands no longer fit in mine
And we lie naked as strangers with an unspoken line

sing me a song
not one of ever after
but simply of

the one where chords of silence
replaced a symphony of laughter

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Just think yourself as light as air
A gentle sprite that's hardly there
Sprigs of honeycomb in your hair
Flower blossoms are what you wear

From forest top is where you see
Winged things above the canopy
To join in flight you want to be
And laugh among the mist so free

For this is where your mischief sway
Is spread with mirth in which you play
A riot's life of ev'ry day
Your joyful chase amid the fray

The forest creatures dance and race
With wonderment upon each face
'Tis you that has them feel the grace
Your magic touching every space

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Show Me

don't talk to me of beauty
show it to me
describe it
with your eyes
and the breath
of your soul
breathe it into me
until I see
nothing else
burn it into me
with the fire
of your hands
until it's tattooed
in my flesh
don't speak to me of rivers
bring them to me
with their undulating rhythm
until it's flowing
through my veins
don't tell me of the stars
take me to them

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Write neatly
Inbetween the lines..must be
A hidden thought or expression
Skip a line..

If you have to ..to separate stanzas
Make some noice in the middle to increase interest..
Make it short and brief
Take it off boredom grid

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Judge Heart

Embrace your cries
Don't wait
Until your cheek dries

Feel yourself whole
To keep yourself warm
Joys, sadness or fears
Identify what draws your tears
Devotion, love or anger
What you crave for is for the better
All your trouble will be mended
When your heart overcomes your head
You will see the light again
When your eyes call down the rain.

All I want from you,
Is all I want for you
For you to unravel
A curtain of marvel
Let Judge Heart travel
And give him back his gavel.

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Thanks for the nod on this Allison ... I was listening to a bit of Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin when I penned this.  

Congrats to vick and Art too.

Peace to all who wrote for this.


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Congrats to Sir LSP and Art
thank you very much Allison for this different experience :)

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Thank you Alisson! It was fun to write for this comp.
Cograts to Lobo and Vick and all the poets for their work.

Till next time!

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