Justice is a nocturnal animal

always watching
unseen, from the shadows
its scales wavering        
may take a while          
to climb          
those karmic steps          
but you can be certain          
of one thing—          
is on borrowed time          
before being dealt          
the same fate          
that is not demeaning          
what we sow we reap        
if not in this life        
then the next           
and those behind the scenes          
in bed with politicians          
those invisible oligarchs          
whose name we may never know          
who reap the profits          
of their appointed puppets  
while keeping their own nose  
smelling like a rose       
they're the biggest cowards
of all, who manipulate          
by squeezing balls          
to fuel the fire          
of perceived authority          
to get what they want          
i pity them the most          
because it will never be enough          
and they wonder why          
deep down inside          
they're truly miserable          
to how much it shows            
despite their disguise          
they're hurting          
so lash out          
to grab more          
than they could ever hold          
just to feel secure          
they're incapable of trust          
so vie for control          
of their environment      
and everyone/thing in it           
see, it's like cutting          
or burning, alcohol or drugs          
it provides temporary relief          
against the haunting          
and a side dish of drama          
to feed on          
so they can at least feel          
but it never sates          
their yearning          
i hurt for them          
in all ways i can't express          
and i don't mind          
being a punching bag          
if it in any way helps          
because i'm strong          
i don't take things personally          
though it may appear i do          
i learned long ago          
people's actions          
(my own included)          
have nothing to do with anyone          
but themselves          
what i take personally          
is injustice of any kind          
regardless of how small          
it's my Achilles heel          
now that—Justice          
i'll fight for, tooth and nail          
because it's not about being right          
winning or losing          
it's about trying          
to set the record straight          
it's about standing up          
for what you believe          
of the consequence          
despite how small          
or insignificant          
it may seem          
injustice is a periodontal disease          
that spreads, reeks          
of shit and bile          
wherever it breathes          
a man named Navalny          
was murdered this week          
in a Russian prison          
for opposing Putin          
a known authoritarian          
this poem          
immortalizes him          
it's the least i can do          
when i fight against the unjust          
my life is not at stake          
like his          
though i willingly confess         
i may not be as strong a fighter          
if it was          
which is why i admire martyrs          
they stand up          
shield those who are too scared          
to speak out          
they take the first step          
use their voice          
despite their own fear          
despite their own life          
despite their own death          
and those left in the wake          
will hear the reverberation          
of their bravery          
all the days we live          
wondering. . .          
if we could ever walk those steps          
ourselves, be willing          
to risk everything we love          
while praying          
that somehow, we would          
if for nothing else          
but to escape hauntings    
the bones and chains          
of ghosts named regret    
shadowing our lives           
all because we didn't
Written by Ahavati
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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