I Stand Accused

I stand accused
of bein a recluse by the mad the sad the hungry
and the emotionally confused
I'm sometimes amazed sometimes amused
but refuse to make cause with those narrow-minded views
rantin and railin failin to upgrade their thought process
feigning ignorance to the point of claimin stupidity
with no fluidity to their ghetto philosophy
just blindly reppin the hood as products of their environment
where the only requirement is to


but it seems though real life has morphed into reel life
[closed captioned as still life]
their actions scripted from the cradle to the grave
no desire to stave off elimination..fuck it!
keep that steady insemination of gunz drugs n liquor
watch hopes flicker n fade that much quicker
while bussin caps n nuts havin sloppy sex with drunken sluts
leavin 'em wakin up hungover or half sober like what the fuck?!
can't remember which sperm donor she sucked n rode..
shit..does it matter if it was Tom's dick or Harry's?
cuz neither one was down to marry or help carry the load
now girlie gotta choose either to abort
or pick one n take him to court for child support..

and here's another welfare baby
with a designation for mis-education
and legislation aim at 'em by the likes of Rockefeller
and his cabal of would be fortune tellers
makin sure the younginz grow up into bottom dwellers
performin their 'rite' of passage through a maze of prisons
where niggaz get recycled and sent home with a loss of vision...
can't envision a future then the hell with providence
since promises of greatness will never come into prominence
victims of a new age caste system
exiled as less than second class citizens
co-existin on some back 'o the bus type shit ridin coach
scramblin in the night like so many rats n roaches
gamblin against the odds they won't get poached by po-po
followin their mandate to maintain the status quo of bulls-to-cows ratio
like a bunch of cattle herded in and out of projects
still considered chattel cuz slavery is the project that never died..
but they fight the wrong battles draped in pseudo bravery
yet right under their nose the hood gets gentrified....

and no more chicken fried in soul food kitchens
life's no longer simplified as
complexions start switchin from dark to light
got the 'natives' bitchin cuz they're losin their rights.
what they better understand is
that their ghetto wonderland is comin to a close
so I keep it tight with my clan as we develop a plan
cuz when the shit hits the fan I'll know exactly where I stand
Written by Naajir
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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