Stockholm Economics

So, I be watching the news and shit
Now before you judge me, I know why many of you don’t
Y’all say it’s depressing, nothing on it of real importance, and you’re absolutely right
Case in point, last night I was watching some Daytime news, that was local hometown reporting
The journalist looked up from the desk with intense emotion in his face like;
“Top Stories tonight include: A labor union is asking for wage negotiations from a top restaurant chain.”  
“A nation is on the brink of an invasion by a foreign power while dealing with its own civil war.”
“A new study from Stanford University shows statistically that Black people get less sleep than other ethnic groups. Is racism the culprit?”    
“All that and more, but first, a story tonight that’s leaving many residents bewildered,
A 35-year-old Cheektowaga woman was spotted last night, dancing naked in the street very close to her house. No comment from the lady, but the concerned neighbors say, she may have been intoxicated.”
“A lady drove from Alabama all the way to Kansas to castrate her husband citing that the lying ‘EXPLETIVE' couldn't keep it in his pants.”
My mind got to wandering at this point, ‘cause I’m not really caring about any of it
After every hotline number don’ flashed across the screen
I heard somebody shouting on TV:
“Organized people, divorce organized money”
And that’s when I found my rhythm ‘cause these syndicated news stations, don’t really tell you shit.  
So This is my live reporting:
Got they hands in everything  
Acting like they need bailouts
The system is rigged y'all
Lemme explain something to you
If you take a certain group of people, then elevate them without regards to others of that same area, or environment, then you’ve essentially created some bullshit
But many don’t see it that way,  
It’s crazy,
How Vulnerable communities don’t even know when they’re being mistreated
They reiterate the same basic principles of their own suppression and abuse
Like: If people go asking for more money, than everything has to go up to accommodate the proprietors,
They have to pay for insurances, licenses, building maintenance among other things  
So it’s like, if you’ve got an income that renders profits and a damn decent situation for yourself, then to hell with your employees?
‘Cause it’s not like an owner could come in,  
Check to make sure all is in order before the breakfast rush
Check to make sure that all the prep work is done, set for the beginning, then do it all for at least 2 shifts  
Clearly somebody is hoarding money that doesn’t necessarily belong to them
Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, what the fuck do they actually do?
We don’t need sympathy just hear us out
The evidence is clear, working class people are being robbed with no gun and that shit should piss you off ‘cause for generations we’ve seen losses, but have diligently restored every corner of society,
Think about how far back we’ve gon y’all,  
If we had a toilet paper shortage again, would you be walking around here with thread up your ass from a sacrificial sock?
That wraps up my headlines for today
But whatever you do, don’t ever return to your regularly scheduled programming       
Written by Ashley_M_Hardy (Cashley Marie)
Published | Edited 2nd Nov 2023
Author's Note
The regular news stations don't tell us anything!!! Enjoy!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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