Image for the poem his Sun & her Rain... are deeply souling~healing  

his Sun & her Rain... are deeply souling~healing  'One' emotion..

all I see as I earnestly open this squared diary tonight..            
are the quite humbly circling cyclical gratitudes of            
… the profoundly connective rounded emotions ... yet            
veiled as the visibly bold & the talking tall languaging            
fonts.. phew as still only the 'indecipherable' scribbles..            
spread meagre over the so~massive non-arably vacant            
blanks... in hopes of an impossibly ameliorative rainfalling            
l o v e          
of~ as words words words words… what are they..these            
words.. what do they hold in them so much deep etched..
lying there...          
a memory emblem of an ironically  brittle~ tempered            
herbarium .. a pinnate Azadirachta foliage, (holed            
here & there so aesthetic .. in spite of itself touted            
 insecticidal… by the voracious caterpillary eaters...) 
in its a nostalgical crusted algal green desiccations          
in a similar sagacious silence of the books.. of the            
hard truth of words in as emotional art. .   as the            
truly devouted matchless symbionts of virtue.. well            
away from those foxy growling charades of            
the rough~ headed Aspergilli fungi... their black sporous            
choking dusts..  are armed naxal~ miscreants            
& but the beauteous irony          
exists everyewhere.. here... the vitally neeming in            
anti-viral principles of each sacred homehood here.. know          
well these "motherly viral particulate sequences, even            
when in their rabid pandemic vigours of a mammoth            
conquering outbreak a perfect Dharmic~ Karmic          
takeback weapon... more a panacea to all your cruelly            
gruelling corporate sophistications in blatant toxic            
atrocities  & the silken slithery soft~wovenly traitorous          
rattle vipers~ those abound backstabbing hypocrisies            
 of   y o u,   goddamn man(un)kind            
sssshhhh  NO…            
you f**kn  dunn know or feel            
“her”  ever, the Nature          
the “her”                
(..rising early to pray & harness in Surya Namskara Yoga          
 the March end’s  awakening “Sun” that’s seemingly so synthetic            
 in its clinically striking saccharine fluorescing ball of hued candy            
that in its boiling aggressive inner helial fusion core.. brightens            
quick as blinding  fireball..  of a peaking truth’s sharpeningly            
crackling One Olympic flame of the Universe          
swiftly steadying pace of each taking in~out Kundalini breath            
& the wide-open planetary eyes in align to her worshipping Sun)
yes, the ''her"          
knows of the subsequent fantaish to the golden tinge gaze of Sun            
becoming sooner the bridal her 's diamond bejeweled third eye            
the "her"..          
of mornings all the overnight conceptions shimmer in ripened            
panicular bearings.. overflows with the crying out pure lactational            
springs.. that just optimally wets with the holy milken WHITE            
in the vast sprinkling .. in opening up her sanctum sanctorum            
to her Sun's stunning spin, in the unfazed stillness posture          
now. do you, the exceedingly  unweeded lethal parasitic  man(un)kind,            
ever know, if not feel, "her' in all such intensive feltness springing inner..            
& see,  what now. your shameless selfish showcasings have only invited            
the karmic viral warriors once again...
nothing more now. let the battle            
of your end.. begin now,
you already globally super~spread pathetic          
brutal saprophytic mind.. where you often in misleading anonymities.. tour            
in eye~blinding roguish gimmicks, that            
in "her" ..          
explodes as continental drifts.. the messy chaotic shreddy chunks of her            
uterine walls afloat in the marooning pools of stenchy menstrual blood            
..,the Kali of her avatar rages in an unstoppably flooding hunt in the REDS            
--her lushly stemming thigh~terrains burn intricate in the undammed bleed            
unto the thirsting earthen porosities.. her padding fair white skirts capture            
Kali's apocalyptical streaks, flaring high as killer geometrical intersecting            
matrices... trapping~ trampling to execute your Kaliyug's unlimited lies            
tears run BLACK from the thickety kohl~wood eyes in sweeping wildfire            
..looks up only to the sunning Him in the pencilling straight golden threads            
 streaming live bit~codons, pouring in the pure 'synchronous' strings            
of an            
e-motionally touch~healing transmutational rainfall            
..& her singing coronal core in no more fallouts            
you now kind enough mankind?          
#ERULGCT #3          
Written by summultima (uma)
Author's Note
nature, rain, sun ...all elements ..are pure emotions.. in harmony... the viral too... in love, there is no fear for any worst warfare ...YOU KNOW, LOVE YOU ROB ♥️.LOVE DU XX

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