(Part 3) I Hate Computer Cookies Trilogy

It saddens me that todays youth can not name five scientists, yet they can list off a ream of porn stars. Einstein peered into the unknown and shown a light on our understanding, Ron Jeremy, on the other hand was, by chance, born well-endowed but both men are equally well known by the youth of today. Makes you think. oh, where is my mind?

I hate the scrooge that always skips his round at the bar. He does it every week. We all deride it every week, yet it continues. And you do know that that same scrooge honestly thinks that he is the most generous person in the group? Now there is some food for thought.

I am probably showing my prudishness, but what is with the trend of everybody wearing less and less, shorter and shorter, tighter and tighter clothes? Following this trend to its logical conclusion would suggest that we are reverting to nakedness, regressing back to ape like conditions. How liberating and progressive.

I despise virtue signaling. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone and then you will come to find that suddenly the sky will be projectile free.

I hate the irrational fear of Killer Whales that I have. They are not going to eat me on a sea swim. Granted the hellish fact that if there is one present that there is probably a school of them about, but statistics suggest that you are 100% safe. No recorded human deaths, in the wild, from Killer Whales.

I hate the lad who swears that he is not hungry, that he is off sweets for lent, and then proceeds to devour your packet of sweets.

I genuinely hate racism and race baiters. I will always judge you on the content of your character and not the immutable amounts of melatonin in your skin. But society seems to have reverted to concentrating on what colour your skin is, your gender and your sexual orientation, all irrelevant and frankly boring at this stage. Nobody cares about your colour, your choice of partner, your gender, so stop forcing people into tribal groups. Live and let live.

I hate watching my parents growing old and declining in health. Their pain is my pain. Science gods, I beseech you, hurry up and solve their woes.

I hate critics of the great Dr. Jordan Peterson. He is so mis- represented it hurts. Read his books, listen to his lectures, he is on humanities side. He advocates happiness as a by product of adopting responsibility. Clean your room before decide to change the world. Be the strongest person at the funeral. Read his 13 rules and watch your life change.

I hate that feeling proud of your nation is currently not in vogue. I would describe myself as a man of the world, but I will die draped in the green, white and gold of beautiful Ireland and there is no shame in that. Hating your own country has become the current trend, and that will never sit well with me.

Cuireann sé isteach orm nach labhraímid ár dteanga ársa alainn, Gaeilge. Mar a deirtear, Tír gan teanga, Tír gan anam. Use it or lose it Muintir na Tíre, it’s a beautiful language and we all have a cúpla focal.

I hate that kids are being taught controversial things in schools across the world these days. I mean if I taught a child that the Moon was made of cheese everyday, then that’s what they would end up believing in and perpetuating. How about we teach kids how to learn, debate, analyse arguments and draw their own conclusions...

I hate that there is a drive for equity in some areas, but not in others. I don’t see the marches to establish 50% Bin women, nor do I see the shouts for 50% male nurses. Like it or not, men and women have different personality profiles, thus the pursuit of equality of outcome is not wise, needless to say equality of opportunity is already enshrined in law.

I hate the person who has managed to succeed in life only to pull up the ladder after them. No room left above seemingly.

I hate the way people who are born into riches think that they have done something to deserve that. They havn’t. It was pot luck. You have done nothing to earn that , the same as no poor kid did anything to earn being born destitute.

I could prattle on with my hates but I will finish with these wise words....hate cannot drive out hate, only Love can do that. So here is to more Love in the World....... did I mention that I hate computer cookies?
Written by BITS (Butterfly in the Storm)
Author's Note
The final instalment of an Essay I wrote on my pet peeves. Remember, it's ok if we disagree, but I'm sure you agreed with some of my rantings. Most of these three compositions have been tongue in cheek and trivial, but I did address some hot button topics, and I tried not to sit on the fence with my opinions.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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