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He comes in

So here's the thing

He comes in-
A friend
Gay friend
Top dominant male
Versatile at times
But dominant either way

He comes in-
We've been friends for a while now
Met in a club
A week later he told me he was gay
Ain't none of my business that you like to insert it in the butt
Or do you like it inserted in your butt?
Anyways, that ain't my business.
He tells me either way  
"I like doing the inserting"
"Sometimes, on rare occasions, I accept the inserting"

He comes in-
Tells me he likes me
Whoa..... Brikka Bova  
I am very much straight
My ass is very much straight too
You being gay doesn't change how I view you
And I'd accept it if you also only view me as a friend
Or else, whatever this is, has to end.  
Right here  
Right now

He comes in-
Accepts the fact that I am straight
I accept the fact that he is gay
We stay as friends, a while longer
He invites me to some gay club
I'm not too keen but hey what the heck
We go together
We are friends
He is gay
I am straight. Kinda  
And we get sloshed
I get too wasted
He takes me back home

He comes in-
Carrying me from the club
A good friend he is
Looking out for another friend
But then he starts getting all "too friendly"
This friend
I say "NO"
He says "You'll never know until you try"
I say "NO"
He says "give it a chance"
I say "NO"
He says 'but you led me on'
I say "NO"
He says 'but you agreed to go out with me'
I say "NO"
He says 'but you let me spend all that money on you'
I say "NO"  
He says "I've had enough of this game"
I say "NO"
He forces himself on me
I am too weak to resist (thanks to alcohol and some drug)
He is "Dominant" (I remembered)
Yet I couldn't give in
And so he beats me unconscious
And then has his way

He comes in
This friend
On the following day
And greets me
Like last night never happened
I answer him
Like last night never happened
He starts a conversation
Like last night never happened
I reply to him
Like last night never happened
'Great party, that was'
Damn, he reminds me
"Great party indeed, I was so out-of-it I don't even remember how I got home"
I lied
He smiled
His sin is unknown
He thinks
He comes in-
Every other day
And becomes friendly with me
He is my friend, after all
I act and behave as if I still don't know a thing
Once I complained about pain in my ass
He says, I ate too much chili
And spent so much time in the toilet
He would be surprised if my ass didn't act  up
Oh this friend
A good liar he is
-But I don't eat chili!-
'I must have been drunker than he thought I was then'
He comes in
On his last day on earth
And becomes all friendly again
Starts asking me personal questions
But I don't mind
He's a friend, after all
He asks me about my girlfriend
I say "which one?"
He laughs
Says 'how many do you have'
I say "None"
He laughs again
He says 'he likes the way I like denying things'
I say "Kinda like the way I denied you 'THINGS''
He says 'exactly, kinda like the way you denied me things'
A single tear dropped from my eye
I told him, I had a 'bad eye'
He says 'he likes it when I have a bad eye.  
Viewing things I am not meant to view'
I smiled
A serpent's smile
He liked it
Tried to get close
And I chased him out

He doesn't come anymore
This friend
He will never come anymore
He is not my friend anymore
In fact, he is no one's friend anymore
Gone too soon!
Written by NuBorn (BxckedbyGold)
Published | Edited 2nd Oct 2019
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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