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Two Deadly Viruses

Taking my mask off ,then    
remove my shoes and socks  
 let my feet soak    
As I try ease my thoughts    
getting sick, shot ,or choked  
Either way it goes  
I still gotta lay low    
I don't want to shorten My Life    
by a trip  
 to the grocery store  
f**k that I must protect myself    
It ain't safe no more  
" Black folks getting pulled over  
 by the Po Po" or we're    
getting hanged    
Another life is slain  
 every week and every day  
 it's a different thang  
and I never ever heard the sound of    
freedom rang  
just the shell rounds and pops    
from the Glocks that are cocked  
 and go pow, bang bang  
We still marching but  
 nothing has changed  
Beware of the plagues  
It all started with a chicken  
Sandwich then Wuhan got  
Sick and they're still emotionally damaged  
Our lives is a challenge    
it's a lot of work to  
Stay balanced and authentic  
 with different energies tryna shift me    
 but I'm too swifty not tryna judge no-one mentally or physically    
this is the kind of love I'm giving you unconditionally  
We should stick    
As a community  
But the problem is we    
don't have any unity  
Our leaders don't wanna  
Take responsibility and they are responsible for trying to    
kill you and me  
 The government are surfing on    
their currency waves we can't even travel  
and fly away    
 Instead we are stuck in the  
United States  
learning should come from mistakes    
not punishment  
 the real safety of our nation  
 is preparing the next generation    
we got more akademiks beyond education you school your kids  
 with social media    
you should want them    
to be walking encyclopedias    
doing the math spitting    
Conscious Poems and Raps  
 The cancer is being geographically distributed to the map    
killing the youth with a meat trap    
we are no different than  
 the mice who races the rats    
we are still divide between  
 the whites and the blacks    
Why are we even color  
Who the fuck even thought of that  
they're cutting down our trees  
 and separating us from our  
hands in the air and still they wanna shoot    
wrestle us to the ground and    
chip our tooths  
but they can't take our sun    
our moon, nor our Truth  
 they want us to believe that    
CBD smoking is medicinal and pharmaceutical  
 I don't trust the pharmacys    
I never been to the doctor and got treatment for any disease    
sickness is a evil plague    
I came across it in Exodus    
from a scripture I've read  
but this ain't all about me    
it's just what you can expect  
 from a master of poetry    
these are real scars behind these bars  
I'm from a family a Filipino,Japanese    
 African and Mexican  
Indians are not native  
Americans y'all need to rewrite  
History again  
Because if that was true    
then our whole country is just a contradiction  
I hope I'm not the next one with the knee upon the neck again    
Because I have golden skin  
We can't even leave our homes because Corona has gotten out of hand    
this whole thing was "Planned"  
Do you still trust the man?  
 while you're unfocused the chemtrails keep spraying  
The infection keeps on spreading and we don't know what's worse    
racism or covid it's like we're cursed  
Our daily lives are being coerced and history is repeating itself like a rebirth  
      and repetitively being rehearsed  
Just cause you live in America    
doesn't mean you can be American  
It's already been reserved  
for the Caucasians  
Black Lives Matter    
that's just    
A statement  
You can't be gay  
You can't be a Christian  
You can't be black  
You can't be mixed  
 you can't have wisdom  
You can't be this  
You can't be that  
You can't have freedom of speech  
You can't have your own religion  
but this is the type of    
world that we live in  
and this is the stupid shit that you're constantly teaching your children  
I swear some people's intentions are just cruel and hateful and you wonder why nobody wants to date you  
Your so selfish and    
you're so judgmental  
You don't like my appearance    
but I have all the right credentials  
I am very intelligent and    
I'm a hard worker and  
 the most powerful one in my circle  
Like Dr. Martin Luther King  
Dear diary life is but a dream  
Whatever floats their boats  
Gently down the stream  
I hope one day they realize  
We all are spiritual human beings  
But we're labeled thugs and angry  
Mobs we wouldn't have to  
sell dope if you gave us    
real jobs    
We are stereotyped and    
and told that we are rude  
But it's our nature we have  
I'm ducking on guns and syringes  
 Which ever one they start shooting, we need to keep being a movement    
Minus the looting , but some are not going to stop until they see some improvement    
Stop killing us  
we pray over our food    
because we know that it's poisonous  
We never asked to be called  
 spics or niggers  
God made us all but you    
don't want to live with us  
And you ask us why we're    
destroying our own neighborhoods    
You know damn well  
we don't own anything    
all of our ideas are just stolen goods  
 we taking back our freedom  
That you never gave  
We all are just modern day slaves    
you can keep your fucking fourth of July's and your holiday seasons cause  
 we don't need them  
We should have been saw the signs but we are Stevie blind unhealthy and unemployed standing in the same f****ng line    
This Nation is full of hypocrisy    
we getting shot unarmed by police in these streets  
and you want us to be-lie-ve in your    
republic and democracy  
Tell Karen ,Chad and Ken  
to let us be    
My dying wish is to one day  
see world Peace  
Wake up to a new day and smell the beautiful irises but instead we have to struggle and battle these  
two deadly viruses...  
Written by Pimp2ThaFuture04 (Wise Conscious)
Author's Note
If we don't get murders by Cops
Then this fake Virus might just be the death of us all...
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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