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This may interest some people. Fleassy Malay (a modern poet I’m a little obsessed with if I’m honest) is running a free online five day erotic writing challenge. She explains:

“How incredible would it feel to have the freedom to write your desires, your hungers, your love achings and sensual adorations?

It is a practice I have been loving for the past few years.  In 2018 I published a book of Erotic and Devotional poetry called Sex and God and since then I have had so much fun exploring my eros through words.

This is a simple community challenge to encourage anyone who is interested to also write their eroticism. 

NOTE: By eroticism I don't mean necessarily graphic sexual content. It is inclusive of anything which arouses your soul and personally is deeply entwined with reverence of the divine. I often write to the trees, to the sky, to lovers, to myself. Sensual. Emotional. Sexual. Beyond.

This is a 5 day Challenge beginning 11th Feb 2019.

Every day a writing prompt will be emailed to you. There will be a facebook group for you to share your writing in if you want to and you are more than welcome to publish your writing publicly on social media.”

Signup for free here:

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I'm braving this! Starts tomorrow. Who wants to yawp with us?

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poet Anonymous

These bloody spammers, man. 😏

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