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A Twist Of A Vampire’s Fate By Design

The Closer I Get To You  
Sighisoara, Romania
Naynina felt a soft feather tip to her cheek. She heard voices speaking about her, as if she could not hear. The voices above were overcrowding her brain’s neurons.  
“Naynina, open your eyes,” a smooth baritone voice, on the other side of her warm cocoon, demanded of her.  
Naynina’s eyes slowly opened. They fluttered to adjust her vision within the dimness of the bedroom.  
Professor Peeples and Dracon’s presence were bent over her supine position.  
Naynina sat up. She glanced around the bedroom.  
“What happened?”  
“Accordingly, to Professor Constantine you fainted once again. I suggest you seek the care of a professional; this is your second occurrence since you have arrived here.”  
Naynina looked up and captured Dracon’s hypnotic eyes.  
“ stay away from me.”  
Naynina pushed at Dracon’s thigh.  
Dracon’s stance refused to budge.  
Professor Peeples looked at Dracon, he then looked down at Naynina.  
“Naynina, this is no way to speak to our gracious host on behalf of the other students he has extended his hospitality too.”  
Naynina cut her eyes up to look at Dracon.  
Handsome as he is, he’s a vampire? Is this really happening? First, her boyfriend breaks up with her to romance a whore, then a man who she would give her last breath too, confessed, no, had her witness his vampirism.  
“Naynina, Professor Constantine, is addressing you.”  
“I’m sorry.”  
“Are you all right, Naynina?”  
Her name rolling off his tongue sent chills up and down her spine. A fervent need for him to touch her naked flesh and make love to her until exhaustion
“Yes, Professor Peeples, I cannot remain here.” Naynina’s eyes never wavered from Dracon’s eyes.  
“I have to disagree, Miss. Polanski, you are not the captain to issue any orders or demands, therefore, your options are; you remain here, you stay within this summer student program. You leave here, you will be sent home packing.”  
“Then I would like to return to my guest room.”  
“This is your bedroom throughout the duration. Professor Constantine, was nice enough to advise me, you will be best suited here.”  
“Miss. Polanski, I suggest you get the rest required for our evening outing.”  
“Outing?” Dracon averted his eyes in Professor Peeples’ direction.  
“Yes, Miss. Polanski and I have a few things to discuss.”  
“Which couldn’t be discussed under this roof. Be advised, there are several rooms here for privacy.”  
Naynina heard the less than formal tone in Dracon’s speech. She studied Dracon’s side profile undetected. How could a man as handsome as he, be a vampire?  
People would think I’m insane if I allow that nonsense to slip from out my mouth, she thought.  
“I will never look upon you as being insane. I respect you too much for such, and I’m in love with you,” Dracon confessed from his mouth. He snapped his fingers.  
Naynina looked around. She covered her mouth, once she realized Professor Peeples’ posture remained still life. She dropped her hand from her mouth.  
“What have you done to Professor Peeples? You…you blood sucker.”  
Dracon looked at Professor Peeples’ still pose.  
“You did not hear the last part of my statement.”  
“Who are you? I thought you accruing blood was some form of game; a fetish of some such, but I swear, I never knew you were suckling my neck to prolong your immortality.”  
Knowing she enjoyed every single minute within his arms, his hard dick moving inside her pussy, his lips on hers, his blood mingling with hers.  
Dracon looked down at Naynina.  
“Naynina, there is so much you just do not understand.”  
“Do not utter my name from off your lips.” Naynina crossed her arms over her chest. “If my memory serves me correctly. “If I tell you to go, and you will, therefore, you are uninvited, leave.”  
Dracon’s presence flashed to the door.  
Naynina jumped out the bed and ran over to the door. She slammed it close and locked it. She braced her back against it. She looked over at Professor Peeples. She bit down on her bottom lip.  
“Dammit.” Naynina opened the door. Her eyes met Dracon’s eyes.  
“I…need you to…you know.”  
Naynina pivoted her head backwards over to where Professor Peeples stood.  
Dracon was not paying any attention as Naynina’s mouth continued to move. His eyes remained fixated on her breasts, down to her flat abdomen. To the dusting of fine downy hairs covering the mound of her pussy. He moved his finger side-to-side.  
Naynina felt a soft touch fan across her cheek.  
“You are…really beautiful, I truly wish you would allow me to explain my presence in your life, as well as yours, Naynina in mine.”  
Dracon took a step forward.  
“I did not invite you in.”  
Dracon’s feet felt like lead as they rooted.  
“And please release Professor Peeples from his suspended state.”  
Dracon palmed his chin down. His eyes never lifted from Naynina’s eyes.  
“After you have composed yourself.”  
Naynina looked down. She shielded her breasts with her palms.  
Dracon smiled behind her bashfulness.  
“It’s nothing I’ve not tasted before.”  
“You will never come to taste this again, never.”  
Naynina turned and ran back over to the bed. She dived under the covers and pulled them up over her chest.  
Dracon snapped his fingers.  
“Yes, Miss. Polanski and I have a few things to discuss.”  
Professor Peeples looked around for Dracon’s presence.  
Naynina looked over at the closed door. She realized Dracon’s absence, his nearness, his voice rang so loudly in her ears. She felt his emotions, felt his uncertainties.  
“Uncertainties, but about what?”  
“Excuse me,” Professor Peeples’ voice broke through Naynina’s thoughts.  
“I’m sorry Professor Peeples, but I really could use some rest until this evening.”  
Professor Peeples leaned downward and kissed Naynina on her forehead. His lips lingered. He willed himself not to drop his lips any lower.  
“I’ll see you later.”  
Professor Peeples straightened his posture He walked over to the door, opened it, and then pulled it close.  
She had to come to grips she has hidden feelings for a vampire. She refused to wrap her mind around such a ludicrous concept.  
Budapest, Hungary  
Mr. Salice Orsolya Office
“So, you mean Dracon is harboring a Fairy.”  
Seneca palmed his half beard down.  
“Yes, and word circulating within the communities. She is beautiful, intelligent, and bequeathed with powers, not of this world.”  
“Could she be a vampire hybrid.”  
“I would have to go with the latter of a Fairy. Word has gotten back to me, the other day, Dracon and Vacome got into some form of a bloody alteration. Several witnesses have come forward and states this woman, led Vacome back over from the throne of death.”  
“Vampires do not die.”  
“He was in wolf form.”  
“You don’t say.” Seneca palmed his chin down. “Have you seen this amazing woman, who everyone within the communities is speaking as if she is an invisible ghost?”  
“I hate to bother you farther; however, this woman is the reincarnation of Dracon’s wife, Naynina.”  
“Naynina.” Seneca closed his eyes to the remembrance of a beautiful young woman; a woman who he loved centuries again, until she fell in love with someone from the Tremere clan.  
“I must go and see this woman, if it is Naynina, my Naynina, hell, fire, or a stake, will not keep me from gaining favors within her arms once again.”  
“I cannot allow a lateral move such as that. We do not need an all-out war between three clans. She is Dracon’s responsibility, until the Authority Federation says otherwise; we have our own agenda for utilizing this woman’s hidden powers.”  
“How are you planning to steal Naynina from Dracon; he and his ruthless army of men, fought and defeated both clans to the death for the love of his wife centuries ago, and if she is indeed his long-lost wife, we will, I mean you will have to fight to the death to capture her from Dracon’s labyrinth.”  
“We are the Authority Federation, we make the rules for others to adhere, not the other way around.”  
“This will be a first.”  
Both men laughed.  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
One of my chapters out of my published novels.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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