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The Book Of Michael (I of II- Echoes of Chaos)

Wars of man and the beast who roams  
No, the Reptilians, Anunnaki gave man earth to atone  
It’s astonishing how mortals of today can still stand on the Creator’s sacred ground      
From the void of darkens, when the world was at peace, no vibrations, no migration, within the mist, devoid of sound      
The image of superiority to rule the land, from the breath of nostrils there stood man      
Unto his quiet heart      
Female of his rib in twain until death due part      
Domesticate over the mammals, the seas, partaking in the fruitful givings of Heavenly paradise      
Love exchanged to accept immortality by the Creator’s vows was serenity, in the surmise      
Lust, disobedience, mirrored in curiosity’s eyes      
The downfall in the demise      
Poetic words of virginal alluring to take of thee      
Back arched, sensation fusing, opening, slithering between the inner passage of life, palms rested upon the thighs of Eve      
Unto her appeasing vision as Adam’s loins hung free      
Blankets of truth shall set the worlds upon the axis of its demise      
Wars of lies      
Raping of minerals, the natural resources, faces left to reside      
Decaying souls, crying out from hungry upon pestilent and swarming flies      
Hostages shall be to hide the faucet of everyone else’s lineage pride      
Fire in the flames of his wicked arrows, shall smite each generation by the cage of the mind as times goes by      
Begging to be taken in the slumber of sleep      
Guilt ridden the mind to have sown what he reaps      
Leaving behind the castaways who practices unto demigods,    
The planes never forsake the meek      
My wings meet to feel the third eyes of my timely surprise      
Heart, and minds awoken      
We hear the supplications of the faithful in the celibacy of your vows to remain true      
The world is burning in portals the Ankh of its Fallopian is the bearer blessed token      
Hold fast, the Kingdom of your Crown is in your heart, your past, and further relies upon you      
Enrapture spoken, sentiments to savor as our mercy in flight we greet      
I came upon the earth to assist in humanity’s sins      
From the Book of Kabbala, the Torah, the Bible, The Holy Quran, the worlds of false dialect of its origin      
I look down on the mortal who have hands deep in this earth      
Living from the moment with the spirit of rebirth      
I hold humanity in the guidance light of our Creator arms      
Holding back the winds, when turmoil is festering in storms      
I have tasted the blood from your mind when swords clashes in death      
Sickness when you bemoan and the desire of your wishes when you worship idols of wealth      
What does your soul have to give in your last breath of earthy time      
The trumpets of your life flashing back, in your mind      
In the distance Heavenly bells chime      
A relishing secret catered for you as Holy Oil to the forehead is seeping  
Eyes closed, spiritual revelations purging from the soul the mind has been keeping  
Hymns of old to the spirit shall greet  
Open your eyes, reality in the presence of your temple    
In remembrance you shall ceremoniously mentally feast      
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 8th Nov 2023
Author's Note
You have to look at history as an evolution of society.

Jean Chretien
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