Death By Taxes

Exploiting the need
Setting the cost of this dead end living
In this system, the consumer is the feed
Lives for auction, waged efforts in short changed bidding

Cycles of debt make up bondages of dependency
Desperation to control in this market of captivity

Oppressive price tags and credit scores to earn a right to owe
Qualifying for financial burdens
They own the ground in which we sow

Harvesting more costly endeavors in this death grip for a home
Culture of the illusion of success
Retirement savings for future complication
Affording everyone their ransomed breath
Pseudo political saviors sell hell in the shell of salvation

It rolls down hill from blood on the hands of money marionette ventriloquism
When everyone is puppet to the dreams that hide the nightmare
Ranks of users bully us into formations of submission
Everyone’s got a battle but no one likes to fight fair

Beat into the patterns of a routine heist
Subject to oppressions of direct assault
Getting sized up for coffins in place of paradise
No one is innocent when everyone’s at fault

Voluntarily bought in as advertisers brain-soil through vision cast
Hypnosis of material conveniences trending
Mortgaging the temporal in pursuits that never last
Chasing the means to achieve false summits never ending

Cash out, pushed to the brim
Set the rates at which we’re going bankrupt again
Cut close, just enough to break even for the day
Reoccurring collectors tell us what to pay

Signing on the dotted line when we never had a choice
Conditioned into this script of our society where money talks but no one’s got a voice

Putting words in the mouths of paychecks to fit us into the mold
Saving for freedoms relegated to the generic dreams that we’ve been sold

The house, the spouse, the cars, the modern age
When all of us are props for fabricated smiles posted on a Facebook page

Faking alive to make believe in breathing
When everything is a slow fade, the inevitable means to end
Temporal value worthless in the reaping
Our hearts revealed in every penny that we spend

Caught in the web, twitching on the line
Wings tangled, when all we see is the box we’ve been conditioned to
The limit of the vision is a relative sense of going blind
Losing all we hold too close from a lifetimes point of view

This is a shotgun wedding to conform
When it’s the street or a shelter for pennies on the hour
We all face the torrential downpour of a storm
Married to occupation
A hostage situation
Wasting lives to feed another’s lust for power…
Written by ClovenTongue34 (Nathaniel Peter)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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