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Jagged Thoughts

there's a particular beauty being    
extravagantly raw    
i move like a galactic ghetto word junkie    
easy speakin on some phunky shit    
don't mind being my quill's flunky    
if it will let me write off this alter ego monkey    
ridin my back..lookin over my shoulder to see what's next    
nosy lil fucker..he already recognized my truth    
i'm a bastard in every sense of the word    
you know nothing Tim Snow*    
damned right    
my god is the unknown    
and creation is her messiah    
so i feel free to spit words with no reference point    
except excerpts from that which funnels down my cranium    
while you quote scripture after scripture    
and pawn it off as intelligence    
without ever uttering one original thought    
of your own and i'm supposed to be impressed    
i'm a jagged muthaphucka    
a puzzle you ain't built to put together    
real life is real life and reel life is reel life    
still tho...words casts spells    
spell words forward or backwards    
and still conjure illusions    
be the best projection-art-ist you can be i say    
my epithets are quite different from yours    
tailor made for whomever may be my nemesis at the time    
innocuously sinister    
hey when in Rome...yeah you get it    
i spent 2 score 9 years harvesting this Scorpio's venom    
harnessing certain emotions    
cultivating my own cult to contemptuous perfection    
my philosophy is a shape shiftier..catch it if you can    
here today gone tomorrow    
i'm gambling you'll assume i'm just rambling recklessly..    
cuz you know what you think you know    
i'm in straight jagged mode    
it's my personal Morse code'..a note to self if you will    
a memo posted against my    
cerebral membrane for future reference    
looking insane can be a beautiful disguise    
drape it poetry and i am dressed to kill    
hiding my fuckery in plain sight    
givin back shots to my abstract mistress for all to see    
indecent exposure should be the charge    
but the collective 'we' decided to label it art    
so i was acquitted of my assholery    
and labeled a bootleg genius instead..    
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 6th Dec 2016
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