The God Particle

Iím a lot more careful with the shit that I laugh about today
ĎCause someone elseís situation could hit home at a moments notice
The interconnectedness of all life is the essence of us, as itís quoted in the Bible, and early Mythology

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth
The first decree to present life was written as: ďLet there be lightĒ
Right, so letís dissect that for a moment
Light generates heat which produces energy, so once the Earthsphere cooled down,
The primordial waters boiled so that single celled organisms could form on land, and in the ocean
Image coral reefs and bacteria reproducing then being swept away by the elements
They became bigger cells creating an array of species that eventually led to the human beings
So, The declaration of bringing forth light was you and me
Think about it,
We live through cycles
The Phases of Waxing and Waning moons, cloud shifts and disappointments
Trials and tribulations
Earth changes and goes back again
The overcrowding and shouting around the environment leaves us to interpret the outside madness, within ourselves
And that could be harmful
The dark and the light spin in a cycle just like the Yin and Yang symbol
The snake reaching its highest point of consciousness then devours itself to be renewed
Even the constellation goes through changes
Thatís why no matter where youíre standing, the biggest room in the world is that for improvement
 † †
See, the reason why Iím so cautious about what I find so funny, is how shit comes back to me
I was asleep the whole time I thought that things were as they should be
Then I grew a little more knowledgeable
I found out that everything I manifest reverberates and creates a similar situation elsewhere in the vortex
So most likely a crisis that came outta nowhere actually didnít
Iím way more sincere and empathetic towards what I find comical today
Iíve gotten wiser
Iíll never go back to joking about every damn thing
Cause whether you believe that Godís watching or the cosmics are to blame,
Youíll find it much easier to keep a straight face

The sun rises and shines in cycles, from the beginning of life till the end, we experience the divine feminine and sacred masculine because weíre born from that duality
It's The very premise of all beliefs and religions, although some donít want you to think that deep †
Cause it threatens their power
Greed †
All the faith you'll ever need is within you
So don't ever think we're as divided as the plot thickens amidst social politics
Grand risings, Kings and Queens
Written by Ashley_M_Hardy (Cashley Marie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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