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Poetry Contest

Poem about life experiences that can’t be explained.
Have you had a strange experience, seen a ghost a UFO, had an intuition, a premonition a hallucination, deja vu?
Write a poem based on a personal life experience that remains unexplained.
Newly written poems only. No spoken word or video.
Do not use the words ‘unexplained” or  ‘inexplicable’ in the poem or title.
Winner will be determined by popular vote.

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There are days when I wake up
Thinking it's Sunday
Ready to watch an exciting football game
With one or two players heading for fame

Then, picking up the paper
I find it's Saturday

But this is entirely odd, I find
Because the weather girl on the tube
Says today is Friday the 13th
High gusts of winds on our way
Written by robert43041 (Viking)
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The Explicable Yet Duplicable

From year one on in Dixie I done seen some right strange things,  
like just the other night beneath the moonglow shinin' bright,  
I seen them fairy things with wings all jiggin' 'round in rings,  
my bein' tight on swiggin' Granny's moonshine with a bite;  
or like when me and Granny both was chillin' in the tub,  
and each of us abreast of Cousin Dick was born agin,  
our seein' Jesus thrillin' givin' Gawd a backside rub,  
as we was all three swillin' Granny's home-brewed bathtub gin;  
plus like the weekend Brother Brick on gittin' in my bed,  
with Granny, me, and Cousin Dick done plumb near lost his breath,  
us spyin' Santa's sled with Mr. Ed up at the head,    
his flyin' nigh as high as us on Granny's home-cooked meth;  
while heaps of times our whole dang gang done little green men seen --  
when gobblin' next to Granny's ghost her homemade mescaline.  
Written by Jordan (D.O.C.)
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Wallyroo92’s X File

It was late Saturday night and I was driving fast
My headlights only cover so much ahead
The 58 is empty, hot, and damn dark
When something crossed in front of me as I sped
It was a shadowy figure like that some kind of animal
But it moved so quickly I thought it was imagining things
“What the hell was that?” both my son and I said out loud
While my other son next to me missed what was happening  
It was too big to be a coyote and too small to be a horse
Of course I thought my mind was playing tricks on me
The military Air Force base was  some miles away
And with the recent news of UFOs…nah it couldn’t  be
I guess my imagination is getting the best of me
A shadowy figure crossed my path in the desert highway  
Now I have more questions than ever before
Or maybe ET is back and he is here to to stay
The truth is out there
Written by wallyroo92
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Every Day's Strangeness

A strangeness resides
in all the day’s hours
every day it dances
in the periphery of our eyes

a stranger’s sunny smile
a brief glance
a world of something
unfolds reaching out

there are connections
in fingers touching
giving or taking the change
from a serial killer or a saint

the raindrops that fall on dark streets
the lonely man under the umbrella
may think of a warm hearth
or perhaps an impending death

there are strangeness
in everyday places
the bark of a dog
about to be hit by a bus

the strangeness we see,
In each new day's dawn
Is an opportunity to celebrate
life's peculiar display
Written by Grace (IDryad)
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Cuckoo Deja Vu

baby brother
sharing a bedroom
you wake me at three am

toddler kneeling on floor
crying screaming
over and over

“cuckoo clock!”
“cuckoo clock!”
“cuckoo clock!”

i hold you
asking “what’s wrong”
you do not answer

dilated pupils
see something that terrifies
not my concerned face

“cuckoo clock!”
“cuckoo clock!”
“cuckoo clock!”

i hold you as
cries turn to sobs
body wracked

tears end
eyes close body relaxes

i carry you
to your bed

baby brother
as an adult
you have no recollection

twenty five years later

baby son
safe in your bedroom
you wake me at three am

toddler kneeling on floor
crying screaming
over and over

“cuckoo clock!”
“cuckoo clock!”
“cuckoo clock!”

tears end
eyes close body relaxes

i carry you
to your bed

neither baby brother
nor baby son had ever seen
a cuckoo clock
Written by Kinkpoet
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the black and white of shadows

the night preyed on my mind
so, I prayed to my God
about the predators in my dreams
with sweet assurance they would go

still, they come to me at midnight
terrifying my dreamscapes
I don't talk about these shadows aloud
I keep them buried deep down

but still, they enter my periphery during the day
I know they're there just out of sight
I continue on my quest to seek God
prayers tumble from my lips. tears streak down my face
then I enter a place of peace

I don't know what they are
or where they come from
they leave me ill at ease

so, I come to my sacred poetry halls
after saying my prayer
to see a poet has written about them there

it is a strange coincidence that leaves me shaken
because there they were in black and white letters
a sense of deja vu comes over me
how could it be my monsters have taken breath
and entered my waking world?

Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Funeral of Flowers

Roses so red,
Violets half blue.
Shrubs are handsome.
and away so far are you.

Orchids so white.
Ghosts in a flare,
a lifetime is short
and soft was your hair.

Magnolias growing,
whose buds fade lilac
in the form so slender
of both your legs.

Sunflowers towering
up to the skies,
a smashing hammer
is the sun on your eyes.

Foxgloves in hedges
surround the farms.
Faces so tanned
so were your arms.

Daisies dry pretty.
Daffies in style.
My place is warm
inside your smile.

Daffodils fall beautiful
up on you.
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